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Face Index: Surnames Beginning with F through K
by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2007, 2008

The names FaceIndex and Face Index, are also copyright by Deborah Glassman, 2007.

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The FaceIndex, is the quintessential collaborative project. We need your photos including the group photos in which your ancestors and relatives appear. This is a work-in-progress and each successive version will offer more photos and more details in the caption. As we go to press in May 2008, we have around three hundred images on the three pages that we have so far finished. But that is really a drop in the bucket. If we have a family of fifty adults named Epstein between 1870s and 1930s, it is highly unlikely that one photograph represents all of the still available resources. Help us build this valuable research tool!

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Surnames starting with F

There are 100 Faces Identified on this page July 2009

Rachel Feigelman
dtr of Alter and Sonia
born c.1916,
died Holocaust

Joseph Feinstein
son of Mordechai and Lea

Mrs. Joseph Feinstein

Shakna Feinstein
son of Mordechai and Lea

Mordechai Feinstein
son of Abraham Moshe

Leah Feinstein
wife of Mordechai
dtr of Eliezer, died Kletsk 1915

Eliezer Feinstein
son of Mordechai and Lea

Maurice Feder [ne Khvediuk] of Lyakhovichi and Newark NJ

Yetta (Kleter) Frankel

Sara (Mischkin) Friedman
wife of Samuel Friedman
dtr of Leizar and Hannah (either Breslovsky or Rabinowitz)

Avul Friend
son of Yakov and Itka

Yakov Friend

Itka Friend
wife of Yakov Friend

Haim Friend
son of Yakov
and Itka

Simcha Friend
wife of Moshe Friend

Abraham Aron Fuksman [Foxman] of Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi
son-in-law to Gedaliah Miletsky of Lyakhovichi

Surnames starting with G

Avramle Gavza
Poalei Zion
son of Avram Lemel and Bluma (Rabinowitz) Gavza

Alter Gavza
son of Shmuel Shaya
and Ruchel

Rabbi Lemel Gavza
Aron Lemel son of Moshe and Daicha

Moshe Gavza
son of AronLemel
and Bluma

Shaya Gavza
son of Aron Lemel and Bluma

Zelda (Busel) Gavza
dtr o Mordechai
and Ruchel,
wife of Shaya

Ida Gavzy
dtr of Pinkhas & Dora
(Galostein) Gavzy
thanks to
Maris Rabolini

Osher Gavzy
of Pinkhas & Dora
(Galostein) Gavzy
thanks to
Maris Rabolini

Dr. Reuven Gavza son of
Hessel and Sheyndel

Rifka Gavza b1879
dtr of Avigdor Gavza
wife of Moshe Gavza

Lipa Gavza

Jakob Gavza
of Alter and Sheindel
born in Baranovichi
parents of Lyakhovichi

Sheindel (Gavza) Gavza
dtr of Saul
wife of Alter ben Reuven

Alter Geshel Gavza
son of Rubin
manufacturer in Vilna
(b Lyakhovichi)

Mikhal Gavza dtr of Drs. Reuven and Dina Gavza

Philip and Dora (Litovsky) Gavsie
of two old Lyakhovichi families, each with a branch settled in Canada

Bary [Boris or Barukh?]
surname unknown - kinsman to Gerbers
Can you identify this man who wrote regularly to the Gerbers formerly of Lyakhovichi who were living in Omsk in the 1920s? He was from Lyakhovichi

Samuel Gerber
son of Naftali and Fruma (Miletsky) Gerber. He and wife moved from Lyakhovichi to Omsk in the 1920s and survived the War with Samuel's nephew Yefim.

Zina Gerber
She ahd her husband Shmuel moved from Lyakhovichi to Omsk in the 1920s and later adopted Shmuel's nephew from Lyakhovichi.

Moisey Gerber
son of Naftali and Fruma (Miletsky) Gerber. Married Ida Feinstein. Of 3 sons Venyamin, Yefim, Naftali, only Yefim survived WWII.

