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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

This site is hosted at no cost by JewishGen, Inc., the Home of Jewish Genealogy. If you have been aided in your research by this site and wish to further our mission of preserving our history for future generations, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

NYC Port Records Documenting Lyakhovichi Residents
(Page Two)

This is a page in our Documents section. Click the Documents button in the left-hand column to see other resources. You may also wish to see other pages related to Migration linked from our page Migration Documents

The tables formerly on this page have been moved into our Migration Tables but the articles still have a separate value and have been retained on this page.

This page's function has changed. Originally it was the site of an article about the records included here, and about the evolution of the collection provided to Lyakhovichi researchers. It was the page to which you were directed if you clicked on an index notation that the name for which you were searching appeared on the page NY Port Records, page 2. But in November 2008 we have undertaken a mammoth task. All of the fifteen sources of immigration records which we had on our pages, have been brought together, most have been newly examined, and entirely new indices of never-before indexed material has been created. They appear on what are so-far, 8 pages divided alphabetically. As our sources continue to expand, this collection of data will also grow.

The sources previously on this particular page included an index to those named as Third Parties in the records of Lyakhovichi immigrants whose surnames started with A-J. It also included a promise to expand that index to cover all Lechovichers which we are now able to do in November 2008. The page also included manifest images whose surnames had not been indexed as a peek at some of the depth of information that was forthcoming. Those images are now also in our index. We also offered the possibility that in the future we would find a way to search for birthplaces, when commercial indices just allow search for last residence, and that we would start including information from Detention Records, a largely unexplored widely available record source for women and minors traveling without the head of family. As in the original article, we welcome your ideas and participation in this process.

2 Mischkowskys and a Warschel going to family in NYC in Summer 1900

Rachel Mishkowsky says she is going to her brother Isaac Mischkowsky, Leib Mischkowsky says he is going to his brother Isaac Mishkin, Jeikel Warschel says she is going to her sister Alte Elfant. We learn a name change, we identify two women travelers and a woman emigrant (and women are always the hardest to track), and we get 2 addresses we may be able to locate in a 1900 Directory. Alte Elfant who may have emigrated as a Warschel or as an Elfant is tied to a particular address in the census year 1900, so we may be able to use it identify her husband and children. Some of the potential information, not yet indexed in these records.

Nechame Buschel and her son Meyer
were headed for Louisville Kentucky, also in the census year 1900. They were not the only Lyakhovichi Jews who settled small cities, Belarus's mix of Jewish farm and small-town life remained an attractive combo for many from our town. This image has been manipulated to keep the header while showing Nechame and her son who appeared halfway down the page. Click the title to go to the original image. Hold the cursor in the lower right hand corner for full expansion of that page.

A New Index of Relatives and Friends of Lyakhovichi Emigrants
Researched, Indexed, and Arranged, by Deborah Glassman, Introdcution by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2005

This is just the introduction to the original article. This index has been include in our pages Migration Tables
This next index is of 600 people who were never listed before. Around 1900, the requirement to list the destination address of the emigrant was standardized, the name and relation of the party at that address was required soon after. After March 1907, an additional requirement to list a responsible party in the country of last residence, was required. So far we have covered immigrants through Ellis Island (listed as Hebrews from Lyakhovichi) whose name begins with the letters A through J.

When you find a Third Party Name, you will know where they were said to have lived at the date the emigrant provided the information for the manifest. You will have the relationship as given by the immigrant and you will have the name of the immigrating party and their date of immigration. Before you go back to the records of the to get a copy of the immigration record, go to our page with the Expanded list of Immigrants through Ellis Island. Many times, the name as indexed differs, as the original indexer was not that familiar with Eastern European or Jewish names. Our expanded list will give you both our interpretation and the way it appears in the EIDB so you can link quickly to the scan of the microfilm, with the original manifest.

I would like to post some images on this page of some of the Third Parties named. Do you have any?

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All names on this page were included in Surname Index Nov 2009

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