Lyubcha, Belarus


Jewish Community of Lyubcha

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Yizkor Books (1):
    Lubtsh ve-Delatitsh; sefer zikaron (Haifa, 1971) 

Some detailed lists of partisans from the "Biographical Dictionary of Jewish Resistance” book at:
There is information there relating to partisans in Naliboki.

A list of martyrs from the "Our town Nalibok, its existence and destruction” book at:

 The Holocaust in Belorussia, 1941-1944, Tel Aviv 2000, 432 pp. Leonid Smilovitsky ISBN 965-7094-24-0
Several stories about partisans in the chapter on Destruction and Heroism" (Pages 206-268):

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Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Additional information for Lyubcha:

Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), V, pp. 393-394: "Lubcz".
Shtetl Finder (1989), p. 51: "Lubtch".
Pinkas HaKehilot, Poland, Vol. 8 (2005), pp. 376-379: "Lubcza".
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 751: "Lubcza".
Еврейская энциклопедия (1906-1913), "Любче".

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Lyubcha, Belarus

Lyubcha [Rus], Lubcza [Pol], Lubtsh [Yid], Lubča [Bel], Lubcz, Lubec, Lubecz, Lubch, Lubtse, Lyubch, Lubtch, Lubtz, Ljubcha

Russian/Belarusian: Любча. Yiddish: לובטש. Hebrew: לוּבְּצָ'ה

62 miles W of Minsk, 14 miles NE of Navahrudak (Nowogródek), 3 miles SE of Delyatichi (Delatitsh).

Jewish Population: 2,463 (in 1897), 1,500 (in 1940)


Lyubcha, Novogrudok uyezd, Minsk gubernia, Russian Empire


Lubcz, Nowogródek powiat, Nowogródek województwo, Poland

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Coordinates: 53°45' N 26°04' E

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