Muizenberg, South Africa


Philip Lurie & Sonia Kaplan Wedding - 1939



Philp and Sonia’s son Lennie Lurie writes

Top back row: (on the right of Solly Frank) Philip Resnick (elder son on Rebecca / "Beckie" & Ben Resnick. Beckie was my Dad's elder sister).

Second back row: (The second on the left) Beckie Resnick, (below her) her two daughters: Liebe & Miriam Resnick, (above Miriam on the right) Ben Resnick.

On my Dad's left: (his father) Isaac Lurie (and below: his mother) Henky Lurie

In front of my parents: My mother's youngest sister / bridesmaid - Shirley Kaplan (married: Swartz)

On my mother's right: Her mother: Anne Kaplan

On my mother's right top: My mother's second eldest sister: Josephine Kaplan (married: Singer)