Muizenberg, South Africa


Photos from Hazel Lipkie

The first 3 photos (1930's.....) were sent to my dad, Philip Aaronson by his sister, Julie Aaronson


The 9 photos named 1945.......... are my parents wedding invitation and photographs. My grandfather had died by then so Mum's brother Leslie/Lazer Rubin gave her away, His wife Pearl and son Neville are also in the photographs.  Hida Coosner (nee Aaronson ) was another sister of my Dad.  Lily Schulman (nee Rubin) was one of Mum's sisters and Althea was Lilly's daughter


the 1958 photographs are of Mum, and I with my cousin , son of mums brother Ivan Rubin


Florrie Sack was the grandmother of my husband, Darryl Lipkie

Lionel Lipkie was Darryl's grandfather - he was born in Manchester in 1895