Nowy Dwor

Lida District, Belarus



Holocaust Necrology

Aaron-David the milkman (Leah's 1 brother) and wife with 3 children (5)
Berechansky, Hirsh-Leib, wife Leah, his daughter-in-law (the widow of his son
Zundel, and their 5 children (8)
Berechansky, Nachum (Yehudah's son) and his children: Berl, Chana, Ester,
Malke with her husband and daughter (7)
Berechansky, Shlomeh (Der Kodzeler) and his sisters Chana and Leah (3)
Berechansky, Shlomeh (Hirshe Leib's son), wife Deborah, children: Rashela,
Chaiya, and Nahum (5)
Berechansky, Shmuel (the shoemaker), wife Chana-Reva and 3 children (5)
Berechansky, Temme, Yoel's widow (1)
Berechansky, Tzalke (Yoel's son), wife Mecaylah and 2 children (4)
Berechansky, Yehudah, his einikel Malke (Kaplansky) with a son
Berechansky, Yitshe (Der Kodzelener) and Yehushe and wife with their 3
children (5)
Berechansky, Yossel (Hirshe Leib's son) wife a wife and 2 children (4)
Berechansky: Eidel Shmuel's (Hirshl's brother) with a wife and 3 children (5)
Berechansky: Hirshl, wife Chanah-Sara and a son, daughter Ester and her
husband (5)
Berechansky: Yizak (Yael's son) and wife (2)
Berem: see Kutshinsky
Berezovsky: Moshe Chatzkel's mishpochah: Berezovsky: Tzalke and Berezovsky:
Zeidel's widow with children (5)
Casten: Leib (the tailor) with his family (5)
David the carpenter, wife Malke (Leah's 1 sister) and 3 children (5)
Der Bakcher (blacksmith) and mishpocha (3)
Der Muretsher, Chaim-David and wife with 4 children (6)
Drazhnen: Mose (the mulier), wife and 2 daughters (4)
Ginzberg: Israel, wife Mara and daughter Leah (3)
Glimbotzky: Chaim-Hirsh, wife Hinda and children: Yisak, Zalman-Meir, Sara-
Feige (5)
Gordon: Leibeh (Shmuel's), wife Khanke and 3 children (5)
Gordon: Leizer ("The Kozak"), wife Leah and 2 children (4)
Israel the milkman, wife Peshe and 3 children (5)
Kaminsky: Yitzak, the Rabbi, wife and 2 children (4)
Kaplansky: see Berechansky
Katskel dem Gelns: Henya, Aharon and 2 children (4)
Kobrovsky: Chaiya and her family (4)
Kobrovsky: Gelleh with her family (4)
Kobrovsky: Gerson with his family (4)
Kobrovsky: Pinya with his family (5)
Kobrovsky: Shifra and 2 children (3)
Kobrovsky: Yudel with his family (5)
Kopelman, Yacob-Leib (Henya's son), wife Bashke and 3 children (5)
Kopelman: Henya and 5 children (6)
Krensky: Berl, wife Malkah and daughter: Esnet and Yedele(4)
Krensky: Shimon and wife Sonya (2)
Krensky: Shlomo, wife Dina-Reizel and 2 sons (4)
Krensky: Sonya (an aunt of Smerl the Touben) with her family (4)
Krensky: Yosef, wife Sara and 3 children (5)
Kutshinsky: Efrayim and family (4)
Kutshinsky: Leah (Berem) (1)
Kutshinsky: Yeheil and children: Shimon and Khaienke (3)
Kuzhnetsky: see Matebovsky
Liebe and her son Nanchik
Lubesky: Abraham-Yitshy (der Punachier), wife Sara and 7 children (9)
Lubesky: Motel, wife Chana and 3 children (5)
Lubesky: Shmuel-David, wife Tsarna and 3 children (5)
Lubesky: Yossel (der Punachier), wife Ester-Yetke and 2 children (4)
Lubetkin: Etel, a son Yitsik, daughter Rebecca with her family (6)
