Synagogue in 2017 after restoration

Thanks to Mindaugas Veliulis (Chief specialist of the Cultural Heritage Department of the community of  Pakruojis ) we were constantly updated regarding the progress of the restauration of the Pakruojis synagogue, finished in March/ April 2017.  

In August 2017 Mindaugas guided us through the building.

He told us that after the war the building was used as a sports hall (1954) and later as a cinema (1970) 

He explained about the discoveries of hidden pieces with fragments of old drawings, the successful  efforts to remake the original blue patterned wallpaper and the choices of the colours of the stained glass.

Here and there one can see old parts of the building. For example at the back (outside) a part in the wall shows the old wooden wall.

backside showing a  piece of the original wall with stained glass window


one of the windows with stained glass

Fragments of original beams at the inside:

Tops of pillars. The one on the right had a golden rim.

an original window pane 

   beam at the women's gallery 

  The original place of the bimah is marked in the floor by an octagon of darker wood

The place of the Aron Hakodesh is symbolized by a picture and a drawing on the wall

The upper walls and ceiling is full of coloured paintings. Carefully repainted after the existing pictures and found fragments of the original drawings.

  an artist painting one of the trees 

Some restored paintings on the walls: 




The original painting of the train was made round 1900


The women ‘s gallery has been restored as well. According to the old model a railing has been remade. Over the railing is an original old beam painted with snakeskin pattern. Under the railing more animals have been (re)painted.


The decorated railing of the women's gallery 

   View from the women’s gallery through the opening in the railing  
The women’s gallery will be used for a permanent exhibition on the Jewish families of Pakruojis and region .  

A display on several  Jewish items has been established in January 2018


The synagogue is open to visitors



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