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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

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Married Couples Database:
A Collaborative Database of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Records
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2008

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Married Couples Database UPDATE November 2009!

The first thing you will see is that the Database is now much larger. This page is now an explanation of the database and a description of the volunteer effort that we need. The next page of the Database is for those in the Database for whom the husband's surname begins with either A or O as those letters were used interchangeably to represent initial letters of a surname. But the effort to update all of the database to that level proceeds slowly. I am looking for volunteers who will take a page and proceed through our Migration Tables, Holocaust Records, and the shared information of our researchers, and so collect the names of as many couples as possible for the next Update.
Married Couple's Database Project
Married Couple's Database A or O
Married Couple's Database B or P
Married Couple's Database C or G or H or K or Q
Married Couple's Database D or T
Married Couple's Database E or I or J or Y
Married Couple's Database F
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Married Couple's Database R
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Married Couple's Database U or V or W

This Database is designed to be a collaborative effort, a place where research is shared in a timely fashion, where others are able to see what we know right now about people who were born in Lyakhovichi. The goal is to find the names of as many married couples as possible where at least one of the parties was born in or resided in Lyakhovichi. Privacy concerns will keep most of our efforts focused on people who were born in the nineteenth century and the early twentieth. This list starts off drawing on three kinds of records. Immigration Records; Holocaust Testimony; and the pages that some of you have begun sending me on your personal research to be shared. The Immigrant Lists, because the dispersal of families in the early twentieth century separated many of Lyakhovichi heritage from cousins who stayed, went to other cities, and went to other countries. The Holocaust lists, because it is a good reminder that despite the Nazis best efforts, these people remain a part of our families and we reaffirm our committment to learn about each of them and keep them in our memories. The shared research, because we are the repositories of our family's oral history, photographic heritage, and the many documents that have always been in the private sector. I can continue to explore the Immigration Records and Holocaust Testimonies over a long period of time, sharing more finds in each update - but you can dramatically change the scope of this project by filling in a page like Bev Lipsitz did below. Copy the form and email it to me filled in for as many people as you can.

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Thanks to Bev Lipsitz for the above data!

As you look at the table on the folowing pages, please note that even for these people on whom we have starting information, there is much more we can learn if those who spot their relatives will share information. Specifics include:

If a person is reported in the Holocaust Testimony, that does not mean that they died in the Holocaust, but means that at least a member of their family did and they may have been cited as relatives father, mother, spouse, child, et al. Many people who we can add to the Married Couples database, lost their adult children in the Holocaust, long after their own deaths. We can see this in families where many of the young people who perished, are carrying the names of their grandparents who died before World War I. If you use this resource to identify family members who filed these reports, or you are the knowledgeable party, please let us know more relevant details about anyone named

There are other records suggested by these records. If a person is named in an immigration record there may be a US death certificate that provides the names of both parents including mother's maiden name. The draft records of World War I, citizenship papers, visa applications for late immigrants, etc. may be found by you as you recognize new names to add to your search. Please share your findings. If a person is named in a Holocaust Testimony but died before the Shoah, they may appear in the records of other countries in which they lived and died. And the record of a sibling may provide clues every bit as valuable as those of your direct ancestors.

In the Original version of this database, now replaced by the expanded database on the subsequent pages there were 435 listings where we knew either the names of a married couple or of one of the couple and their children. There were 385 married women whose first names and/ or maiden names were known and there were 203 married women whose maiden surnames were positively identified. There were 757 people cited as the children of identified parents and almost two hundred more who are children-in-law. By November 2009, there are more than that number just for those whose husband's surnames begin with either A or O.



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We are looking for a volunteer to organize this multipage database by given name - it is likely that you will know your great-grandmother's first name but not her maiden name and an index to all of the children to a couple may be your best clue to how your family links to another.