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Primary Records of Other Nations Created about those from Lyakhovichi

This is a page in our Documents section. Click the button labeled "Documents" in the left-hand column to reach all of the other resources of the Document area.

We have greatly expanded the coverage of primary records in in the nations to which Lechovichers emigrated, their "nations of landing." There is now a link box on the first page of this new series of pages. Please go to Nations of Landing Records - Description of US Federal Records to find the links to all of the pages.

United States Federal Records - Censuses
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2009

With the rare exception of the census enumerator who noted Russian immigrants by their province of birth - Podolia, Kiev, Minsk, Vilna, et al - there is not specific birthplace information in the US federal censuses. So how can we access and utilize this information for researchers studying Lyakhovichi residents? We have to backtrack into the records. After we have confirmed that at least one member of a household had previously had a Lyakhovichi residence, we can collect the data on the family's appearance in US national enumerations and see where the information takes us.

For the purposes of this page we will add a family if we know of their Lyakhovichi connection by family report, or we have a document that cites that connection, or they are buried in a Lechovicher plot. I have created entries for everyone who was buried in Washington Cemetery's Lechovicher plot before 1940 and also added other names of people reported as Lechovichers from other sources. But this is the very beginning of this data collection and we need your help. Send us the info on your family and let me know if you would be willing to search for others.

Search for Lechovichers in US Federal Censuses
November 2009

Census Year,
State/ City
date/ enumerator

Head of Houshold- Surname, First Name
his details

Others in household

Vital stats reported

sup dist/ ed/sheet

Source of data on Lyakhovichi Connection

1900 Fed NYC 6/5/1900 , Emanuel Jackson, enumerator

ABELANSKY, Harris, head 1864  im 1888, alien, tailor; rents house

Rosie wf 1873 im1888;  Elias son 1894 bNYC; Annie dtr 1895 bNYC; Esther dtr 1897 b NYC; Sarah sister 1879 im 1896;

7 yrs mar; 3 ch b+l;

105 Madison 
Manhtn 1/32/16 (stamped 290A)
7th ward

Harris Abelansky is the son of Leo and Itte Abelansky. Their son, Harris's brother, Rafael Abolansky is the first adult buried in NYC Lechovicher cemeteries.

1910 Fed; Queens NY 4/15/1910 by Henry Scheib

ANGELOWITZ, Oscar44, im 1896 Papers; paper stand

Gussie, wf 44, 4 ch born and 3 living; Ruben, son 17 dry goods salesman; Bessie dtr 15,

married once for 22 years

1798 Gates Avenue

oscar's Lechovicher plot burial 1918

1920 Fed NY Manhattan

ANGELOWITZ, Jacob, 40 married, im 1903, nat 1912, Newspaper stand

Celia, wf 40, im 1907 nat; Max son 17 evening school student; boarder Ralph Mann 23, boarder



Jacob's Lechovicher plot burial 1929

1910 Fed 4/21/1910 Brooklyn

APPELSON, Leon head, 24 (this is the household of Morris Appelson) he was born NY

Chana Gittel Appelson, mother, 65, 9 children born and 5 living, she im in 1900; Celia Appelson sister to head of household 26 single, she im in 1900;

2/758/sheet 7/ 26th Ward

Brooklyn Ward 26 District 758 Page 14

Morris Appelson is buried in Lechovicher plot 1919






Lechovicher plot burial 1947






Lechovicher plot burial 1923

1920 Fed NY Brooklyn 1/7/1920 Walter Rosenberg enumerator

BINN, Isidore, head, 40, im 1895 Papers Nat 1918, salesman bags;

Anna, wf, 30 im 1894 alien; Louis son; Bessie dtr; Pauline dtr; Florence dtr; Dorothy dtr


148 Pennsylvania Ave
Brooklyn 3/1415/10

Lechovicher plot burial 1921

1910 Fed NY

BINN, Benjamin 52 im 1899 dealer in sacks

Frieda wf 52 im 1900; Sam son 29 single dealer in sacks; Abraham son 27 single insurance agent;

married twice (both of them) number of years in present marriage 30; number of children for Frieda 6 born and 5 living;

Clinton Street Manhattan Ward 7 District 1689 Page 10

Lechovicher plot burial 1921

1920 Fed NY

BINN, Benjamin

Frieda wf


Lechovicher plot burial 1921

1910 Fed NYC
4/15/1910 – Samuel Aronowitz, enumerator

BRODY, Abraham, head, 33,  apron maker, in 1903 Papers;

