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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

This site is hosted at no cost by JewishGen, Inc., the Home of Jewish Genealogy. If you have been aided in your research by this site and wish to further our mission of preserving our history for future generations, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

A Virtual Library of Lyakhovichi
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2008
Copyrights of images retained by their owners, this is a protected publication not a release to the public domain. The Webmaster takes this opportunity to thank again all of the generous members of the Lyakhovichi Research Community who shared these valuable treasures!

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What is a Virtual Library? A virtual library is a reconstruction of books and publications that were read, studied, owned, devised, or sold, by either an individual or by a community, across a specified period of time. It is created by a study of evidence not by supposition. Each book added to this library's catalog is placed on our "shelves" after we identify the evidence that supports its inclusion. A letter recommending a book, a request that a book be returned, a bookplate that indicates the ownership by a Lyakhovichi resident, a will, an estate inventory, a handwritten emendation to a book in a library that indicates a prior owner. The book itself might indicate a Lyakhovichi connection by its author, printer, proofreader, or by a person who provided an approbation or review.

We took our first baby steps with this page November 2008 but, as many of the records reside in our reader-community's private possession, there is great opportunity for growth. Do you have someone's prayer book, a book of psalms, a well-worn copy of a popular writer, old Yiddish newspapers, an article cut from a newspaper, or a letter that mentioned a book someone was encouraged to read?


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Books of Our Ancestors

Cover Page from "Shulhan Shlomo" published in Waraw in 1878 a book of Menahem Joel Kaplan, mohel and cantor of Polonka and Baranovichi, shared by his great-grandaughter Alison Greengard, thankyou! You can also see click here to see the copyright page.

Page 1 "Shulhan Shlomo" the smicha of a rabbi of Mir

Cover Page from Ketavei Kadesh published in Vilna in 1863, Targum owned by Menahem Joel Kaplan, mohel and cantor of Polonka and Baranovichi, shared by his great-grandaughter Alison Greengard, thankyou!

Title Page from "Ketavei Kadesh published in Vilna in 1863. You can also see click here to see the copyright page.

This and the page to the left are the opening folio of the Targum above

  This and the page to the right are the opening folio of the Targum above

 Tehilot Yisrael book pub 1886 Warsaw owned by Yehiel Litovsky of Lyakhovichi First two pages Lyakhovichi Prayer BookThis prayer book (Tehilot Yisrael pub 1886 Warsaw) belonged to to Joseph Levy and is shared by the generosity of Harold Levy, thanks so much!

 Fly leaf of Tehilot Yisrael prayer book
Fly leaves of Lyakhovichi prayer book of Joseph Levy
Though this book was owned by Joseph Levy who was Yehiel b Shimshon Ber Lev and who was a member of the Litovsky family also by birth and marriage, this fly leaf says that it was owned by Yekhiel b Moshe Litovsky in Hebrew and Yekhiel Litovsky in Russian also. Can you shed any light on who that was? (Harold Levy contribution)

 Title page of Tehilot Yisrael Title page of Lyakhovichi prayer book, Harold Levy contribution

  Sefer Afikei Yam ha-shalem by Rabbi Michael Rabinowitz of Lyakhovichi
Tina Levine research contribution

  Dedication page of Afikei Yam by Rabbi Michael Rabinowitz of Lyakhovichi
Tina Levine research contribution

Books with Lyakhovichi Subscribers
By Deborah Glassman,
Copyright 2004, and July 2009

This list continues to appear on page Published Resources: Lyakhovichi as it appears in Other Publications but now also appears on our page Virtual Library of Lyakhovichi

As this list is first constructed it is a list of the books listed in Berel Kagan’s Hebrew Subscription Lists. The wonderful service that gentleman performed, is not diminished by the fact that it did not attempt to be a list of every book ever published with a subscription list. It had attempted to list those published in the main library collections. In this world of on-line auctions and catalog publication, others will certainly be discovered. We would also like to add anything that might have been written in Lyakhovichi, bound in Lyakhovichi, or printed in Lyakhovichi. Though Lyakhovichi had both bookbinders and printers, to our knowledge the local printers printed only the business forms needed by Lyakhovichi businessmen and the bookbinders are presumed to have bound only account books and old publications still cherished by their owners..

