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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

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Obituaries and Remembrances as Documentation for Lyakhovichi History
by Deborah G. Glassman,
copyright 2008

This is a page in our Documents section. Click the button labeled "Documents" in the left-hand column to reach to many other resources of this area. This is also a part of the Projects listed in the Welcome section, so you may also click that button to read about other current collaborative projects on which we are working.

There are so far 2 pages of Obituary information. Click The Obituary Project to go to a full description of the project and how you can contribute and some examples we have posted. This page Lechovicher Obituaries, p2 begins the tables of obits that we have found.

As all pages on this site, it is a work in progress, but having just created this page in November 2008, it is at a pretty basic level. You can make it into the valuable resource that it can become by contributing those you have found for your family. On this page - Bev Lipsitz contributed those of the listings related to her Kann and Lehman family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A goal of the November 2009 update is to get every document-image indexed. When you send your finds, take a few moments and include a list of those named in the document.

Lechovicher Obituaries
Ordered Chronologically
Deceased and other names are indexed
in right hand column of this page


Given Name

Death or Burial Date

Obit/News Article/ Published Death Notice or Register
and Image or Link




Pittsburgh Criterion, Dec. 1934
widow Bertha Kann; dtr Beatrice K. Rubin; four brothers Solomon, Morris, Benjamin, and Abraham Kann of Pittsburgh and 3 sisters in Europe. Internment Bnai Israel Cemetery.


Dr. Leo I.

5 Mar 1937

there are ten death notices, click on the image to see them all.
brother of Isaac, Meyer, Morris, Fannie Siegel, and Joe; dear uncle of Irving J Mishkin. Internment Mt Judah Cemetery
The piece below is from a separate article on Dr. Mishkin's death.

DR. LEO I. MISHKIN, 51, SPECIALIST, IS DEAD; Active With Several Hospitals and Worked in Behalf of Jewish Charities
New York Times, March 5, 1937, Friday Page 21
Dr. Leo I. Mishkin of 275 Central Park West, specialist, died of heart disease yesterday morning in Mount Sinai Hospital. He was 51 years old and was senior clinician and assistant pediatrician of the Mount Sinai Hospital out-patient department, associate pediatrician of the Jewish Maternity and Beth Israel Hospitals. this is only the first paragraph



16 Aug 1937

Joseph Brody, Jewish composer and choirmaster and former associate of the late Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt, died yesterday at his home, 130-14 229th Street, Laurelton, L. I. He was 60 years old. At his death Mr. Brody was choirmaster at the Montefiore Congregation, Macy and Hewitt Places, the Bronx. New York Times August 17, 1937, Tuesday Page 19
this is only the first paragraph


I. Bernard

9 Sept 1940

New York Times, Sept 9, 1940
beloved son of Benjamin and Ida; Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2348 Long Island City


Lena Riva

29 Sept 1940

New York Times, Sept 9, 1940
wife of Israel, mother of Sylvia and Florence.




There are two notices, click on image to see them bothNew York Times, 1942
son of Rose, brother of Elias, Jacob, Solomon, and Ida Pack. Congregation Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz. Sam Mandel president, Morris Mishkin treasurer. Mt Lebanon Cemetery.



Sept 1943

Pittsburgh Criterion, September 1943 father of Mrs. Della Lehman, Jess Kann; brother of Benjamin and Abe Kann of Pittsburg and Morris Kann of Los Angeles. Internment Bnai Israel Cemetery.



17 Nov. 1943

New York Times, 17 Nov 1943
husband of Minnie, father of Ethel Gelb. Internment Beth David Cemetery.



19 Nov. 1944

New York Times, 19 Nov 1944
wife of Samuel, mother of Sylvia and Irving. Internment Mt Judah.



6 Feb

New York Times, 6 Feb
wife of Abraham, mother of Benjamin and Leonard, dtr of Aaron and Rebecca Gordon, sister of Anna Shalov, Rudolph Gordon, Ida Goldman, William Gordon, Helen Gordon, Ben and Rose Gordon.


Rabbi Mordechai


New York Times, July 28, 1947
Levindale Hebrew Home



7 Nov. 1948

New York Times, 7 Nov 1948



6 Dec. 1948

New York Times, Nov 1948
Ladies Auxiliary of Congregation Ohab-Zedek Rockaway Park; mother of Rabbi Dr. Alexander Budin




Pittsburgh Criterion, 1946
wife Mrs. Lillian Kann; 3 dtrs Mrs Frank R. Sack of Pittsburgh; Mrs E. M.Ornitz of Los Angeles; Mrs E. J. Nurenberg of Cleveland; 3 sons Alex of NY, S. Lee Kann and Nat Kann of Pittsburgh




New York Times, 1957
husband of Nora, father of Florence Lewis and George. Member Branch 260 Workman's Circle; President of Lechowitzer Landsleit.




Pittsburgh Criterion, 1957
2 dtrs Mrs Sidney P. Heymann and Mrs Leon L. Freeman. Internment West View Cemetery.

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Deaths Reported in NYTimes May23 1903
Death Report 1903 New York Times
N. Burstein is Nathan Burstein buried in a Lechovicher society grave the same day as this notice and whose death certificate has been extracted and added to our table at Lechovichers in NYC Death Certificates

The obituary above as well as the Caplan obit in the table, are the evidence of the value of new search techniques like optical character reading indices to newspaper archives. Help us get more eyes out there looking for people connected with Lyakhovichi. But none of those resources are as effective as you, sharing your family finds! Shirley Serota did just that, following up on photos she had already shared by sending this great obituary from Philadelphia in 1919 you see below. Solomon Slonimsky was her grandmother's brother.

Solomon Slonimsky of Lechowitz, Minsk
extracted info: widow is mentioned but not named; 4 sons Nathan, Harry, Leon, and Isidore; 3 dtrs Mrs Besie Jelin, Jennie, and Gertrude.

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