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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

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NameIndex (Surnames Beginning with U, V, or W)
by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2009

This is a page in our Indices section. Click the button labeled "Indices" in the left-hand column to reach all of the other resources of this area.

The NameIndex is a specialized index of the Lyakhovichi Shtetl pages. It is newly updated and much more comprehensive than it has ever been previously. It contains thousands of individuals who appear in one or more documents or oral history related to Lyakhovichi. It includes names that have not been indexed in any way previously from Obituaries, Naturalizations, Cemetery Records, Passports, and more. Every page on this website is included and in them every name extracted in text or photo captions.

The SurnameIndex has been entirely reformatted. The original indices may have been linked to pages which have had name changes or their content moved. So we were largely starting from scratch. We have tried to address some of the special needs of such a large Surname Index in several ways:

  • Alternate spelling of surnames suggested bringing together likely variants by grouping the letters that usually are interchanged. So the first page of this index is A/O rather than its previous formatting of A-B.
  • Page Links are named in such a way to make them easy to track down manually if a link fails

  • Despite putting the search features for finding a name on this website with Google, I was repeatedly told that the site was virtually unusable without a comprehensive surname index. These indices are hand-crafted. Each record is examined, each page is annotated, and then each annotated page is searched for all of the surnames that are in the Surname grouping - A/O, B/P, D/T, et al. This is time consuming and requires you to go through the entire 250 pages repeatedly. And I kept thinking it was done, and finding more pages or more records that had not been included. Today I am beginning to upload the surname indices. Just B/P is almost 4000 names.

  • All indices created for these pages are copyright to Deborah Glassman and they may not be reproduced or included in a larger index without her written permission.

    All of these pages are being loaded first minus their content. Check back in the next 24 hours to see the ready to use page.

    Surname Index 1 (A or O)
    Surname Index 2 (B or P)
    Surname Index 3 (C, G, H, K, Q or X)
    Surname Index 4 (D or T)
    Surname Index 5 (E, I, J, Y)
    Surname Index 6 (F)
    Surname Index 7 (L)
    Surname Index 8 (M or N)
    Surname Index 9 (R)
    Surname Index 10 (S, Z. Ts, Tz, Ce, Ci, Cy, Cs)
    Surname Index 11 (U, V, W)

    Important Notes about This Page

    All names on this page were included in the Surname Index Nov 2009

    Find any name on this page by hitting "control F" on your keyboard

    Find any name anywhere on this website by typing the name immediately before this phrase

    from the word "site" to the slash after lyakhovichi (just cut and paste it into your browser)