Prenumerantn (Subscription Lists)

In 19th century Eastern Europe, the business of book publishing often entailed the author (or his agents) to go from town to town, soliciting "pre-subscribers", who would pay for the book up front to cover the cost of its publication. These "pre-subscribers" (prenumerantn in Yiddish) would then be acknowledged by town and by name in the printed edition of the book. As many books from that time survive (while many census and metrical records do not), these prenumerantn lists may be a valuable genealogical resource. (For more general info on prenumerantn, see the JewishGen InfoFile on that topic.)

The following books are known to contain subscribers from Machnovka:

Faynberg, Yehoshua, Zichron Yehoshua (Zhitomir: Keselman, 1900).
Kagan identifies 1 subscriber, however, I found closer to a minyan:

Lichtman, Shachna Tsvi of Nemirov, Hare Besamim (Berditshov: Sheftil, 5662).
This is the 2nd edition of this book, around 1902, with the first edition being 1897. Kagan identifies 12 subscribers from Machnovka in this book.

[Note: Thanks go to Deborah Glassman, who is spearheading a Ukraine-SIG project to create an all-Ukraine prenumerantn database. Her encouragement, ad hoc translation, and early access to some of the project work helped to make this web page possible.]

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