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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

This site is hosted at no cost by JewishGen, Inc., the Home of Jewish Genealogy. If you have been aided in your research by this site and wish to further our mission of preserving our history for future generations, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

Face Index: Surnames Beginning with A through E
by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2007, 2008

The names FaceIndex and Face Index, are also copyright by Deborah Glassman, 2007.

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The FaceIndex, is the quintessential collaborative project. We need your photos including the group photos in which your ancestors and relatives appear. This is a work-in-progress and each successive version will offer more photos and more details in the caption. As we go to press in May 2008, we have around three hundred images on the three pages that we have so far finished. But that is really a drop in the bucket. If we have a family of fifty adults named Epstein between 1870s and 1930s, it is highly unlikely that one photograph represents all of the still available resources. Help us build this valuable research tool!

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Surnames starting with A

Tamara (Aizikson)

(son of Yitzhak
and Brakha)

Brakha (Kurtin)
dtr of Avraham
and Lea Kurtin

Wolf Aizikowitch
1940 Michigan

Rabbi Israel
Shlomo Zalman

Surnames starting with B

Aaron Bogin

Alter Brevda

Yosef Birger in Polish Army Uniform

Yitzhak Yosef Beder,
died 1928

Bracha Esther
(Gavza) Beder

Mordechai Busel
son of Shlomo
partisan fighter kille
d by Nazis

Zipa Bogin

Shlomo Ber Busel

Batya Bogin

Freidel Brevda

Moshe Bogen

Nechama Brevda

Louis Bogin

Bernard Bogin

Louis Budovich (son of Joel Elchanan)

Sam Budovich (son of Joel Elchanan)

Joel Elchanan Budovich

Chaya Berger

Reuben Berger
son of Joseph and Chaya

Freidel Berger
dtr of Joseph and Chaya

Wolf Brimberg

Joseph Busel

Nehama Liba
(Busel) Proshtizky
dtr of Noah Leib and Stirl

Paul Barcowitz
Charleston SC

Joshua Beder
son of Yitzhak Yosel and Bracha

Mary Beder
(later Aronczik)

Feigel (Berman) Beder

Liba (Weinger) Busel
wife of Shlomo Ber Busel
dtr of Abraham Haim and Hinda Ruchel

Michael Busel

Minnie (Rabinovich)

Chayuta (Gavza)
Busel, 1905
Zionist Pioneer
Knesset Member
dtr of Aron Lemel and Bluma

Morris Brazina
of Kennet Square PA

Dr.Batsheva Budovlya was the dtr of Moshe Polonsky of Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi

Zadel Busel
of Baranovichi
son of __ and Khana Busel of Lyakhovichi
husb o. Gitel

Surnames starting with C, D, E

Abraham Chait
of New Zealand

Abraham Chait

Ruchel Chait
of Lyakhovichi and Slutsk
dtr of Abraham and Tsila Chait

Zlata Charlap
res. of Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi and Canada

Rose [Ruchel] Charlap
on her entry form to US via Canada

Abraham Charny
Holocaust survivor

Alice (Kunitzky) Cohen
of Nova Scotia Canada

Jacob Cohen
Sydney Nova Scotia Canada

Fannie (Levine) Cohen (prev Kirshner)
wife of Abraham Shimshel Cohen ne Kirshner. Photo is on her 1933 grave in NY

Max Cohen ne Kirshner

Fannie (Rosen) Cohen wife of Max Cohen ne Kirshner

Annie (Beder) Deckston
Wellington New Zealand

Anna (Cohen) Dorfman
dtr of Max Kirschner/Cohen and his wife Fannie Rosen (both parents were born in Lyakhovichi, she was born in NYC)

Alter Epstein

Bessie (Budovich)





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All names on this page were included in Surname Index Nov 2009

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What is the Face Index?

This page is a sample of the new resources we can build with collaborative efforts. Many Lyakhovichi residents were photographed in group photos for their schools, businesses, and social activities. Others appear in the family photos of their adult siblings, and the candids taken as inexpensive cameras like the Brownie became popular in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Help us build this database by sharing your pictures. Each of the photos on this page, which was taken from a group or composite photo or from a more inclusive photo, remains the property of its copyright owners.

Comparisons and Resemblances - A New Kind of Data and an Old Kind of Fun

Neville Lamdan who had already helped locate a number of the original pictures on this page, had another photograph for me when I asked. But even before the picture of his grandfather Abraham Mandel could be posted, Neville had another idea. "You should see the picture of my grandfather side by side with a picture of a third cousin of mine - the two men are second cousins twice removed (their common ancestor was born in 1778) but look at this resemblance." Dr. Lamdan also points out that facial matching software has entered the genealogy market, some of it developed by Israeli software companies. We need more samples, more side by side comparisons of your family members, so we can consider utilizing facial matching software as a further tool to aid in our research. We need your pictures and we need your help!



Share Your Comparison Photos!
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Abraham Mandel
born Lechovich, 1871 - died Glasgow, 1947


David Mandel
born NYC 1943