Ida (Feinstein) Gerber
wife of Moisey Gerber
perished Lyakhovichi during Holocaust

Rabbi Morris Gitlin
of Lyakhovichi;
Windsor Canada;
and Detroit USA

Arthur Gitlin
in 1930

Zelig Goldin
The Lechovicher Darshan
family story says he lived to almost a 100 - and he appears in the 1874 List of Males as an adult and was living just before WWII

Beryl Golemba
born 1830s
thanks to Stan Golembe

Morris Glick
born 1877
im London to NYC 1898

Morris Greenberg

Yakov Grinberg

Nathan Greenberg
from his cemetery stone
uncle to Nathan Kirschner/Cohen of Lyakhovichi
thanks to Tina Levine

Yakov Movsha Grinshpan

Haim Grinshpan son of Rabbi Yakov Movsha

Nyama Grinshpan
[Benyamin] son of
Rabbi Yakov Movsha

Rabbi Nachman Shlomo

Nathan Greenspan
son of Abraham of Lyakhoichi
born 1882
resident of New Orleans, LA, USA

Baruch Grinshpan

Shana Golda
Grinshpan wife
of Baruch

Surnames starting with H - I - J

Esther Hazenberg

Aron Hazanovitz
son of Dovid and Itka

Lillian (Levy) Harrison
dtr of Joseph and Ida (Litovsky) Levy of Lyakhovichi, NYC, and Nova Scotia

Jacob Hyman was born in Baranovichi but his parents in Lyakhovichi

Rafael Jelin

Sara (Los)
wife of Zvi
dtr of Moshe
and Esther Los

Rabbi Joshua Jaffe, one of earliest teachers at Jewish Theological Seminary, trained in Lyakhovichi

Surnames starting with K

Aron David Kamm (later Kaplan)
thanks to Kathy Schnapper

Ruchel (Kaplan) Kamm
married Aron David Kamm who took surname Kaplanthanks to Kathy Schnapper

Sarah Kamm/Kaplan
dtr of Aron David Kamm and Ruchel Kaplan

Ida Kanterowitz

Esther Kantrowitz

Isidore [Israel] Kantorowitz
son of David and Leah (Stein) Kantorowitz
died 1921 Jersey City, buried NYC

Abraham Kantorovitz

Ita Kantorovitz
died in Holocaust
dtr of Abraham

Iser Kanishevsky

Yosef Kanishevsky

Sonia (Kaniszewski) Pruszinowski
daughter of Yosef Kanishevsky

Nettie Kann
wife of Benjamin Kann
(ne Kantorovich)
in Pittsburg PA

Feigel Kaplan
dtr of Moshe
& Hanna

Kraina Kaplan Kirshner
dtr of Moshe
& Hanna

Abraham Kaplan

Ruchel Kaplan
wife of Aron David Kamm
later surname Kaplan
thanks to
Kathy Schnapper

Reisel (Peker) Kaplan
wife of Yekutiel of Baranovichi

Dov Kaplan
born in Baranovichi in 1924, son to Yekutiel Kaplan and his Lyakhovichi-born wife Reisel Peker

Pinchas Kaplan
son of Abraham Yankel

Rabbi Abraham Yankel
noted community leader

Moshe Kaplan
of Lyakhovichi fam
born in Baranovichi

Miriam (Mislobovski) Kaplan
dtr of Srul and Miriam Mislobovsky

Meir Karelitzki
on board of Folks Bank
in Baranovichi

Doba (Karelitz) Kapulyansky
wife of Abraham b Zalman Kapulyansky
they lived on Market Square in Lyakhovichi before moving first to Kletsk and then to Detroit

Abraham Kapulyansky
he inherited a house on Market Square from father Zalman but moved to Kletsk and then to Detroit

Sam Kopul (ne Kapulyansky)
son of Abraham and Doba
of Detroit

Aleksander Mukdony
(ne Sender Koppel)

Saul Kerbel

Sara (Noiberg)

Abraham Kerbel
son of Moshe and Khaia Rifka
died in Holocaust

Joseph Kerbel

Fruma Kerbel
dtr of David and Khana

Feiga Kronik
in a 1928 passport showing residence at Baranovichi

Ruchel Kirszner
(later Borzikowsky)
dtr of Shalom
and Bella Kirszner

Todres Kirszner
thanks to Tina Levine

Bella Kirszner
dtr of Mendel and Fruma Leman

Shalom Kirszner
son of Elihu
and Golda Kirszner

Dyna Gavza Khadash

Zlata Klatzkin

Shimen Kurgin

Itzhak Kuton
son of Hanania





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