Novogrudok, Belarus


                                                                                          Navahrudak, Belarus 


                    Novogrudok, Navaredok    


Alternate names: Navahrudak [Bel], Novogrudok [Rus], Nowogródek [Pol], Navaredok [Yid], Naugardukas [Lith], Novaredok, Novogrudek, Novohorodok, Novradok, Nowogrudok, Nowogradek, Navharadak, Nawahradak

Region: Minsk                                                        Coordinates: 53°36' N, 25°50' E                    

  1. Yizkor Books (4 Books):

    1. Pinkas Navaredok (Tel Aviv, 1963) 

    2. Be'ghetto Novogrudok ve'Betnua Ha'Partizanit (Tel Aviv, 1988)

    3. Pinkas ha-kehilot; entsiklopediya shel ha-yishuvim le-min hivasdam ve-ad le-aher shoat milhemet ha-olam ha-sheniya: Poland vol. 8: Vilna, Białystok, Nowogródek districts (Jerusalem, 2005)

    4. Novogrudok: The History of a Jewish Shtetl (London; Portland, OR, 2006)

  1. JOWBR: Jewish Cemetery


                                                                    Town                                    District                            Province                            Country

Before WWI (c. 1900):                      Novogrudok                        Novogrudok                 Minsk                                  Russian Empire

Between the wars (c. 1930):            Nowogródek                       Nowogródek                Nowogródek                     Poland

After WWII (c. 1950):                        Novogrudok                                                                                                                 Soviet Union

Today (c. 2000):                                  Navahrudak                                                                                                                 Belarus

Jewish Population in 1900:

5,015 (in 1897), 6,309 (in 1931)

Belarusian: Навагрудак. Russian: Новогрудок. Yiddish: נאַוואַרעדאָק

82 miles  131 km E of Hrodna (Grodno), 74 miles  118 km WSW of Minsk, 33 miles  53 km NNW of Baranavichy, 29 miles 46 km SE of Lida.

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School #7 video - English at 2 min 53 sec - Tamara Vershitskaya

Novogrudok Landsmanshaft Information

Novogrudok / Navaredok  Landsmanshaft Cemetery Plots in the New York Area:

Independent Nowaridoker Association – Washington (Brooklyn) Cemetery - Section 5, Post 515

Navaredker Brothers Association – Beth Moses Cemetery -  Block 14, Section 2

Navaredker Lodge #536 IOBA - Union Field (Ridgewood, NY0 Cemetery - Block 73

Navaredker Lodge #536 IOBA - Beth David (Elmont) -  Section AA, Block 9 -

Navaridok Brothers Association - Mt. Zion Cemetery - Path D6 Left, Gate 13

Navaridok Brothers Association - Mt. Lebanon (NY) Cemetery - Block M, Section 17

Navaridok Brothers Association - Beth Moses Cemetery - Block 14, Section 2

Nawaredker Brothers Verein - Washington (Brooklyn) Cemetery - Section 3, Post 299

Additional information for Navahrudak:

  1. Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), pp. 908-909: "Nowogrodek".

  2. Pinkas HaKehilot, Poland, Vol. 8 (2005), pp. 430-437: "Nowogródek".

  3. Shtetl Finder (1989), p. 64: "Novradok".

  4. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), VII, pp. 255-263: "Nowogródek".

  5. JewishGen Belarus SIG


The JewishGen Belarus Database is a multiple-database search containing more than 500,000 entries from Belarus which incorporates the following databases: JewishGen Family Finder )JGFF), JRI -Poland, Yizkor Book Necrologies, JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR), Birth Records, Marriage Records, Belarus Names Database, Jewish Religious Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-1854, Revision Lists and much more! The database is a work in progress and new entries are being added regularly.

The URL for the JewishGen Belarus Database:


Special Interest Group (SIG) webpage

Translation of the Pinkas Navaredok / Navaredok Yizkor Book:

Translation of “Novogrudok” chapter from Pinkas Hakehillot Polin

Description of the Navahrudak Jewish Cemetery:

The Pinḳes Naṿaredoḳ / Yizkor Book was scanned by The New York Public Library, Dorot Jewish Division.

All the pages can be viewed in the original format:

The Jewish Ghetto –Navahrudak

NOVOGRUDOK - Jewish Encyclopedia

Jewish Novogrudok. This includes photgraphs of the tombstones in the cemetery.


A description of Novogrudok before WWI

An online exhibit about the history of Jewish Novogrudok

An article from the New York Times on May 28, 2000 about the Bielski Brothers

A visit to Novogrudok by Mitch Kotler in 2001

Rae Kushner Leads Daring Escape Through Tunnel

Tamara Vershitskaya - December 2019

School #7 video - English at 2:53 Tamara Vershitskaya


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