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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

This site is hosted at no cost by JewishGen, Inc., the Home of Jewish Genealogy. If you have been aided in your research by this site and wish to further our mission of preserving our history for future generations, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

Photo Headlines
Striking Images across the Lyakhovichi Website

After the main work of an update is done, I go back and write the headlines that will draw you into articles, those that can be shown in photos that will engage and entice you. The update process was so prolonged that it never happened. So let's just do a simple review.

The FaceIndex I described last year on this page is now four pages long - start at FaceIndex. We have had a significant increase in contributed Photos of Families in Lyahovichi. We have images of hundreds of US Documents beginning on Records of Nations of Landing - US Federal Records and we also have images of records created in Canada, Argentina, and in the offices of Russian Consulates abroad. There are new and engaging photographs across all of these pages, I would welcome comment on the photos you thought should be included in these headlines.

In the meantime, the article below from our February 2008 update, slightly revised, is still relevant.

Collaborative Efforts - Your Photographs and the Potential of this Website

In November 2007 we did an update of this website that increased the image resources more than ten-fold. In November 2008, just one year later, we doubled the size of the entire website again. This does more than make pretty webpages. It has changed how we can research the Jewish history of this town. If we can collect a hundred photos of Lyakhovichi Jews in uniform, we don't only have a richer visual archive - we have data (from the cap badges and shoulder boards) on the units in which Lyakhovichi Jews served. If we can collect the death certificates that give parents names on a different 100 Lyakhovichi emigres, we know information about their parents' marriages that may have taken place in Lyakhovichi though the person died in a country far from there. Share your photos and your documents and what you have actually learned as you searched! There are projects for which you can volunteer your time, we can keep you updated on the progress of projects that are in-process but not yet ready for publication, we can help you network with other Lyakhovichi researchers, and more. Click Contact , write Lyakhovichi in the subject area, and let us know what interests you.

Lyakhovichi street
There is an immense amount of pure data in private hands. Judge Joseph Beder of Australia shared this picture that his family took of his grandfather's stone in Lyakhovichi's "New Cemetery" in 1929. His grandfather had died the year before and this "photographic unveiling" provided a shared experience for family members scattered around the globe. But the photograph that the Beder family kept also shows the surrounding graves, like the adjoining grave of Yosef Shloima Glazman and others which the webmaster hopes to make clear. We would love to post your family's photos also! More images can be found at Lyakhovichi's cemeteries.

It is hard to believe that this photo of hundreds of people can be blown up to give useful images of people way back in the rafters. But this picture shared by haron Racusin of a 1923 anniversary dinner of the Baranovicher-Lechovicher Workman's Circle in NYC once again proves the value of bringing these pictures out of our private collections and sharing them online. Go to Baranovicher-Lechovicher Workman's Circle Dinner to see what we could do with a group picture that you may have, as well as to help identify people at that party in New York City 1923.

This is an official extract from a 1914 Family Roll given to a soldier in proof of his military service. It combines Revision List, Family Register , and Military Document all in one place. And it was shared by Gloria Kay, native of Leeds England, who thought her father's papers might help our research. You can see it and similar documents on our page Imperial Russian Revision Lists. We can learn from your family's papers too!


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