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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

This site is hosted at no cost by JewishGen, Inc., the Home of Jewish Genealogy. If you have been aided in your research by this site and wish to further our mission of preserving our history for future generations, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

New on the Lyakhovichi Shtetl Website

This is a page in the Welcome suite. To reach any other page in that category just click the button "Welcome" in the table in the left-hand column. That page will also take you to our Archived Page of What's New in May 2008 which included our Grand Duchy of Lithuania Poll Tax of 1784; first-person Holocaust testimony; and new biographies, images, and tools!

The Winikoff family of Lyakhovichi
contributed by Lou Isaacs Go to our page Family Photos of People Who Once Lived in Lyakhovichi to learn more about those in this portrait named WInikoff, Aizikowitz, and Warshall.

New Images in the 2010 Update
The number of images on every page as well as in our FaceIndex (title copyright as well as content) continues to grow. So do the number of images shared by our readers.We can thank people like Lou Isaacs and Sheron Stone who sent the family pictures on our homepage (the school picture from the Melnik school of Lachowicze) and on this page (the Winikoff and its Aizikowitz branch) since our last update.

New Pages in the 2010 Update

We now total more than 250 pages on this website but just as importantly, accessibility has been increased to each page. We did add a great deal of new material - new images, new names, new relationships proven - but we also went through every page of the site making sure that all names were noted in the Surname Index. The Surname Indices were changed to make them more search friendly, and the clarification of a whole page and whole domain search procedure was brought to every page.

Over the last few updates, improved accessibility has brought a number of new lists to the forefront of our resources.

Go to the Death Certificate Database Project . You will see there the growing number of resources that we have been able to develop from the hard work of volunteer Tina Levine. It is the link page for six pages highlighting details on the decedants, their fathers and mothers, their spouses, the informants on their death records, and extracted facts like probable marriage dates of their parents.

See the Cemetery Stone Database with more than a thousand matsevot, many linked pages of data, and indices by surname and by Hebrew name.

We changed the indexing of the Married Couple Database to better find the names of relatives named within that collection - children, in-laws, relatives to whom they were immigrating, relatives who were deponents in post-Holocaust testimony.

Take another look at the ongoing extraction of the Migration Tables as we move from a list of names collected from an entry point, to the knowledge that a full examination of the original record can give us.

We have added hundreds of images to our pages on the Nations of Landing - Primary Records about Lechovichers created in the places they settled. But in this update we have also accessed the visual images, extracting the names of not just the primary person named but witnesses and family members cited.

We have over 60 pages of new content added in November 2009

Lechovichers in the Records of their Nations of Landing

NoL1-US Fed Recs - Military This is the link page for the series of pages titled "Records of Nations of Landing." Over 1,000 new names were added from the images featured on this page of World War I Draft Records, and World War Two "Old Man Draft Registration."
NoL2-US Fed Recs - Naturalizations Petitions of Naturalization, Declarations of Intent, and indices of petitioners, declarants, witnesses, and family members named in the document.
NoL3-US Fed Recs - Passports, Visas This page will eventually include all State Department records, but today the passport applicant and their family members are indexed for our research convenience.
NoL4 US Fed Recs - Census This page begins by searching for those whom we can prove a Lyakhovichi connection - those buried in Lechovicher plots in New York City and others who are clearly identified as belonging to our Lyakhovichi. A work in progress and an opportunity for volunteers.
NOL10 US Local Records - marriage recs, state censuses, more We have a beginning on this one, come help us build it.
NoL20 Canadian Fed Recs - Military; Citizenship; Census
NoL24 Latin American Records - South American, Central, and Caribbean Thanks to the efforts of Alberto Guido Chester whose grandfather was born in Baranovichi but joined his family in emigration to Argentina before World War I, we have learned a great deal about Argentinian records available for those born in our region. Read this article for brand new information on resources of the area.
NOL28 Australian, New Zealand, and South Africa Draft records, naturalizations, and travel documents are included.
NOL30 Eretz Israel

If you go to the first page of that series, NoL1-US Fed Recs - Military you will see a list of pages scheduled for the next update that didn't make the time constraints of this edition.

