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Family Photos of People Who Once Lived in Lyakhovichi
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2008
Copyrights of images retained by their owners, this is a protected publication not a release to the public domain. The Webmaster takes this opportunity to thank again all of the generous members of the Lyakhovichi Research Community who shared these valuable treasures!
All Images on this page are copyright and may not be used for any purpose without the written permission of the webmaster, including as the icon or front-end for any links to any of our pages.

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Abram Pilnick of Lyakhovichi in Philadelphia and Media PA
The family of Abram Pilnick of Lyakhovichi
Here photographed in Media PA (near Philadelphia) with his wife Chaya Ruchel Hefter Pilnick and his children from left to right, Lifsche (Lillian), Hersh (Harry), Zipe Ratzi (Rose), and Chava (Evelyn). This Lyakhovichi shoemaker shows up in the draft records of our town, in tax records, in Minsk Vedemosti notices, and in the migration records of Hamburg, NY, Philadelphia, and Antwerp, as he went back and forth from the United States to Lyakhovichi and Slutsk at least five times between 1896 and 1913. This picture of the family of her maternal grandparents was provided to the webmaster by, Irene Kleiman Solomon Nudelman, my mother, may her memory be for a blessing.

Studio Portraits from Lyakhovichi
Deborah Glassman, copyright 2008

The research report that will fill this space has not yet been written, too much data still needs to be collected before it makes sense to draw conclusions. I want to include information on who did the photography, how they were trained, what services they offered. Then, each additional sample included, increases the information that we can draw from any individual example.

We know just enough to whet our appetites. Alter Brevda began taking photographs sometime in the nineteenth century as a photographer assistant to an itinerant photographer. He eventually built a studio onto his father's building on Market Place (Bazarskaya) and put out display signs advertising his work. The signage was sufficiently prominent and attractive that when shortly before WWI, a group of young people wanted to start a theater group, they begged for Mr. Brevda to post the show notices here and he obliged. Others put up signs also, but this was the place where people were accustomed to stop and see new photo samples. Perhaps the display cases looked like these in this photo, generously shared with the permission of webmaster Jose Gutstein, from the Szczuczyn, Poland shtetl website.

The photographer's signs and display cases at the street front, inviting in the passerbys, as Alter Brevda's did on Lyakhovichi's busiest street


Photos taken in Lyakhovichi
ordered by surname of main family
all names in captions in index

All Images on this page are copyright and they may not be used for any purpose without the written permission of the webmaster, including as the icon or front-end for any links to any of our pages.

Aizikowitz family of Lyakhovichi and Detroit
Lou Isaacs sent this photo of his dad Sam Aisikowitz as a boy still in Russia. This was another "American wife" photo - portraits taken to show the husband gone ahead. Lou notes The next picture was sent to Wolf, already in Detroit. Notice everyone had their school books to show their father that they were studying. My dad wasn't in school yet so he wanted to show his father a great stick he had found. From the left:Channa, Shimon Leib, Chaya Leah, Shimshon(with stick), Faygel, and Minnig. All Aizikowitz's.

Aronchik Family
Aron Aronchik, his wife Rachel Beder, his brother Borneh "Avraham", and children of Aron and Rachel: Zelme, John (on Aron's knee), Harry (sitting), and baby Sam. Youngest dtr Hannah was born after this photo was taken. Aron and Mary and the children later emigrated to New Zealand. This picture was generously shared by their granddtr Eleanor Newland!

The Begun/Bogin family
of Lyakhovichi, and Connecticut
(l to r)Adult Siblings: Louis Bogin, Eva (Bogin) Zakheim, Lena (Bogin) Leichner, Isaac Zakheim (sitting), Jake Leichner, unidentified woman, Bernard Bogin. This picture was shared by Carole Bogin, thank-you!

The Freund Family
so far the only candid in this grouping, taken on the steps of their Lyakhovichi house

The Gerber Family early 1930s
The parents are Moisey and Ida; the children are (left to right)Yefim, Naftali, and Venyamin. Venyamin was the oldest. Yefim went to live with his father's childless brother in Omsk, Siberia in the 1930s and survived the war. Yefim told his own grandson that 35 members of his close family were murdered in the Holocaust. Thanks to his grandson Konstantin Rodionov for sharing.