Molly, wf, 33 im 1906; Kalman Oginsky, brother-in-law, 32 (mar 10 yrs), im 1908 alien, presser; ; Abraham Oginsky, brother-in-law 22, single im 1906, Papers sales glassware; Hyman Brody, cousin, 22 single sleeve maker, im 1907 alien; ; Dora Oginsky, sisterinlaw 24, single im 1909 operator white goods ;

9 yrs mar, 0 ch b+l;

160 East Broadway
Manhtn 1/64/1 (355B) 7th ward

Im recs for Abraham Brody and Kalman Oginsky

1910 Fed NYC 4/20/1910 – Elias Einhorn, enumerator

BRODY, Sam, head, 55, tailor, im 1902

Annie, wf; 52; Beckie, dtr, 29;  Jacob, son, 27; Morris son, 25;  Harry son, 23; Mary dtr, 19; Sam, son, 16; William Epstein boarder 21

31 yrs mar; 9 ch b 6 living

Manhtn 1/85/11 (750B) 7th ward

Im recs; Burial Recs Lechovicher plots;







1910 Fed Louisville KY
16 April 1910 –
N. W. Weissberg, enumerator

BUSH, Isidore, head, 25, carpenter, im 1902 Papers

Katie, wf, 23, im 1902

Mar 1 yr, 2 children born 0 living

Louisville City, 22 Precinct, Jefferson County Kentucky 5/159/62aSays both Market Street and Eleventh St

Family report

1920 Fed Louisville KY
9 Jan 1920
Ruth Wilson enumerator

BUSH Isidore, head, 34, im 1887 na 1896, building contractor

Katie, wf, 34 im 1887; Rosie Lee dtr 9 bKY; Maurice J, son 5 3/12 bKY;  Yandell son 3 10/12? bKY; Esther Weinberg, sister-in-law 25 b Kentucky, single;


104 Brandeis Street 5/127/15A

Family report

1930 Fed Louisville KY
Apr 9 1930
Mrs. J. Paul Sevann

BUSH Isidore, head, 45, building contractor, yr of im 1903, Nat,

Katie, wf, 43, year of im 1889 Nat ; Rosalee, dtr 19; Maurice J, son 15; Yandell, son 13; Ritta S, dtr 4; Esther Weinberg, sister-in-law 34;

Husb -25 at mar, wife 23

153 First Street
56/23/5 Sheet 19a
 5th Ward Block 917 Part of Magistrate District 6

family report

1910 Fed NYC

COHEN, David head 1860 im 1907 alien peddler vegetables

Ida wf 1860; im 1907; Sophie, dtr, 1892 im 1907; Annie 1897 im 1907

30 yrs mar, 6 ch 2 living

214 Monroe
Manhatn __ 87/3

im recs; lechovicher burials
contrib by Tina Levine

1920 Fed NYC

COHEN, Mary head im 1907

Anna, c.1900, dtr im 1907, boxmaker


214 Monroe
Manhatn 1/327/11

im recs; lechovicher burials
contrib by Tina Levine

1930 Fed NYC

COHEN, Mary head




im recs; lechovicher burials
contrib by Tina Levine

1930 Fed NYC
4/9/1930 Howard Kaufman

COHEN, Reuben head 37, im 1906, operator, rents house [house owned by Aaron D.KADUSHIN also resident]

Ida wf 34 bNY; Albert son 15 bNY; Sylvia 3yrs+2mos bNY; Murray son 12; Solomon son 10; Ruth dtr 9; Beatrice dtr 5yrs 6 mos

572 Stowe Ave

he was age 21 at marriage, she was 18; [family listing on 2 pgs]

im recs; lechovicher burials
contrib by Tina Levine

1920 Fed Census Brooklyn NYC NY

COHEN, Abraham,

Fannie Cohen wf 42; Rubin son 20 bNY; Max son 18 bNY; Mildred dtr 11 bNY;

475 Howard Ave Brooklyn

he im 1905 and has Papers, his birthplace is Minsk Russia (all listings on page appear to be by Russian gubernia), she im 1902 b Vilna Russia;

im recs; lechovicher burials
contrib by Tina Levine

1930 Fed Census Brooklyn NYC NY
4/15/1930 Norman Aronson

COHEN, Abraham, 33, operator

Fannie Cohen wf 34; Rubin son 10 bNY; Max son 8 bNY; Lillian dtr 6

475 Howard Avenue Brooklyn

he im 1905, she im 1902, he was 20 and she was 21 when they married.