In the Kagan book, Lyakhovichi is entry number 4525 and there are around ninety subscribers from Lyakhovichi between them. In the column “other notes by DGG” – I am the responsible party – Deborah G. Glassman

The table below was constructed early in the life of this website. It needs volunteers to seek out the books mentioned and photoduplicate the subscriber pages. It needs other volunteers to find us new books with Lyakhovichi subscribers. Do you search for Jewish books and manuscripts on auction sites? - many note if they include subscription lists. Help us find them!

Thanks to Tina Levine for checking each of these in New York's Public Library Dorot Collection. She has corrected the titles, the current bibliographic usages, and looked to see if she could see any Lyakhovichi names among the subscribers.


# of Subscribers


City Where Printed

Year of edition

Other Notes by DGG

Even ha-Shaot


Mosheh Meir Grinvald


1879 (catalog says 1883)

(NYPL - microfilm)

Or Yitshak


Isaak Cherkes (Yitshak Noah ben Meir m’Brisk de Lita)

Warsaw, Poland


Earlier edition 1890

Sefer Imri Noan


Mordechai Shmuel Rizkin (name is spelled in Hebrew letters)



does not list another book by same title by Meir Horowitz printed Warsaw 1888; National Library, Jerusalem

Ha Meir la-Olam


Meir Mikhal ben Shalom ben Shemuel [RABINOWITZ]



(NYPL – microfilm)
Meir Michael Rabinowitz of Shat 1830-1902

Book has been extracted for Seta list

Sefer Afike yam ha-shalem

Unknown - Not in Kagan

Yehiel Mikhal Rabinovits



Note: this book is a reprint, 1988 or 1989 Jerusalem (NYPL)
Tina Levine copied the dedication page and book jacket for us.
Rabbi Michael Rabinowitz of Lyakhovichi, Baranovichi, and Shtutin

Rabinowitz was an important scholar in Lyakhovichi, resident here for over twenty-five years, but was living in Baranovichi after WWI when he wrote this book. He was murdered by the Nazis in the town he served as rabbi in 1941 - Shtutin, Belarus.

Sefer Iyov


Hayim Elhanan [Tzedek]



(NYPL) no Lyakhovichi name spotted
Chaim Elchanan TZADIKOFF 1813-1883

Famous Mitnagid author, preacher, passed on teachings of Vilna Gaon

Ha Mazkir


Moshe David ASNER


1880, [1900 in catalog]

(NYPL Microfilm)

Sefer Me-il Shmuel (title spelled in Hebrew letters)


Shemuel Shapira, Yekutiel Zalman ben Yosef Yozel ha Levi Katsinelinboigin




Ma’fik Margalit


Dober ben Tzvi Horovitz (author’s name in Hebrew letters)


1890 (1880 in Catalog)

(National Library, Jerusalem)

Kol Yehudah


Yehudah Leyb ben Mosheh Segal [BERENZOHN]

Berditshov [Berdichev]


no Lyakhovichi names spotted Author’s listing cites 1907 and 1913 as same book

Sefer Karni Tzvi


Tzvi Zeev ben Shlomo Zalman Vernik (author’s name in Hebew letters)



(National Library, Jerusalem)
Author of same title in 1885

Reheshi Lev


Haim Simha GLOSKIN




Sefer Torat ha Mitsvah


Elyakim Getsil ben Yitshak ha Levi Horovits


1905, reprint 1990, 1991 Brooklyn NY

(reprint at NYPL, no Lyakhovichi names spotted)

Sefer Tiv Yehoshua


Yehoshua ben Haim Israel Briskin (author’s name in Hebrew letters)[TABAK]



(National Library, Jerusalem)

Kagan also lists four synagogues which pre-subscribed but they are not separated by the books they purchased and their is no distinction to let you know which of the three Hasidic synagogues (Lechowitz, Koidanover, or Stoliner, made the purchase(All prefaced by abbreviation for Bet Midrash):

Homa, Sandlarim, P”tz, Hasidim

Books newly added to list July 2009
Gesher heKhaim *

Rabbi Yehiel Michael Tukachinsky of Jerusalem

Jerusalem 1960  
Bircat Hachamah *

Rabbi Yehiel Michael Tukachinsky of Jerusalem

Jerusalem ?  
Sefer Eretz Israel published inside the book Siddur Avodas Yisrael by Rabbi Ganzfried *

Rabbi Yehiel Michael Tukachinsky of Jerusalem


Can You Direct me to the Hebrew Wikipedia entry

which had a full bibliography of

Rabbi Yehiel Michael Tukachinsky of Jerusalem

? ?  



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