Nasielsk, Poland


Cemetery Restoration

Dear Friends of Nasielsk!

July 2016

The first week of the Nasielsk Jewish Cemetery Restoration Project has been completed, and the results are extraordinary! 

With the tremendous help of Steven Reece and volunteers from The Matzevah Foundation; Jay and Marla Raucher Osborn, representatives of FODŻ; and volunteers from Nasielsk, Nowy Dwor, Warsaw, and elsewhere, we cleared approximately one quarter of the cemetery grounds in just 3 days. Charlie Shanbaum and I represented the "descendants group." 

Here's a video shot by one of the local volunteers of the group at work!

And here are some photos:



The Crew:

We had enthusiastic support from the Mayor's office (including pastries hand delivered  by the Vice Mayor!), and we had the opportunity to discuss our project and Nasielsk's Jewish history with numerous members of the local community (including the parish priest), who came out to inquire about our work. 

As you can see from the photos, the cemetery grounds are entirely devoid of Matzevahs. However, just a few days ago, an official call went out for any information from the local community. We hope to have news in the coming months. 

You can read more about the work in Jewish Heritage Europe and Rohatyn Jewish Heritage.  

There is much more to be done. We will return next year--so start planning to volunteer! And we will continue to discuss how best to honor Nasielsk's Jewish community with a memorial on the cemetery grounds. 

Thank you to those whose donations helped make the project possible. If you have not made a contribution, please consider doing so now to support the on-going work:

The Matzevah Foundation

Nasielsk Project

7742 Spalding Drive, No. 480

Norcross, GA 30092-4207.

The preservation of Nasielsk's Jewish history depends on all of us. 

Look for additional updates by email and on the Return to Nasielsk Facebook Page.

Glenn Kurtz