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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

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NYC Port Records for Lyakhovichi Residents
(Page Three)

This is a page in our Documents section. Click the Documents button in the left-hand column to see other resources. You may also wish to see other pages related to Migration linked from our page Migration Documents

The tables formerly on this page have been moved into our Migration Tables but the articles still have a separate value and have been retained on this page.

This page's function has changed. Originally it was the site of an article about the records included here, and about the evolution of the collection provided to Lyakhovichi researchers. It was the page to which you were directed if you clicked on an index notation that the name for which you were searching appeared on the page NY Port Records, page 3. But in November 2008 we have undertaken a mammoth task. All of the fifteen sources of immigration records which we had on our pages, have been brought together, most have been newly examined, and entirely new indices of never-before indexed material has been created. They appear on what are so-far, 8 pages divided alphabetically. As our sources continue to expand, this collection of data will also grow. The sources previously on this particular page included the list of those Jews from Lyakhovichi who entered the US at Ellis Island 1892-1906 without being designated as Hebrews, and a detailed examination that allowed us to discover the third parties named in those records of immigrants A-J. Manifest images also appeared here. Both of those lists have been incorporated into the Lyakhovichi Migration Tables and the manifest images have been indexed there. On this page you will continue to find the explanatory articles and the images.

Samuel Feder of Lyakhovichi thru the port of NYC in 1901 to Vickburg MS
Samuel Feder "a Russian" of "Lechowice" to Vicksburg Missisippi in 1901

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Lyakhovichi Jewish Emigrants thru Ellis Island 1892-1906
Not listed as Hebrews

By Deborah G. Glassman, copyright February 2005

There are 200 people listed in this list in column one who are not in our previous list of Lyakhovichi emigrants. They did not appear in searches of the Ellis Island Database previously those searches had been conducted via the Blue form on Steve Morse’s “Searching Ellis Island in One Step” site which is an index to those designated as “Hebrews”. But Steve has continued to improve the other resources on his site and it is now possible to search by town in the larger population, not just Jews, on his “Gray Form.”

This list, like many of the others you will find on this site is a work in progress. I have started creating a larger database with more of the information that is in the original record, the beginning of which appears directly below. It is the reason that some in the initial list, have an immigration date of just the year, which is provided in the on-line index, and others have a more complete date which I got by examining the record.

This is not a list of everybody who came to the United States from Lyakhovichi between 1892 and 1906. This is a list of people who immigrated to the US through the port of NYC declaring a last residence of, what is today, Lyakhovichi. This list excludes those noted as Hebrews who appear on our main list, even when they were found again in this search. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if the person was likely to be of Jewish heritage – Jews used both first and surnames that were used by the local Belarusan population around them, I tried to be more inclusive rather than less.

To find these people in the Ellis Island database you need their names as indexed. But many of these are different from the names as they were written, so both are provided. Examples – Schmel Olke entered NYC bound for relatives in Philadelphia but the indexer confused his first and last names and he appears as Olke Schmel. You must put in his surname as Schmel to find him in the Ellis Island records. The name Asriel Wittelstein was misread as Hittlestein – you must look for him under the Hs in the EIDB. The same when the American name of Russel was substituted by the indexer for Bussel.

We have found ways to add to our knowledge of those who immigrated via Ellis Island by searching first for spelling misreads among those who were recorded as Hebrews from Lyakhovichi (and all its variants). This table includes those in the Ellis Island records not recorded as Hebrews but still stating their Lyakhovichi last residence. When a way to search by “birthplace” (rather than last residence) becomes available, the Ellis Island records will yield still more.

The list below has less names than the original list for three reasons. One, it only includes names appearing between and A-J of the original list (and the family Rabinowitz) because of time constraints for this update, we hope to add more in the future with your help. Two, it is a work in progress and many of the names were found after the first expansion was begun, so there are many names that simply have not yet been checked. And finally, some of the names have been actively excluded because they were found upon examination, not to belong to our Lyakhovichi. Still, I hope that there is a value in sharing the list as it is. It adds more third parties in both thecountries of origin and destination, and provides a clearer identification of many names from our town for which we had not been able to search previously.

Manifest of Rafael Zmudziak of Lechowicze going to Newark NJ 1899
Rafael Zmudziak

"a Russian" of "Lechowice" in 1899

Manifest of two Lyakhovichi natives -Moses Berkowitz and Chaim Mukasey
Two Lyakhovichi men - Moses Berkowitz and Chaim Mukasey

entering as "Russians of Lechowice"

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