Further research in South Africa in Oct & Nov 2012

Moshe Rabinowitz from Orla

Research at the Gitlin, Kaplan Centre & National Libaries  & Western Cape Archives in Cape Town

Moshe’s burial details on the Cape Town Cemetery internet database

Translation of the headstone by my cousin Hadara Boczko

In the center of the magen David on the top part of the tombstone are the two letters


These letters are the initials of the words

po nikbar meaning here is buried

Ha-bakhur Moshe Zalman               meaning the young man. The word "bakhur" is the term used for a man who is not married. like in Yiddish the expression                                  alter bukhur ( an old bachelor)

bar Avraham Yaakov Rabinowitz   bar meaning son of


pit'om niktaf  ye'fay anaf                  meaning: suddenly was plucked (picked) a beautiful branch

bishloshim ve'arba lekhayav            meaning: in the thirty fourth year of his life

terem bo mo'ed klulato                     meaning: before the time of his wedding arrived

shava la-marom nishmato                meaning: his soul returned to the heavens

Shvi'i shel Pessakh TRZA               meaning: the seventh day of Pessach 5671

Initials of what is written on all gravestones: Te'hay Nishmato Tzrura Bitzror Ha-khayim meaning : his soul shall be tied in the bundle of life actually meaning that his soul will live eternally, his soul is tied to the Eternal Life


I somehow have the feeling that it was our Zaida who composed what was written on the tombstone. You know our Zaida was quite a poet.

The scene of the fatal accident 81 years later

The S A Jewish Chronicle April 1931

The Cape Times - 9 April 1931

The Cape Argus - 8 April 1931

The Wynberg Centenary Book 2005

Paula & Joe Pinn’s resting place in Pinelands #2

Moshe’s tombstone at Maitland Gate 8