Myadel ~ Stary Myadel ~ Miadel ~ Miadelai ~ Miadziol ~ Miadziel ~ Stary Miadziol ~ Nowy Miadziol
 in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania ~ Poland ~ Russia ~ United Soviet Socialist Republics ~ Belarus




I have always tried to form a picture of the towns in the Myadel Region, especially Myadel and Kobylnik.

I wanted to walk on the streets of our past. I longed to see the stream where the fish were caught; the river where my great great grandfather set the cut trees adrift; the lake when the sun set; the dusty roads that led to Vilna and the forests where the wolves howled. My grandmother was born there. My great grandfather ran the mill nearby. My great great grandmother had a store on the Jewish Street. My great great great grandfather was the box tax collector. My family lived in Myadel for at least seven generations before coming to America in 1894.

This site is my patchwork. It longs for your stories and your family names. It will be richer for the memories of all our ancestors. In hopes that I have been able to bring you some of what I longed for, please contribute your comments.

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