LYGUMAI (Lithuania)

  Square in Lygumai  (Taken 1997)

 Alternate names:  Ligum, Legum, Ligumy, Lygumay, Lygumu, Ligem, Lymgumai, Lygumiai
Location:  Latitude: 56° 00´  Longitude: 23° 39´
 112.0 miles NW of Vilnius.

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View Maps   to see Location of Lygumai  (Country and Regional).
View Map   of Lygumai (Ligum) and surrounding areas, from WWI 
German Military Map Collection, entitled Karte Des Westlichen Russlands
History of Lygumai -   by Yosef Rosin
Mass Grave in the Juknaiciai forest -
Photos of Synagogue -
Photos taken by Judy Becker 1995 -
Photos (Other) -
THE SLAUGHTER OF THE JEWS IN THE SMALL TOWN OF LYGUMAI. Eyewitness testimony of Nisn Goldes, born in Lygumai on January 3, 1906. The report was recorded by Engineer L. Koniuchowsky September 30, 1947.
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Lygumai  Jewish Cemetery -

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