Machekovsky: Chaiya, son Chaim-Betzalel and wife Gittel with their children:
Feigele, Penya and Leibele (6)
Machevitzky: Chaim-Sholom, wife Rivka and 4 children (6)
Machevitzky: Shmuel-David and wife Kienke (2)
Margolin: Benchy and wife (2)
Matebovsky: Shimye, wife Sara-Beila, daughter Chaiya and husband Iosef
Kuzhnetsky with 2 daughter (6)
Nuseniovich: Fishel (der Reviatecher), wife Sheine and 3 children (5)
Okanovisky: Abrahaml and wife (2 nefshut)
Pelavsky: Bereh-Leib, wife Chana-Beilke and 3 children (5)
Pelavsky: Moshe, wife Reizel and a child (3)
Plusky: Aharon, wife Chaiya and son Tzvi and Yikik (4)
Plusky: Meir and family (4)
Plusky: Rashelle and 3 children: Izak, Zalman-Meir and Sara-Feigele (5)
Plusky: Sholom (Yacob-Yosef's), wife Ester and 3 children (5)
Plusky: Tzalke and wife with 2 children (4)
Pupko: Alter (Bunia's) and wife with 3 children (5)
Radunsky: Binesh and his family (4)
Radunsky: Ely, his daughter Bobel and family (4)
Radunsky: Nachum-Velvel and wife Vele (2)
Radunsky: Rachel (Yechiel's) and her daughter Sara-Minke (2)
Radunsky: Yankel, wife Leah and 3 children (5)
Radunsky: Zeidel (Ely's son), wife Ester and a child (3)
Reuben der Kulyecher and 3 children (4)
Rezekant: Misha and wife with a daughter (3)
Rozenthal: Shmerl, wife Rachel and 3 children (5)
Rutzky: Leibl, wife Rachel and 4 children (6)
Sapozhnik: Leiby (Mottel's), wife Khomchy and 3 children (5)
Sapozhnik: Leizer (1)
Sapozhnik: Pasach, wife Grune and a daughter (3)
Sapozhnik: Reuben and wife Dina (2)
Sapozhnik: Shmerl, wife Rebecca and daughter Perele, Teibele, and Sara (5)
Shvetsky: Aizik (Shia's), wife Etele and a child (3)
Shvetsky: Chaiya, husband Yankel (from Skidell), their 3 children and Chaiya's
sister Reizel (6)
Shvetsky: Malkeh and 3 children (4)
Shvetsky: Shaiye and wife (2)
Skidell: see Shvetsky
Solovichik: Leizer and wife Sara Liebe (2)
Srulovich: Izak Shlemes (1)
Srulovich: Moshe Shebches, wife Ester and a daughter (3)
Starinsky: Alter, wife Chana and children Ester, Rachele and Leibe (5)
Turek: Yehuda and wife with 2 children (4)
Valutsky: Hertzl, wife Tzippe, and 3 children (5)
Vashilsky: Berl and Yehudah and wife Chana with a child (4)
Vashilsky: Hirshl and wife with 3 children (5)
Vashilsky: Leib (Benyamin's son) and wife with 2 children (4)
Vinchman: Alter and wife with a child (3)
Vinchman: Mendel, wife Luba and children: Yacobe, Freydel, and Bashe (5)
Vinitzki: Mottel, wife Chaiya and children : Chana and Sheine (4)
Zachepensky: Feibel, wife Shoshke and 6 children (8)
Zamotchansky: Berl, wife Chana-Beila and children: Aharon and Sara (4)
Zamotchansky: Itsak and son Meir-Aharon (2)
Zang: Berl, wife Henia and a son (3)
Zang: Ester, her husband and 2 children (4)
Zang: Leizer (Yacob-Zalman's brother) and wife with 4 children (6)
Zang: Meir, wife Fruma and 2 children (4)
Zang: Yacob-Zalman, wife Chana and a daughter (3)
Zeidel der Ostryna, wife Leah and 2 children (4)

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