We are honoured to dedicate this publication to our dear and respected Mrs. Ruth Shapiro- Igdal (Rivka Shapiro, see photos) (survivor of the Holocaust in Pakruojis) and with deep pain in our hearts we dedicate this publication to all the Jewish citizens of Pakruojis who were murdered by the Germans and their collaborators in August 1941.


      Rivka Shapiro
Leibke Shapiro's (a brother of Rivka's) Bar Mitzvah Party, 1931 April Pakroy. 
Back row left to right: Sora Rabinovitch, Rivka Shapiro, Nechama Rabinovitch, Chanka Shapiro and Liebske Shapiro.
In the middle the fourth and the fifth from right: Nonitzkeh Danishevski and Yassinkeh Danishevski.
Leibke is seated front row with the Katz boys.

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