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Jewish genealogists known to be researching ancestors from Nesvizh and, where known, the surnames they are researching may be found in the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF). Discussion of matters concerning Nesvizh research take place in the Belarus Discussion Group. Individuals who wish to become subscribers to the Belarus Discussion Group should click here to visit the the JewishGen Subscription Management page.

The JewishGen Family Finder is a compilation of surnames and towns currently being researched by over 50,000 Jewish genealogists worldwide. It contains over 250,000 entries: 75,000 ancestral surnames and 18,000 town names, and is indexed and cross-referenced by both surname and town name. The JGFF was created in 1982 by Gary Mokotoff under the auspices of the New York-based Jewish Genealogical Society, and is now maintained by JewishGen, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Museum of Jewish Heritage A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.

Researchers should check the JGFF for genealogists with similar research interests, and can then contact them for an exchange of information. The JGFF is a networking tool, which is updated daily online.

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