William and Dora (Brody) Israelite
of Lyakhovichi and Norwich Connecticut. Dora was the daughter of Reuven and Itka (Malowitsky) Brody of Lyakhovichi, William was from Novogrodok. They photo is from their marriage in Brooklyn in March 1914 (cert #2856). Thanks to Bernie Kouchel

The family of mohel Menahem Joel Kaplan,
1933 in Baranovichi
In the back row are Menahem's sons. All the way to the right is Yekutiel Kaplan and next to him is his wife Reizel Peker Kaplan of Lyakhovichi. Thanks to Alison Greengard! for identifying Reizel of a Lyakhovichi family amidst the siblings and parents of her grandfather Rubin Kaplan.

The Kamm/Kaplan family of Lyakhovichi See our biography page on this family! Picture shared by Kathy Schnapper

The Karelitz Family of Lyakhovichi
Zundel and Zipe Karelitz and their children
from left to right: Dr. Yudel Karelitz of Lyakhovichi and Minsk; Shmeril Karelitz; Zundel Karelitz aka Zundel Gedalyos a noted scholar; Sima (sitting)Karelitz whose married surname was Sheiman; Chaike Karelitz (standing) whose later married name was Schwartz; Hannah Karelitz whose married name was Israel; Zipe Karelitz who provided the living for the family in her small tailor's shop; Gittel whose married name was Resnik; and Zipe's father Gedaliah, from whom her husband took his possesive name [Zundel Gedaliah's]

Abraham and Doba (Karelitz) Kapulyansky
Abraham son of Zalman and his father owned property on Lyakhovichi's Market Square

The Lifschitz family of Lyakhovichi
The Lifschitz Family
Chava LIFSCHITZ (Eva Lipshitz, died 1906) and her children in Lyakhovichi in 1901: Sorka (Esther), Joseph, Yankel(Jacob) and David.
by first photographer in Lyakhovichi Alter Brevda. The next year the family joined husband and father Aron Shmuel (A. Samuel Lipshitz, died 1911) and several of his older children in the US. Thanks to Chava's grandson Arthur Lowell for photo and info!.

The Mandel family of Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi
Itzko b Samuel Mandel family of Baranovichi
Itzko b1840s and his wife Sheina Chaya and their son Moshe Mandel b 1871. Itzko's father Shmuel was born in Lyakhovichi in 1825, Itsko's residences included Lyakhovichi and Siniavka where his son was born, and eventually Baranovichi. The picture was taken in 1905 in Baranovichi by Baron Studios. Courtesy of Moshe's grandson, Moshe Mandel, Kibbutz Afeq, Israel, via Dr. Neville Lamdan, Jerusalem.

The Abraham Mandel family of Baranovichi
The Abraham Mandel family of Lyakhovichi
Beila Strelovsky MANDEL, with younger sibs Bashe and Moshe Yosef STRELOVSKY. In front row: Beila's sons Yankel and Feivel MANDEL, ages c6 and 2. Abraham Mandel, b Lyakhovichi 1875 had already left for the UK. Bella and her sibs came from a village called Mali Luki, between Lyakhovichi and Slonim. Moshe wears the uniform of his Russian "Gymnasium" [high school] in Slonim, but obviously spends time at his sister's home in Baranovichi. Photo by Baron Studios Baranovichi 1907. Courtesy of Dr. Neville Lamdan grandson of Abraham and Bella Mandel.

The Iser Malovitsky Family
perished in Lyakhovichi in the Holocaust
Iser's parents and siblings were in Eretz Israel and the US

The Novogrodsky Family of Lyakhovichi The younger boy is Shaya Novogrodsky. This is another "branch" of the Budowlya family, as Shaya married Sara Budovlya, but I can't find my notes on who sent it to me to thank them, someone refresh my memory please! (and let me know who the others in the picture are!)

