Most of the recent colour photos of Okopy on this website were taken by me during my trip there in June 2010.

The other colour photos of Okopy- unless otherwise specifically credited - were taken from the database of Wikimedia Commons, the database of freely usable media files. Many of the links to these photos, as well as the links to Youtube, were addressed to me by the members of Gesher Galicia mail list and members of the GaliciaPoland-Ukraine Yahoo groupe, who I thank here personally and collectively for their generosity.

The following persons have graciously allowed me to reproduce their photos on this web site and I am grateful to them: 

  • Mr. Tomek Wisniewski has authorized me to use images from the extraordinary web-site Bagnówka, "set up by a group of historians, linguists, journalists, naturalists and guides, united by a common interest in the history of Poland and the eastern borderlands, and their cultural and ethnic legacy", featuring nearly 60,000 images (and select videos).
  • Ms. Ekaterina Gracheva, from the Photo/Video/Graphics Development Department of the RIA Novosti News Agency authorized the reproduction of the beautiful photo of the Ukrainian folk dance on the 'People of Okopy' page of this web site.
  • The descendants of the Amci(e)s, Reinsteins, Weissmans and Mosciskers from Okopy have authorised the reproductions of family photos and documents.
  • The Managers of JRI Poland  (Jewish Record Indexing Project) have authorized the reproduction of a snapshot of search results of their database.


Shirlely Portnoy Amcis, my third cousin (on the Reinstein side), who I have discovered thanks to JRI-Poland and Jewish.gen, has done a tremendous work of proofreading the whole text - bless you and thanks, Shirley. Any spelling and/or grammar mistakes that still exist are entirely my responsibility and not hers:-).


If you have photos, documents or stories about people from Okopy, whatever their ethnic origin, please do not hesitate to send them to me for upload to this website.

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