Danute Svetikiene Dvelys' story:


Danute's father, Jonas Dvelys , worked as a carpenter and he and his family lived in Vaisvidziai in the countryside, near Pakruojis.  In this small village lived a Jewish family and her father became friends with one Jewish girl. She went before the war to Kaunas and what he told Danute was, that she was imprisoned in the ghetto of Kaunas and since then he and his family didnít have any news from her. Danute was born in 1940 and she doesnít know anything about the Jewish neighbours, only what her father told her about them.  Franciskusí mother lived near Morkakalnis. The day after the massacre, she went to the spot and saw blood everywhere, clothes and cloths. She was terrified and shocked.

After the war in 1954, Jonas Dvelys got the assignment to make from the building, which used to be the synagogue of Pakruojis, a cinema and a sporting accommodation. He tried to preserve as much as he could from the walls of the synagogue.

The colours inside were, when he entered the building for the first time in 1954: Darkblue, grey and white. The pillars were still to be seen, but nothing of the Bimah, the Torah Scrolls, and other religious objects or items. The only thing he saw were newspapers in the Hebrew or Yiddish language.  There were all kinds of drawings on the walls . This Danute remembers very well. She once was allowed by her father to enter the building and to watch all those beautiful drawings. E.g. birds she saw.


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