im recs; lechovicher burials
contrib by Tina Levine






im recs; lechovicher burials
contrib by Tina Levine


COHEN, Isaac




im recs; contrib by Tina Levine




































lechovicher plot COOPER Sarah 16-Dec-1903

1900 Fed Phila  PA

DUBINSKY, Jake head Oct 1869, age 30; im 1897, alien, cigarmaker

Gussie wf Oct 1874  25, im 1898; Rosie dtr 3 yrs July 1896  im 1898;  Celie dtr 11 mos June 1899 b Penna;

4 yrs mar,

645 Gerrit St


Wife is Gussie BUDOVLIA dtr of Moshe,  she died young






lechovicher plot EISENBERG Arthur 19-Jun-1905

1910 Fed Census manhattan 4/15/1910 Joseph Siegel enumerator

ELLIN, Wolf, head, 49, im 1895, alien, presser

Rose, wf, 47 ( she and all but youngest child im 1900); Annie dtr 22; Sarah dtr 20 saleslady; Louis son 19 preparer; Esther dtr 16 clerk; Harry son 14 typewriter; Milton son 9 b NY

married once for 27 years, 7 ch born and livng

Manhattan Ward 13/District 759/Page 1

Lechovicher burial

1920 Fed Camden NJ

16 Jan 1920 Edward F. Dennis, enumerator

DUBINSKY, Jake head, 50

Augusta, 44 wf; Matilda 20 dtr; Minnie 17 dtr; Naomi 13 dtr; Isadore 10 son; Morris 6, son;


841 Spruce St

Adj to Joel and Esther Abel






lechovicher plot FABRICANT Benj 28-Jan-1900






lechovicher plot FALEVITCH Nat 10-May-1908
FALEVITCH Pauline 03-May-1910






lechovicher plot FARBER Sidney 03-Feb-1902
FARBER Morris 27-Mar-1908
FARBER Jacob 03-Sep-1920






lechovicher plot FARBMAN Chaim 14-Jun-1946
FARBMAN Sippi Slova 15-Jun-1935

1910 Fed Census Brooklyn
Abraham Kohler

FEIGINOFF, Friede, head, 63, widow, 8 children born and 5 living

FRIEDLANDER, Benny, grandchild, 13


136 Marjer? Street 318/Page 5/ part of 15th Ward

Friede is buried in Lechovicher plot;3/10/1918

1900 Census





Lechovicher plot FEIGINOW Rose 01-Jun-1902 FEIGINOW Bertha 01-Jun-1902






lechovicher plotFINKELSTEIN Jacob 24-Dec-1917 FINKELSTEIN Fannie 11-Mar-1921






lechovicher plot FRANK Herman 14-Mar-1903 FRANK Moses 13-Sep-1899






lechovicher plot GINSBERG Pauline 16-Jun-1914






lechovicher plot GOLDBERG Meyer 20-Sep-1905 GOLDBERG Abraham 26-Mar-1909 GOLDBERG Barnett 29-Sep-1923 GOLDBERG Gussie 11-Oct-1936 GOLDBERG Neche 26-Feb-1916






lechovicher plot GOLDFARB Nat 30-Mar-1913






lechovicher plot GREENBERG Meyer 28-Jan-1903






lechovicher plot GREENSTEIN Irene 01-Aug-1903






lechovicher plot GREENWALD Louis 10-Aug-1928






lechovicher plot GRIBETS Ida 07-Aug-1986 GRIBETZ Celia 13-Nov-1949 GRIBETZ Emanuel 05-Apr-1964