Extracted Data from Imperial Russian Revision Lists

New pages and reorganized pages - all newly included in our general index Newborn and Missing in the Revision Lists of 1834-1850
Mortality Lists in the Revision Lists of 1834-1850
Dead/Missing in the Revision Lists of 1816 / Correspondents 1819
Census Sequence: A tool for examining the 1816, 1819, and 1834 Revision Lists
Ages and Birthyears in the earliest Revision Lists

Extracted Data from Lyakhovichi's Imperial Russian Tax Lists

In this update we now have 4 pages devoted to the Russian Tax Lists of 1883-1884 and all of it has been indexed.
Comparing 1884 Tax List to 1850 Revision
Taxpayers with Brothers, Sons, and Relatives in 1884 Lists
1884 Tax Register Deputies and Electors of 1883-1884 in the 1874 Register of Males of Lyakhovichi
Ages in the 1883 and 1884 Tax Lists

Added to Surname Index in this update

Fifty pages, many with multiple tables that had been were put online in previous updates, were in this update included in the general index. Including the 25 pages of Cemetery Records; the six pages of Death Certificates, and the pages of members, associates, and bond holders connected to Lechovicher organizations and the Jewish Colonial Trust. The Face Index and photo captions naming individuals were also included as was every photograph shared by Lechovicher families.

New Articles for 2010

We have added a new Holocaust Page Holocaust Memorials of Lyakhovichi featuring the dedication speech by Moshe Inditzky at the Lyakhovichi memorial dedicated in Lyakhovichi in 1993.
We have added to our analysis tools in the Russian Tax Lists (4 pages) and for our Russian Revision Lists (5 pages). Names are now on three pages and there are new tables and data on many pages also. I ran out of time for materials related to the Russian Military Records, look for an expansion there shortly.

Research Materials, identified, not yet accessed

We have begun creating a regular posting of useful research notes related to Lyakhovichi and want to expand that to research extracts and book reviews. Go also to see Lyakhovichi in Published and Archival Sources to see the beginning of a new list of materials in US archives. You can also see the extract on our page on Church Records related to Jewish records in Catholic Records in Russian State Archives

In November 2008 we added new biographies and memoirs including:
Rabbi Pinchas Malowicki - Lechovicher Rebbe of America
The Kann Brothers of Pittsburg
Rubin Kaplan, a Baranovichi pioneer in Israel in 1921
Dinka Feiga Baranek - a Lyakhovichi businesswoman
Lyakhovichi Savants
Elijah Kirzner, Master of Psalms
Our Ancestry Trees of Lyakhovichi also include Biographical details on other Lyakhovichi families including some newly added in July 2009. Your emails about your Lyakhovichi relatives Family Searches of Lyakhovichi Researchers . The current edition shares letters detailing info about relatives named Kuntsevitsky, Postan, Zabelinski, Gelfand, and more.

As noted in the previous update, We have begun exploring the value to Lyakhovichi history of death certificates, marriage certificates, and obituaries that we have not had available previously. Many more US record images are on our pages. North American research has expanded to immigration of the Caribbean and Mexico and we have started our first tentative steps into South America with the 1895 Argentinian census.

New Cemetery at Lyakhovichi 1929, 
The Beder family
This image is from our page Lyakhovichi Cemeteries. As we said when we posted it - this picture is evidence of a whole realm of material that can give us a glimpse at things we thought lost. This cemetery is gone. Desecrated by the Nazis and turned under by the Soviets, but Joseph Beder who shared the photo, brings a little of it back to life again. We have around a dozen cemetery photos taken in Lyakhovichi - help us find more pictures taken in the cemetery. More pictures taken in front of your family's house!



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All names on this page were included in Surname Index Nov 2009

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Find any name anywhere on this website by going to the Google Search Bar and typing the name immediately before this phrase

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Your research provides new insights! Tina Levine was searching for details on the grave of Nettie Cohen in Washington Cemetery's Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz plot, this document aided her understanding and ours. Click on the image to go to larger size page.

Contributors to our Updates

These people contributed substantial time as well as content:

Neville Lamdan

Gary Palgon

Tina Levine

Each of these shared family treasures and valuable info:

Joseph Beder
Alberto Guido Chester
Maris Gavzy Rabolini
Stan Golembe
Cheryl Gelfand Grant
Alison Greengard
Marilynn Robinson Handelman
Mark Horn
Lou Isaacs
Gloria Kay
Wilfred Kay
Solomon Keston Mitch Kotler
Bernie Kouchel
Harold Levy
Bev Lipsitz
Dave Love
Eleanor Newland
Edward Porter
Frank Proschan
Konstantin Rodionov
Lorraine Saitowitz
Shirley Serota
Miriam Steinberg
Sheron Stone
Henry Soloway
Luba K. Zemel
Louis Zetler

This list is not complete! More coming soon!