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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

This site is hosted at no cost by JewishGen, Inc., the Home of Jewish Genealogy. If you have been aided in your research by this site and wish to further our mission of preserving our history for future generations, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

Current Projects of the Lyakhovichi Shtetl Website

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What is the Projects Page?
There are two parts to this page. Information on some of the collaborative projects that are ongoing and reports on the extraordinary efforts of Volunteers to expand our resources. Invitations to participate in the collaborative effort to bring together historical resources related to Lyakhovichi, appear on most pages of this website. "Send us your pictures, send us your family stories, send us the documents that you have uncovered." There are also projects that the Lyakhovichi Research Group, an informal ad hoc group of interested parties, to acquire more primary records from Belarus. The efforts of this commendable group are rewarded with the new pages on original documents that we have been able to add with some regularity. But the mission of this page is to report the latest progress of projects being worked on by our web community: databases, images, translations, and charts, being added to the site with your help. Projects such as these will naturally change from update to update and many of the original examples will be significantly augmented. Come to this page to learn about the additions, changes, and improvements to our online collaboration. And come to this page to hear us "kvell" about the quality of our volunteers in whom we take so much pride.

In 2010
There are several collaborative database projects that have continued to be enhanced in this update.

1) The Lechovicher Matsevot (Cemetery Stone) Project The Lechovicher Cemetery Project is an effort to collect the data from every tombstone of someone who was born or resided in Lyakhovichi. Thanks to the unstinting effort of volunteer Tina Levine, we went from zero to twenty-two pages in a single update! Now in the next period we have made all of it more accessible, with a photograph and name index for each stone and also a new map of a portion of the Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz plot at Washington Cemetery.

2) Death Certificates and the Death Certificate Project We now have 5 New Pages that examine the death certificates of Lechovichers who died outside of Lyakhovichi. Tina Levine's work at extracting NYC death certificates between 1893 and 1943 has given an incomparable collection of data detailing the decedant, their spouses, parents, and kinsmen. All of this material has been integrated into the comprehensive name index covering all 250 pages on our site.

3) The Married Couples DatabaseThis is an effort to construct a list of couples married before 1920 where at least one of the partners was from Lyakhovichi. This is alphabetized by Husband's Surname. The entire list including the couple, their parents and children, in-laws and others has now been added to the full-site name index and connections whole new family connections should be made for most with Lechovicher ties.

4) The FaceIndex attempts to collect a photograph of every past resident of Lyakhovichi, both from individual portraits and via extractions from group photos. Many have been added since the last update. Since the captions include data on the subject, their spouse, or their parents, all of those names have been newly added to the main index.

5) Photos of Lyakhovichi Families Our ancestors were an integral part of the families of their birth and of their marriage partners families. The photos that survive often show several generations, or a sibling group of six or seven married brothers and sisters surrounding their aged parents. We need those photos. This is the very beginning of this project. See where we are and think where you can help us get to!

6) Visual Archive - Documents and Artifacts Our community has prayer books, candlesticks, textiles, things that their ancestors used. We can share those images here.

7) Obituaries and Obituaries p2 are pages to which you can contribute the death notices, formal obituaries, and commemorances, or Lechovichers whose death information was published. We will post the images right away, but we have also begun pulling the data from the so-far collected obituary images, so we can begin adding the data to our indices.

8) Ancestry Trees of Lyakhovichi Share the information you have collected on your family. We will encourage you to post the recent generations on the Family Tree of the Jewish People and we will post the older portions up to the immigrating generation on this page.

9) Surveys - the results of a general search for information on records that may be available are posted with each What's New page at each update. I have spotted Lechovicher records in the online finding tools of YIVO and Yeshiva U. Can you help us get them?

Volunteer Projects to Provide Lechovicher Resources

Volunteer Projects are a special category of contribution. We appreciate and could not function without those who share family photos, memoirs, stories, and networking, with all of us interested in our Lyakhovichi community. But we owe a special debt to those who take considerable time to explore and make available resources that are not in the possession of individuals, that would enrich our knowledge of Lyakhovichi history with general access. Without these individuals committment of considerable time and effort, these valuable community assets would remain unavailable.

  • Exploration and Analysis of Archival Resources created in Lyakhovichi and its affiliated jurisdictions Dr. Nevlle Lamdan

  • Management of Professional Research Projects for records created in Lyakhovichi and its affiliated jurisdictions Gary Palgon

  • Lyakhovichi Website creation and maintenance Deborah Glassman

  • Death Certificates of Lechovichers in NY cemeteries Tina Levine

  • Cemetery Stone Photos of Lechovichers in NY cemeteries Tina Levine

  • Hebrew language Memoirs translated and prepared for publication Alison Greengard

  • Yiddish stories from Lyakhovichi translated Wilfred Kay

  • Volunteer Projects:
    Death Certificates of Lechovichers in NYC
    and Tina Levine
    by Deborah G. Glassman,
    copyright 2008

    In 2007 the webmaster put forward the case on our page Death Certificates that the Lyakhovichi research community could benefit from gathering death certificate information from as many Lechovichers as possible. I had created a list of around 600 burials in Lechovicher plots in New York City and ordered them chronologically and then sought each name in the death certificate index created by the doughty volunteers of the Italian Genealogy group of New York City New York City Death Index.

    Armed with the new information on Lechovichers - how many were children, how many lived in Manhattan vs Brooklyn, how many had different surnames in death certificates and cemetery records, et al, I put it out to the new readers of the Lyakhovichi webpage that the task was far from complete. We could get the names of the parents of every immigrant, we could find out spouses, addresses, and valuable details on each person reported as deceased. And a wonderful person named Tina Levine, offered to help.