1910 Fed;


Rebecca wf; Bertha dtr 12 b NYC



Lechovicher Death Certificates and Burials for Beckie Hermelin HERMELIN Rebecca 06-Mar-1929






lechovicher plot HERMAN Moses 18-July-1902






lechovicher plot HERTZ David 18-Jan-1940 HERTZ Fannie 18-Nov-1914 HERZ Mendel 29-Dec-1898






lechovicher plot JERSKY Philip 13-Oct-1963 JERSKY Fanny 05-Dec-1977






lechovicher plot KANETOFSKY Molly 22-Dec-1921






lechovicher plot KANKOWITZ Lena 27-May-1907






lechovicher plot KANSOWITZSKY Meyer 24-Dec-1893






lechovicher plot KANTROWITZ Simon 08-Nov-1919 KANTROWITZ Israel 12-Jun-1921 KANTROWITZ Annie 18-Oct-1898






lechovicher plot KAPLAN Nat 13-Oct-1918 KAPLAN Meyer 01-Oct-1918 KAPLAN Kussiel 01-Mar-1937 KAPLAN Ida 06-Jul-1969 KAPLAN Celia 16-Dec-1970 KAPLAN Abe 04-May-1975






lechovicher plot KAPPEL Louis 07-Nov-1927 KAPPEL Sarah 03-Nov-1937 KAPPEL Mordecai 06-Nov-1937






lechovicher plot KARBELNIK Hyman 30-Aug-1903 KARBELNIK Rachel 05-Apr-1943

1910 Fed NYC

KIRSCHNER, Hyman 34 yrs im 1895, proprietor of paper store

Rose wf 34 yrs im 1880, Birdie dtr 10 NY, Solomon son 8 NY, Morris son 5, Annie dtr3, Sarah dtr 6 mos

Mar 1 for  12 yrs

234 Monroe St
Manhatn 1/97/22

Contrib. Tina Levine

1910 Fed NYC
4/22/1910 and 4/23/1910

KUNTZ, David 46, im 1888, nat, retired dry goods merchant

Sarah wf 49 Rus im 1888; Lillian dtr 19 NY, Otto son 14 NY, William son 12 NY, Julius son 9 NY, Celia dtr 6 NY and servant Clara PEPPER 22 Austria im 1906

Mar 1 for 30 yrs 7 ch b +l

Owns House

531 Marcy Ave
Brooklyn 2/498/16


1920 Fed NYC

KUNTZ, David 57 im 1885 nat 1905

Otto son 23 NY, William son 21 NY, Celia dtr 19 NY; David WEISSBERG son-in-law 29 NY;Lillian Weissberg dtr 28 NY; Gertrude Weissberg, grandchild 2yrs 8mos NY; Lillian Katz - neice 22 Connecticut;


531 Marcy Ave
Brooklyn 3/305/10

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1910 Fed NYC

KUNTZ, Julius head 34 yrs im 1888 Na, dry goods store

Fannie wf 32 im 1891  nat; Celia dtr 11 NY; Sidney sn 9 NY, Meyer Meyer sn  7 NY and servant CABALSKY, Fannie im 1907 Russia

mar 1 for 13 yrs;  4 ch b+l

147 Hudson Ave
Brooklyn 2nd/46/4a


1920 Fed NYC

KUNTZ, Julius head 43, im 1888 nat 1910 dry goods store

Fannie 42 im 1890, Celia 21 NY, Sidney 19  NY Meyer 17 NY


147 Hudson Ave Brooklyn 3/56/13


1920 Fed NYC

KUNTZ, Morris head 53 im 1875 nat 1900? Storekeeper dry goods store; owns home mortgaged;

Abe, son 26; Flore? dtr 23; Meyer son 21; Julius son 19;  Anna dtr 17; David son 16


282 Third Ave 3/1646/11







lechovicher plot KURTIN Abr 25-Sep-1904





lechovicher plot LEVY - LEVY Moe 04-Aug-1911 LEVY Abe 07-Aug-1912 LEVY Benj 28-May-1913 LEVY Pvt John 19-Jun-1921 LEVY Mortimer 01-July-1921 LEVY Solomon 18-Oct-1919 LEVY Wolf 08-Jul-1925 LEVY Hilda 26-Mar-1936 LEVY Sol J 19-Sep-1937 LEVY Joseph 10-Nov-1929 LEVY Ida 08-Jun-1936 LEVY Ida 02-Jan-1924 LEVY Dora 11-Aug-1927 LEVY Libby 28-Mar-1956 LEVY Samuel 25-May-1960 LEVY Rose 16-Nov-1913 LEVY Hannah 03-Mar-1928 LEVY Louis 09-Apr-1897 LEVY Isidor 28-May-1898 LEVY Morris 07-Apr-1918






lechovicher plot LEVINE Louis 11-Aug-1929






lechovicher plot LIPKINS Max 20-Dec-1908






lechovicher plot LIPSCHITZ Isaac 20-Aug-1914 LIPSCHITZ Rebecca 30-Dec-1910 LIPSHITZ A Sam 11-Sep-1911 LIPSHITZ Eva 04-Dec-1906






lechovicher plot LISS Celia 17-Mar-1957 LISS Joseph 18-Aug-1954






lechovicher plot MAISEL Rena 28-Oct-1901






lechovicher plot MANDEL Solomon 11-Sep-1957 MANDEL Nora 28-Mar-1973






lechovicher plot MARGOLIES Abraham 22-Feb-1914

US Fed Census 1910 Nathan Kanrich enumerator

LEVY, Samuel H., 30, married, im 1889 Nat;

