Family # 9th revision Family # 10th revision Relation to head of household Surname First name Father's name Age last revision Comments Age this revision
16 16 Self VULFSON Gozios Vulf 31 39
Wife VULFSON Malka Zelman 38
Daughter VULFSON Dvora Gozios 20
Daughter VULFSON Alta Gozios 9
Daughter VULFSON Khana Gozios 2
Nephew(?) VULFSON Zundel Vulf 20 28
VULFSON Lazor Zundel Zundel's son 2 months
VULFSON Makhlya Gersh Zundel's wife 22
VULFSON Feiga Zundel 2
VULFSON Musya(?) Vulf Zundel's sister 21.5