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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

This site is hosted at no cost by JewishGen, Inc., the Home of Jewish Genealogy. If you have been aided in your research by this site and wish to further our mission of preserving our history for future generations, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

A Visual Archive of Documents and Artifacts
Held by Lyakhovichi Families
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2008
Copyrights of images retained by their owners, this is a protected publication not a release to the public domain. The Webmaster takes this opportunity to thank again all of the generous members of the Lyakhovichi Research Community who shared these valuable treasures!

This is a page in our Documents section and in our Photo section. Click the button labeled "Documents" or Photos in the left-hand column to reach all of the other resources of those areas. It is also a part of the Current Projects listed in the Welcome section, so you may also click that button to read about other current collaborative projects on which we are working.

The visual resources that the descendants of several thousand emigrants from Lyakhovichi still possess in June 2009 has not yet been effectively assessed. In 2004 as I prepared the first version of this website I came across on EBay, with no resources to pursue it, a letter archive from Lyakhovichi to Eretz Israel in the 1930s that numbered in the hundreds of pages. What other collections of letters exist from our town? In publishing the website, readers have generously shared time and again, everything from marriage records to images of matsevas. On this page, you will also find personal documentation that entered the public sphere. The US government restricted casual passage to Poland in 1921 in the wake of the bloody battles that had ensued between the "new nations" of Poland and the Soviet Union. Anyone wishing to travel to assist family in that area had to prove that they were doing so at the request of those close relatives. The letter from the family, the translation of that document, and other relevant documentation was attached to the passport application. The flip side, documentation accompanying a visa request, also provided unique views of personal life. On this page, first offered May 2008 and updated in June 2009, we begin the process of gathering these records together. We need your help to make this a real research tool - please share the family letters, the receipts and visual ephemera related to travel, work, and your family's lives!

See also the Virtual Library of Lyakhovichi to see books owned by our ancestors!


Case for Circumcision Knife of Menahem Joel Kaplan of Baranovichi, including his seal and a label by his son Rubin Kaplan. Thanks to Alison Greengard for sharing this precious artifact that brought thousands of boy babies into the Covenant of Abraham in Baranovichi and surrounds

Alison Greengard took this picture and all of the images of the knife and case below, sharing views of this precious piece of the heritage of Jews who lived in Baranovichi from c. 1900 through the 1920s. Reb Menahem Joel was both the mohel (circumcisor) who brought the babies into the Covenant, and a few years later, the chazan (cantor) who trained their voices in Torah song for the Torah reading they could commence at thirteen.

Another view of the circumcision knife above
thanks to Alison Greengard

Elke Kirzhner's steamship ticket showing her last residence in Neshviz thanks to Tina Levine

Russian Passport
Bella Mandel and children Feivel and Yankel
thanks to Neville Lamdan

Seal of Mayor of Lyakhovichi, L. Rozenski in a US passport record of David Robinson

Business Letterhead of Yankel Kaplan of Baranovichi. Thanks to Alison Greengard

Family-Held Documents of Lyakhovichi

Isaac Goldberg (ne Wolochwiansky) of Lyakhovichi and Fanny Evenstone married in Leeds England.
Thanks to Rachel Turner for sharing her family investigations.

Letters To and From Lyakhovichi

Szymon Rabinowicz of Lachowicze translated and notarized in Polish
to son David Robinson
Detroit 1921

David Robinson's copy of Polish letter translated and notarized in English 1921

Envelope from Lyakhovichi addressed to Max Slonimsky, Houston Street NYC

Page 1 of Letter from Lyakhovichi to Max Slonimsky

Inner Page of Letter from Lyakhovichi to Max Slonimsky

Mashil Slonimsky to brother Michael/Max Slonimsky 1921

Michal Kaplan to her sister in US,
part of package of docs of Lechovicher Relief Org for Barnett Brody's passport

Gittel Abramowitz to her brother in US Benny Rosofsky
part of package of docs of Lechovicher Relief Org for Barnett Brody's passport

from Uncle Barshov 1919
Signature and salutation page, page 2 translationpart of package of docs of Lechovicher Relief Org for Barnett Brody's passport

Abraham Barshov to son Ezekiel Barshov
Signature and salutation page, page 2 translationpart of package of docs of Lechovicher Relief Org for Barnett Brody's passport



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