Libbie, wife 26 im 1890; Jesse, dtr, 6 b NY; Mortimer H. son age 3 b NY; William Levy, cousin, age 33 immigrated 1892 and naturalized; Rose Held, servant

married once for seven years, wife has 2 children born and living

135 West 116th Street
manhattan 569/sheet 3/ward 12

Lechovicher burials

1910 Fed Census Brooklyn, Pincus Greenbaum enumerator, 22 April 1910

LEVY, Joe, head 47, married once for 24 years; im 1896 alien;

Ida, wife 45, 7 ch born and living im 1898; Simon son 21; Sam, son 19; Lena dtr 16; John son 14 b Russia; Joseph son 9 b NY; Wolf son 7 b NY


1844 Park Place
645/sheet 34/ward part of 24th

Lechovicher plots; Mil records; family report

1910 Fed 21 April 1910 Chas J. Steuerman

LEVY, Solomon J Head, 52, married once for 29 years, clothier, im 1887 Nat

Hilda wf 49, 8 ch born and 7 living im 1888; Moe, son 28 single b Russia cabdriver im 1888 nat; Samuel son, 34 single b Russia, clothing store, im 1888 Nat; Abie son 21 single bNY cutter in factory; Sidney, son 18 single bNY florist; Louis, son, 12 b NY; Sarah dtr 9 b NY;


58 E 103rd Street;
469/ sheet 10/part of ward 12



LIPSCHITZ, Isaac, head, 55, marrid once for 39 years, im1889

Rebecca, wife 56, 8 children born and 3 living, im 1889; Lazrus son, 17 b NY; Hyman son, 15 b NY; Beckie Bernstein servant 26 b Russia



Lechovicher plot






lechovicher plot MARGOLIN Ida 28-Jun-1921






lechovicher plot MELTZER Anna 11-Jan-1938 MELTZER Morris 15-Feb-1935






lechovicher plot MINTZ 05-Sep-1900






lechovicher plot NATHAN Louis 12-Dec-1901 NATHAN Rachel 08-Apr-1909


NATHANSON, Jacob, 60 married once for 38 years, im 1896, alien

Mary, wf, 9 ch born and 4 living im 1896; Fannie dtr 22 im 1896 Harry son 20 im 1896; Ella dtr 17 im 1896 Rose dtr 14 b NY



Jacob and Rebecca in lechovicher plots NATHANSON Jacob 04-Apr-1913 NATHANSON Mary 21-Sep-1931






lechovicher plot NEWMAN Sam 12-Sep-1919






lechovicher plot NOWOGRUDSKY Frume 11-Apr-1910






lechovicher plot RATNER Sam 03-Sep-1918
RATNER Rose 13-Jan-1946
RATNER 08-Sep-1903
ROTTNER Fanny 01-Mar-1907






lechovicher plot ROSALSKY Morris 11-Sep-1907






lechovicher plot ROSANSKY Jos 14-Oct-1918






lechovicher plot ROSEN Minnie 20-Apr-1951






lechovicher plot ROSENBAUM Hinde 20-Jan-1946

1930 Fed Census Brooklyn NY Ap 3, 1930

SABLOWSKY, harry - Harry is the son-in-law of head of family Hyman Seliotz (Hyman owns house at 108 Amboy St next to other Lechovicher owner and renters (Dubofsky, Willensky, and possibly Abram and Bernstein)Harry is 32, was 30 at marriage to first wife, im 1905

Hyman Seliotz, head, 48 widower 19 at first marriage, im 1914 has first papers; Rose Sablowsky wife of Harry, 22, first married at 20 im 1921, alien; Jacob Sablowsky age 1 born NY


