Cherkasy Gubernia, Ukraine

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Мошни, Yкраïна

Kiev War Memorial
(photo by richard L baum)

Moshny is located in the Cherkassy Raion (district) of Cherkasy Oblast (Province), Ukraine. Prior to World War I, Moshny was part of Kiev Province.

Its map coordinates are 49° 31' north latitude and 31° 43' 38" east longitude.


Pre-Holocaust Jewish population: 68

Name Variants: Moshny [Russian and Ukrainian]; Moshne [Yiddish]; Dudnitskoye

Moshny is situated sixteen miles west-northwest of Cherkasy, a short distance north of the Vilshanka River, and about five miles southwest of the Dnieper River.

The Moshny Jewish community was primarily a Hasidic community. Its population in the late eighteenth century was a mere one-hundred-thirty. By the late nineteenth century the Jewish community had grown to about one-thousand souls – roughly thirteen percent of the total population of the town.

There were several tragedies, not unique to a Ukrainian Jewish shtetl, that befell the Moshny Jews. A fire in 1881 destroyed sixty Jewish homes. Less than forty years later Moshny, like other shtetls in Poland and Ukraine at that time, were caught between the waring armies of the Reds and the Whites during the Russian Civil War. August of 1919 saw the Moshny Jews assaulted by Denikin and his White minions. By 1926, there were a mere sixty-eight Jews left in Moshny – half its population in 1784. After the Nazi invasion of Ukraine in 1941, not a single Jew remained in Moshny. (source: The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust; vol 2; p. 848).

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