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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

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Primary Records of Other Nations Created about those from Lyakhovichi

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We have greatly expanded the coverage of primary records in in the nations to which Lechovichers emigrated, their "nations of landing." There is now a link box on the first page of this new series of pages. Please go to Nations of Landing Records - Description of US Federal Records to find the links to all of the pages.

Primary Records of North America - Canada
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2007

Canada’s birthplace-citing records, are more diverse, and in many cases, more accessible, than those from the United States. It is only the time limitations of the webmaster that have kept this from being the larger documented section of North American records.

Birthplace and “last residence abroad” reporting records include:

  • Immigration records of each port with some of the most complete records being in the provinces whose ports were where Jews were most likely to enter – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

  • Military Conscription and service records from World War I.

  • Canadian Russian Consulate records for those who maintained their Russian allegiance shows several Lyakhovichi-born Jews.

  • As you look for your family names here, please send us them and other Lyakhovichi folk you find!

    Lyakhovichi Natives
    in Canadian National Records
    WW I Service and Draft Registration

    EPSTEIN, Joseph
    nearest kin is father Samuel Epstein in Lakavitch, Minsk, Russia

    EPSTEIN, Max of Sydney Nova
    nearest kin is brother D. Epstein on Victoria Rd, Sydney NS Scotia

    FEDER, Gus, of Whitney Pier, Sydney, Nova Scotia, nearest kin is father Aron Feder at that address

    JOSELSON, Harry Isadore, nearest relative is mother Esther Joselson in Slutzk, Russia

    NATHANSON, Jacob Selig of Sydney Nova Scotia, nearest relative is father Moses Nathanson of Sydney.

    PERLIN, Israel, nearest relative is uncle Morse Lubchansky in Sydney Nova Scotia

    We have a dozen other enlistment records from this time period that I am sorting through to determine if we can clarify their Lyakhovichi connection as many just say Minsk province. Others who have surnames associated with Lyakhovichi or connections to Lyakhovichi families, are in this source noting birth in other nearby communities Mir (Louis Gallen), Kletsk (Arthur Stone) (just Russia) Wener,

    Lyakhovichi Natives
    in Canadian National Records
    Immigration and Travel Documents

    KRAVETZ, Ester of Lechowitz
    going to her two sons. Note that the manifest card for Ethel Struss is going to the same destination address

    STRUSS, STRUMM? Ethel to brothers-in-law Kravetz

    GITLIN, Eva

    We have many more Canadian immigration documents covering people whose surnames are Malovitsky, Gitlin, Litovsky, Gavzy, Meretzky, Lubetsky, and more. Look for them in the next update.

    Important Notes about This Page

    All names on this page were included in Surname Index Nov 2009

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    Canadian Census - Sydney Nova Scotia
    Victoria Rd enumeration of Israel Nathanson, Philip Jaron, and Hyman Brody, all of Lyakhovichi. Click on image to go to full page, click on your browser's enlarger tool to bring to full size. Other images of the 1911 Canadian Census are accessible non-commercially through the Canadian National Archives as well as through commercial sites like

    The Canadian Jewish Times
    Another resource of the digital age is the online publication of old publications. makes available The Canadian Jewish Times which was published from the end of the Nineteenth Century. Unlike in the US where new immigrants from the Russian Empire found that the news of the activities of that community were not of great interest for English-language publications, Lechovichers who settled in Canada, were eagerly reported as related to their congregational and communal activities.

    The Nathansons, Epsteins, and Feinsteins were definitely from Lyakhovichi, as were some of the Lubchanskys, Gams, Brodys and Sadofskys. Louis Gallen, though closely associated with Lyakhovichi families, put Mir as his birthplace on his WWI Draft Registration and Nathan Cohen just indicated Minsk province.