108 Amboy Street enum district 24-574/supevisor dist 29/page 4b

mil recs SABLOWSKY, Harry






lechovicher plot SACKMAN Abigail 30-Apr-1924






lechovicher plot SANG Georgiana 19-Dec-1910






lechovicher plot SAPERY Abr 07-May-1914






lechovicher plot SCHUMAN Wolf 28-Nov-1915

US Fed Census 1930 Brooklyn

SHALOV, Abraham, head, 70, owns home; age at first marriage 18; entire fam lists 1908 as im year; butcher, own shop

Fanny, wife 65 age at first marriage 17; Samuel son 32; Meyer son 29, veteran of World War


185 S. 2nd St Brooklyn NY

lechovicher plot SHALOV Abraham 20-May-1932 SHALOV Fanny 27-Dec-1945 (but their sons Meyer and Samuel list other places in Belarus as birthplace - Vitebsk and Polotsk)






lechovicher plot SHEPPER Meyer 30-Mar-1932 SHEPPER Mollie 27-Nov-1938






lechovicher plot SHUSTACK 12-May-1897






lechovicher plot SLOMINSKY Jacob 09-Aug-1896






lechovicher plot SLONIMSKY Louis 05-Jun-1916 SLONIMSKY Joseph 11-Oct-1910

1900 Fed Census NYC June 4th 1900 Manhattan enumerator Adolph Loebelson

STEIN, Hyman Hyman is 40 born Jan 1860, married once for 14 years; he im in 1891 and has been in the US 9 years and is still an alien, he is a peddler.

Fany, wife, 33 b May 1867, married once for 14 years, 4 ch born and 3 living, im 1897; Rose, dtr, 13 b March 1887 im 1897 dittoed; Davis son 8 b Feb 1892 im 1897 dittoed; Joe son born March 1899 NY; brother-in-law WEINGER, Abraham, born March 1870, age 22 and single


Ludlow Street St; supervisor district 1/ enum dist 129/ page 14a

lechovicher plot WEINGER Abraham 11-Mar-1932 and appears with his family in 1910, 1920, and 1930 (but in 1900 he is with this brother-in-la, husband to his sister) The Steins are also buried in Lechovicher and Baranovicher plots






lechovicher plot SUCHOW Esther 07-Nov-1997 SUCHOW Irving 25-Jan-1981






lechovicher plot SUGARMAN Jos 05-Mar-1912 SUGARMAN Rose 26-Jul-1926 SUGARMAN Leah 27-Apr-1935

1920 Fed Census Manhattan

SEROWITZ, Philip head, 49, married im 1905 alien

Bertha, wife 49, im 1910 alien; Harry son 20 single b Russia im 1910 nat 1918; Abe son, 18, single crossed out; Lillian daughter 16 single b Russia im 1910 alien


[51?] Forsyth St;

lechovicher plot SURAWITZ Bertha 17-Aug-1931 SUROWITZ Fishel 15-Jun-1942; death cert Serowitz, Bertha






lechovicher plot UNGER Isaac 27-Apr-1908






lechovicher plot WARSHALL Jacob 01-Feb-1924 WARSHALL Isaac 11-Jan-1931 WARSHALL Anna 23-Dec-1949 WARSHALL Meyer 19-Mar-1953 WARSHALL Leah 01-July-1957


WARSHALL, Jacob head 43 born Minsk Russia im 1904, nat 1912

Lea wife 35 born Grodno Russia im 1906 nat; Hyman son, 16 born Minsk; Lottie, dtr 10 b NY; Fanny Jacobson, niece in law 20 single im 1906 alien born Grodno


229 West 16 Street

lechovicher plot for Jacob and Lea; Jacob buried from this address; WARSHALL Jacob 01-Feb-1924; WARSHALL Isaac 11-Jan-1931 WARSHALL Anna 23-Dec-1949 WARSHALL Meyer 19-Mar-1953 WARSHALL Leah 01-July-1957

1910 Fed Census NY Hempstead, nassau Co,Apr 27, 1910
enumerator Jas. A. March

WASSERMAN, Harris, head, 46, married once for 22 yrs, im 1893

Tillie, wife, 45married once for 22 yrs 4 children born and living, im 1893 ; Samuel son 16 b NY; Nettie dtr 13 ; David son 11 b NY, Robert son 7 b NY

