Jewish families of Okopy in Mid and Late 19th Century and early 20th century.


The JRI-Poland project (Jewish Record Indexing) created a searchable database of indices to Jewish records of Poland, including Galicia. The database, however, does not contain actual vital records and genealogists are duly warned that searches provide only index entries with names, record numbers and years as well as the source of actual documents of interest. Just the same, this database is the most valuable first step when searching lost Jewish life in Poland .

I have used this database to search all indexed vital records concerning the village of Okopy. I have then crossed the results to reconstitute the families that lived in Okopy by matching the birth records of persons with their marriage records then with the birth (and, when relevant, death) records of their children. I have thus succeeded in reconstituting some 9 families. If you know the names of both members of the couple/parents, click on the couples name on the list. It will open, on a new page, the family file in pdf format. The maiden name of the wife was aided in brackets, just in case you know only her maiden name ….

GOLDES Abraham Itzig and Tauby (née GINIGER)

HELLMAN Jankiel and Jochewed (née GOLD)

HELLMANN Dawid and Schendel Dorisz (née REGENBOGEN)

MOSCISKER Lazar and Genendel Feige (née WEISSMANN)

REINSTEIN Schulim and Nesie (née WEISSMANN)

REINSTEIN Sizmszon (Szloima) and Malka (née REINSTEIN)

ROSENTHAL Mordko Ber and Chana Frima (née WEISSBROD)

WEISSMANN Abraham and Sara-Rywka (née REINSTEIN)

WEISSMANN Selig  and Ruchel (née STIM)

Searching and ordering original Vital Records of Okopy's Jews
All the vital records concerning Okopy for the period from 1877-1905 are stored in the AGAD, the Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych (The Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw), the repository of about 2,500 Jewish metrical books for the area of the former Lwow, Stanislawow, and Tarnopol Wojewodztwa (now Lviv, Ivano Frankivsk, and Ternopil oblasts in Ukraine).
These were indexed by the researchers of JRI-Poland and the index is searchable online at ( To facilitate your search, I have arranged their findings in Excel spreadsheet format that you can download here then sort it by surname, or given name or year or whatever criteria out wish to search by (just click on the list you're interested in, the Excel spreadsheet will be downloaded directly to your hard disk):
Okopy Births 1823-95
Okopy Deaths 1851-95
Okopy Marriages 1877-98
Okopy - Other vital records

Once you have identified the vital record you wish to order, either through the Excel table on this web site or through JRI-Poland database, print the order form from here and fill in the columns, then either send it by post to the
Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych (Central Archives of Historical Records)
Ul. Dluga 7
PL 00-263 Warszawa

or scan it and send it (as an attachment) by email to :

You'll receive and answer within a reasonable delay telling you what the cost of the research + preparing official copies + posting them (also very reasonable; price list available at:

Death records, for the years of 1823-1876, are archived in Fond/Opis/Delo: 701/1/257 of the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv:
Tsentral'nyi derzhavnyi istorychnyi arkhiv Ukrainy, Lviv (TsDIAL)
pl. Soborna, 3-a
79008, L'viv
Tel.: +380 (322) 72-30-63, 97-86-57
Fax: +380 (322) 72-35-08
Web page (Ukrainian only):

Other original records of interest to genealogists for all ethnic groups of Okopy residents

The list of voters from Okopy in the 1928 elections to the Sejm:
Is said to be archived in Fond 3, opys 1, file 839 (Borszczow county) in the State Archives of Ternopil Oblast:
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Ternopil's'koi oblasti (DATO)
vul. Sahaidachnoho, 14
46001, Ternopil'

Listings of property owners from Okopy
Such listings for the years 1785-1788; 1819-1820; 1826; 1879 are contained in Fond/Opis/Delo: 19/10/294; 20/10/103; 186/1/8577-8579 of the Central State Historical Archives Of Ukraine In Lviv (address provided above).