Pinczuk Family of Lyakhovichi
Shaya and Ginda Pinczuk and their children Szulama and Sonia in 1937. Thankyou to Sheron Stone, for reaching out at a difficult time. Thankyou also to Sheron for giving me such positive feedback on the FaceIndex which has a 1905 portrait of Shaya Pinczuk as a teenager!

David and Henia (Budovlya) Poczepoff
with their family. David had been married and left a widower, the four older children were from that first marriage; the younger from his marriage to Henia. Henia was from Lyakhovichi, David appears to have been from one of the small dependent towns around Lyakhovichi - The Poczepoff surname appears in the Gorodysche closer to Lyakhovichi (there is another north of Baranovichi).
Thanks to Ruth Kornbluth for the picture of the Poczepoff family!

Samuel and Gussie (Aduchowsky) Scheinman. She was a legal resident of Lyakhovichi who may have never been to the town. She was born in Pinsk where her father Mordechai lived for many years, while always remaining a legal resident of Lyakhovichi, which he passed on to his children. Thanks to Dave Love for this picture of his great-grandmother's sister.

The Shklyar family of Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi, 1930sThis family never returned to Lyakhovichi after WWI

The Slonimsky family of Lyakhovichi and Philadelphia. From left to right on the back row are Solomon Shane, then his wife Sarah Slonimsky Shane, then Morris Shane, and finally Lippe whose English name was Leo. Seated in front left to right are Moshe Aron Slonimsky, the patriarch Kalman Slonimsky, and finally another son of Kalman's Hatzkel. Thanks to Shirley Serota for this photo from c.1890s-1907

The Sofer family
Aron and Liba Sofer, he was a noted member of the Koidenover Hasidic community in Lyakhovichi, and was a scribe as was the ancestor who gave the family their surname

The Steinhouse family of Lyakhovichi and Nova Scotia. The parents of this group are the seated Ronia (Litovsky) Steinhouse and Moses Steinhouse. The children in the middle are Libby, Sonia, and Bill Steinhouse. Far right standing is Celia Gutsite who was married to Abe Brook. Thanks to Mark Horn and for identifying everyone. Brook, Gutzeit, and Litovsky are long-time Lyakhovichi families. Libby later married Maurice Baranek also of Lyakhovichi, their marriage certificate appears on our pages.

Saul and Devora (Broches) Tuchaczinsky
and children

The Winikoff Family of Lyakhovichi
Thanks to Lou Isaacs for sending this to me and to his Aunt Fannie who labeled it for him. I have added surnames when they are clear: Top Row from left. Kalman [Winikoff], Rifka, Uncle Shaya Winikoff, Moishe Winikoff, Tanta Rochel("The Varshal's mother"), [Roche Winikoff Warshall]and my Zaydeh,Wolf or Velvel as he was known. [Lou talking - Wolf Aizikowitz, husband to Chaya Leah Winikoff]
Middle Row: Kalman's wife[name missing], Shaya's wife and child [names missing], The Baubeh Chasha, [Chasha Winikoff, matriarch of this family] The Zaydeh Yssocher, [Sochor or Isachar Winikoff, head of family] my Baubeh Chaya Leah [Lou talking - Chaya Lea Winikoff Aizikowitz], Fayge[Aizikowitz l Lou's aunt Fanny]. Bottom Row: ? ? ? ? [four children unidentified],Shimon Leib(Lou)[Aizikowitz], Shimshon(Sam-my dad) [Aizikowitz], Minnig(Minnie)[ Aizikowitz], and Channa(Annie) [Aizikowitz]

Zabelinsky Family
Khaim Zvi Zabelinsky and his wife Grunia, 2 of the grandchildren on the Bubba's lap and next to the Zayde, then standing right to left: Leibel Banyuk and his wife Beila; Yosef Zabelinski and his wife Shifra, Shlomo Zabelinsky, his sister Leah, and Leah's husband Alter

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A. Brevda's photographic mark
on the back of the photo cardstock.The Mark and the translations in handwriting, were shared by Arthur Lowell, who turned over a 1902 picture of the Lifschitz family to see what else could be learned. This copy had faded badly, perhaps you have a clearer example?