Merick Rd Hempstead nassau Co

lechovicher plot WASSERMAN Harris 10-Feb-1918 WASSERMAN Tillie 08-Sep-1959

1920 Fed Census NY Hempstead, nassau Co 1920

WASSERMAN, Tille, head, 53, widow, im 1893 Nat 1915

Nettie dtr 23 b NY ; David son 21 b NY, Robert son 17 b NY

40 Cross St, Hempstead nassau Co

lechovicher plot WASSERMAN Harris 10-Feb-1918 WASSERMAN Tillie 08-Sep-1959






lechovicher plot WENGER Gedalia 22-Sep-1904 WENGER Louis 26-Jul-1906 WERENGER (WEINGER) Ike 07-Jun-1906

1920 Fed Census __ day of Jan 1920 (date not filled in) enumerator Hyman Cohen Manhattan

WEINGER, Abraham, head, 40im 1900 alien;

Celia, wife, 39; im 1903 alien; Esther dtr 20, im 1903 alien; Harry son 15 b NY; Meyer, son 13 b NY; Barnett son 10 b NY; Louis son 9 b NY; Sarah dtr 7 b NY


Forsyth St; supervisor district 1/ enum dist 129/ page 14a

lechovicher plot WEINGER Abraham 11-Mar-1932 WEINGER Celia 10-Oct-1969 WEINGER Bennie 16-Sep-1906

1900 Fed Census NYC June 4th 1900 Manhattan enumerator Adolph Loebelson

(WEINGER) STEIN, Hyman Hyman is 40 born Jan 1860, married once for 14 years; he im in 1891 and has been in the US 9 years and is still an alien, he is a peddler.

Fany, wife, 33 b May 1867, married once for 14 years, 4 ch born and 3 living, im 1897; Rose, dtr, 13 b March 1887 im 1897 dittoed; Davis son 8 b Feb 1892 im 1897 dittoed; Joe son born March 1899 NY; brother-in-law WEINGER, Abraham, born March 1870, age 22 and single


Ludlow Street St; supervisor district 1/ enum dist 129/ page 14a

lechovicher plot WEINGER Abraham 11-Mar-1932 WEINGER Celia 10-Oct-1969 WEINGER Bennie 16-Sep-1906; The Steins are also buried in Lechovicher and Baranovicher plots

1930 Fed Census, Brooklyn April 3, 1930

WILLENSKY, Abraham, head, 60, 22 when first married, im 1900 alien

Ida, wife, 60, 18 when first married im 1904 alien; Emanuel son, 17 born NY


110-112 Amboy Street enum district 24-574/supevisor dist 29/page 4b

lechovicher plot WILENSKY Abraham 29-May-1936
Ida Wilensky 12/11/1946 this fam appears as Villansky at same address in 1920

1920 Fed Census, Brooklyn Jan 5, 1920
enumerator Maurice Landburg

VILLENSKY, Abraham, head, 56, im 1899 alien, born Minsk Russia, parents born Minsk Russia, laborer

Ida, wife, 56, im 1903 alien; Charles, son, 14 b NY; Joseph son 12, bNY; Emanuel son, 7 born NY


112 Amboy Street enum district 1507/supevisor dist 3/page 7

lechovicher plot WILENSKY Abraham 29-May-1936
Ida Wilensky 12/11/1946 this fam appears as Willensky at same address in 1930

1920 Fed Census

WINNEGRAD, Morris, head 33, im 1899, nat 1908

Goldie, wife, 32 born NY; Leo son 11; Clara dtr 9; Joseph son 7; Florence dtr 5; Sidney son 2



lechovicher plot






lechovicher plot WINNEGROD Bessie 26-Oct-1928 WINOGRAD Zimel 25-May-1916






lechovicher plot ZABLOTSKY Morris 01-Apr-1921

1930 Fed Census Brooklyn April 2, 1930 enumerator Michael Cohen

ZIRINSKY, Hyman, head 68,age at first marriage 18; im 1900 First Papers

Rebecca, wife 65, age at first marriage 15 im 1903; Samuel son 33, single im 1903 Nat, Samuel is a veteran of the World War


924 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn; enum dist 24-344/supervisor dist29/ sheet 1B

Lechovicher plot ZIRINSKY Rebecca 24-Apr-1936 ZIRINSKY Isaac 09-Jan-1932 (he appears there as Khaim Yitzhak and in Census as Hyman)






lechovicher plot ZIROLNIK Louis 07-May-1941 ZIROLNIK Edith 07-Feb-1937






lechovicher plot ZOBELL Bessie(?) 21-Dec-1958





lechovicher plot

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