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Location: Latitude 54 deg 10', Longitude 24 deg 10'

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From: Alberto Becker

To: RosinJoseph)

Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999

Subject: Congratulations.


Dear Mr: Joseph Rosin.

I would like to congratulate you for the effort you are making to recover information about Jews in Europe.

My name is Abe Becker, and I am a great-grandchild of Abe Becker (Beker) who was a profesor at the Yavneh school in Merkine. (one of the pictures). His son, Max Becker ,my grandfather left Merkine around the year 1925 and came to Mexico as many others, together with Chaya Kabachnik my grandmother.

My father, Isaac Becker was born in Mexico, so I am already the second generation in México with my three brothers. Another part of the family, a son of Abe Becker named Chaim Velbl, went to Russia and then to Israel and had a son with the same name Abe Becker. The rest of the Abe Becker family were killed by the Nazis as it is described in the list.

Today, there is already a third generation bornd in Mexico, with 9 grandchildren. My grandmother is still alive and lives in Miami Fla. because of health problems. If you are interested in more information I´ll be glad to help you. Thanks again, for such an important job.

Sincerly yours,

Abe Becker



Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000
From: Leon Levitt
To: Joel Alpert
Subject: Meretch, Lithuania

Further to this subject: I have recently learned that my aunt, my father's youngest sister, whose name I had thought was Krulevitch, was actually named Steinman. Examining the list on page 8 of Appendix 3, my son located "Steinman and Family," surely the people whose fate I have been trying to learn. This end my family search, and I shall notify my cousins. In Lithuania, my paternal family name was Yegelevitch; my aunt's maiden name thus was Bella Yegelevitch. I have a photograph of her, her parents, husband, and children taken before WW II; I never knew any names until now. If this information might be of use to Mr. Rosin, please feel free to forward it to him.

Leon Levitt

A Plea to the JewishGen Community

Information about Barbara Stone Kistner's battle with Acute Lymphocist Leukemia (ALL)  


I received a letter a week ago from two friends from high school. Their friend, and a high school friend of mine, is dying of Leukemia. Barbara Stone Kistner is the mother of two young daughters, and a recent breast cancer survivor. However, soon after defeating the cancer, she was diagnosed with ALL leukemia. She needs a stem cell transplant, and an ideal donor match has not been found. This severly diminishes Barbara's chances. She needs to find a match in the next 50 days.   

The doctors identified her father's side of the family as having a better chance for providing a match. I have volunteered to help, by utilizing my genealogical skills to try to find a good match.   Her father's side of the family came from Merkine. Their name was TZIRILSTEIN (or Zirilstein, etc.) and they changed it to STONE. Barbara's grandmother's maiden name was MONTVELISKA (-SKY, etc.).  There is a town near Merkine called Monviliai, which I assume is the origin of that name (I have not looked up the name in the Beider book yet, though I know it is in there). I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Please contact Jim Yarin at email for further information so you can help:


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