    Tina Levine is a teacher in New York City. Her work schedule is demanding, her responsibilities many. But she offered to take on two big projects for us. Going to the New York City Municipal Archives and examining the death certificates of everyone on our list with a specific death certificate number and secondly going to the cemeteries and taking pictures of each gravestone. Armed with the same form I had posted on our Death Certificate page, she went to the archives and over a succession of weekly visits returned with the all of those from NYC that we post on our pages today. Tina remained innovative and adaptable throughout the process. She changed the form when she found that she could create additional resources for researchers by collecting data on funeral homes and doctors too. Now we have a resource for New York City Lechovichers like no other! Follow this link to the new table on our page Lechovicher Death Certificates.

    The Death Certificate Information filled in by Tina Levine, July 2008
    the reason the webmaster started jumping up and down with excitement
    click image to see larger. This is the original form Follow this link to our newer Death Certificate Collection Form that you can print out, fill-in, and e-mail back to us.

    Volunteer Projects:
    Production of the Memoirs of Ruben Kaplan
    by Alison Greengard
    by Deborah G. Glassman,
    copyright 2008

    An act of kindness began Alison Greengard's contribution to the Lyakhovichi website. She saw that we had posted a new update in March 2008 and that we were trying to locate pictures of Lechovichers to include with our FaceIndex. She knew a Holocaust victim who should not be forgotten as a native of our town. Her grandfather's sister-in-law appeared in a family portrait, would we like to include her on our site? It is a simple thing, thinking of who might otherwise be forgotten. I thanked her, and asked about her Kaplan family who came from Baranovichi. She pointed me to the first publication of her grandfather's memoirs in the Belarus SIG newsletter and I realized that not only had I read them, but I had read them repeatedly because they were fascinating and well-written. There was more that she had not published, more that would be of interest to anyone and especially to those whose family came from the region. Her grandfather had emigrated to Eretz Israel in the 1920s, joining young activists from Baranovichi and Lyakhovichi who were headed to the Holy Land. In fact, even many of the ones he thought of as a Baranovicher friends were largely of families that had moved to the town from Lyakhovichi!

    This picture of Ruben Kaplan in tel Aviv in 1923 is from that story. Follow this link to Ruben Kaplan's Memoirs, p1.



    Important Notes about This Page

    All names on this page were included in Surname Index Nov 2009

    Find any name on this page by hitting "control F" on your keyboard and typing in the name.

    Find any name anywhere on this website by going to the Google Search bar and typing the name immediately before this phrase

    from the word "site" to the slash after lyakhovichi (just cut and paste it into your browser)

    The Lechovicher Cemetery Project

    Organized by Society and Cemetery
    Photography by Tina Levine
    Articles, Tables, and Database creation by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2008 and 2009.

    New Pages, New Content !!

    Cemetery Stones, p1 - Documenting Lyakhovichi with Lechovicher Matsevot
    Cemetery Stones, p2 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz R1, R2 at Washington Cem)
    Cemetery Stones, p3 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz R3,4,5,6 Washington Cem)
    Cemetery Stones, p4 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz - Burial Reg, Washington Cem)
    Cemetery Stones, p5 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz Part1 Mount Judah cem)
    Cemetery Stones, p6 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz Part2 Mount Judah cem)
    Cemetery Stones, p7 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz - Burial Reg, MtJudah cem)
    Cemetery Stones, p8 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz Part1 Beth David cem)
    Cemetery Stones, p9 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz Part2 Beth David cem)
    Cemetery Stones,p10 (Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz-Burial Reg,Beth David cem)
    Cemetery Stones, p11 (Bnai Aron Chasidim at Baron De Hirsch cem and Mt Judah Cem with Mt Judah Burial Register)
    Cemetery Stones, p12 (Bnai Mordechai Chasidim at Washington cem) ALL NEW
    Cemetery Stones, p13 (Workman's Circle Lodge 260 at Beth-El Cemetery)
    Cemetery Stones, p14 (Musher Baranovicher Beneficial at Mount Zion Cemetery) (alphbetically)
    Cemetery Stones, p15 (Musher Baranovicher Beneficial at Mount Zion Cemetery) (alphbetically)
    Cemetery Stones, p16 (Musher Baranovicher Beneficial - Burial Reg, Mt Zion) (alphbetically)
    Cemetery Stones, p17 (Musher Baranovicher Beneficial - Mount Judah Cemetery) (alphbetically)
    Cemetery Stones, p18 (Musher Baranovicher Beneficial - Mount Judah Cemetery) (alphbetically)
    Cemetery Stones, p19 (Musher Baranovicher Beneficial - Mount Judah Cemetery) (alphbetically)
    Cemetery Stones, p20 (Musher Baranovicher Beneficial - Burial Reg, Mount Judah Cemetery)
    Cemetery Stones, p21 (Musher Baranovicher Beneficial - Wellwood Cemetery)
    Cemetery Stones, p22 Lechovicher Burials around the world
    The Cemeteries in Lyakhovichi and in Baranovichi
    4 Pages of New Info
    Cemetery Stones, p23 Heb Index A-C
    Cemetery Stones, p24 Heb Index D-K
    Cemetery Stones, p25 Heb Index L-R
    Cemetery Stones, p26 Heb Index S-Z

    see also Holocaust Memorials of Lyakhovichi

    Contributors to our Updates

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    Gary Palgon

    Tina Levine

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    Tina Levine
    Joseph Beder
    Alison Greengard
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    Solomon Keston
    Mitch Kotler

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