Muizenberg, South Africa


I have received word that “the young woman in the centre with hands clasped in front of her just might be Yvonne, eldest daughter of Rosa & Leo Lewe”.  This comes from Yvonne’s first cousin, John Kaye.   Does this marry up with any other information anyone has for this photo?

Kind regards, Joyaa

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Images from the 1950s and 60s

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Touch Rugby and Bok Bok team


Front row: Mervyn Danker, Allan Greenblo, Allan Danker, Mervyn Rosenberg, Mannie Marron

Middle row: Barry Lockitch, Sam Galansky, Seymour Stoch, Allan Sherman, Lesley Sherman, Gerald Musikanth

Back row: Allan Shuman,?, Lionel Reingold.