    These are some excerpts from searches by Nova Scotia in which Lyakhovichi names appear:

    11 Oct. 1901
    Messrs. VINEBERG,, DAVIDSON, LIGHTER, COHEN AND W.W. DILLON made speeches at the inauguration of the Hebrew Congregation of Sydney, Cape Breton (The Canadian Jewish Times, vol. 4, no. 23)

    22 Jan. 1909
    NATHANSON, J., of Sydney, and H. MIRSKY, of Glace Bay, are responsible for the National Fund boxes in those cities. They are assisted by M. Freed, A. Siderski and M. Spinner. The Glace Bay Zionist Society has seventy-five members (The Canadian Jewish Times, vol. 12, no. 6)

    25 June 1909
    NATHANSON, Joseph, of Sydney, ordered one share in the Anglo-Palestine Company from the Zionist Executive in Montreal (The Canadian Jewish Times, vol. 12, no. 28)

    30 July 1909
    Israel NATHANSON, of Sydney, purchased one tree in the Herzl Wald in celebration of the Brith Milah of his infant son, Yechiel Nathanson (The Canadian Jewish Times, vol. 12, no. 33)

    23 Feb 1912
    I BECKER, H. BRODY (Victoria Rd.), Phil. COHEN, B. FEDER, Luis GALLEN, B. MICKAL, I. NATENSON, Joseph NATENSON, M. NATENSON, M. SPINNER and Charles WYMAN, all of Sydney, contributed to the Bezalel School for Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem, Palestine (The Canadian Jewish Times, vol. 15, no. 15)

    4 April 1913
    Louis COHEN,, president of the Glace Bay Zionist Society, addressed the Society's fifth anniversary jubilee celebration on Sun. evening, March 16, 1913 in the Synagogue Hall, York St. Among those present were:- the chazzan, Rev. ABRAMOWITZ, the schochet, Rev. LEVIN, M. JESSEL, Mrs. N. GOOROVITZ, and Mrs. Max STOCKLER, of Sydney (The Canadian Jewish Times, vol. 16, no. 17)

    18 July 1913
    Mr. and Mrs. H. GREEN,, of Sydney, gave a surprise birthday party in honor of Miss Edith I. COHEN, of Waterbury, Conn., last Sun. July 6, 1913 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac GREEN. Those present were:- H. BENJAMIN, Dave EPSTEIN, Sam EPSTEIN, I. FEINSTEIN, Louis GALLEN, I. GARBER, Sam GORDON, Arthur GREEN, Solomon GREEN, I. HAMBURG, M. HAMBURG, A. JACOBSON, H. LIGHTER, M. MYERS, Jacob NATHANSON, Joe NATHANSON, N. NATHANSON, H. WATERMAN, MR. AND MRS. I. GLICKMAN, MR. AND MRS. I. NATHANSON, The Misses Esther BRODY, Lilly BRODY, M. FRIED, Fanny GORDON, Ray HAMBURG, Celia LUBCHANSKY, Annie MICHAEL, Libbie MIRSKY, Tillie MIRSKY, Esther NATHANSON and Bessie SADOFSKY (The Canadian Jewish Times, vol. 16, no. 32)

    1 Aug. 1913
    Israel NATHANSON, and H. GREEN laid the cornerstone of the new synagogue in Sydney which is located on Mt. Pleasant St., at Whiney Pier. Speakers at the dedication ceremonies included Rabbi ABRAMOVITCH, of Glace Bay and Rabbi BACHRACH, of Sydney. Speaking in Hebrew, Rabbi ABRAMOVICH "...asked the members of the Hebrew congregation to stand firmly by the faith of their forefathers, and be united in all their religious work." (The Canadian Jewish Times, vol. 16, no. 34)

    There are many more of these excerpts and also for Montreal where Lyakhovichi families named Steinhouse, Litovsky, Leith, Pinsky, Pinns, also resided. The remainder will be moved to an upcoming page on EmigrantAssociations highlighting Lechovichers in Canada where they will appear with photos of the new synagogues in Sydney Nova Scotia and Whitney Pier that were built with the effort of so many Lechovichers.