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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

This site is hosted at no cost by JewishGen, Inc., the Home of Jewish Genealogy. If you have been aided in your research by this site and wish to further our mission of preserving our history for future generations, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

Original Documents of Lyakhovichi

This page serves is a key page for all Original Documents of Lyakhovichi history to be explored on the Lyakhovichi website and to the Research Reports and How-to-Use articles that make each of these documents and types of documents most useful.

We have in the past divided these documents by century - 20th, 19th, 15th-18th. And by document type:i.e. Migration Documents; Imperial Russian Revision Lists; or Emigrant Associations. You can now get to every original record source on our website from this page, return here, and proceed to the next. You can choose a short detour to a tutorial on how best to maximize the value of a particular record type or you can simply proceed as your interest takes you. Enjoy!

20th Cent. Documents Links

Soviet Records 1939-1990
Holocaust Records, p1 The Deceased and their Families
Holocaust Records, p2 Eyewitness Reports
Holocaust Records, p3 Trials
Holocaust Records, p4 Memorials
Polish Records 1920-1939
Lyakhovichi Directories-Polish
Lyakhovichi Professional Registers - Polish
Lyakhovichi Directories- Russian Empire
Imperial Russian Records
Migration Documents of Lyakhovichi
Migration Documents A or O
Migration Documents B or P
Migration Documents CGHKQ
Migration Documents D or T
Migration Documents EIJY
Migration Documents F
Migration Documents L
Migration Documents M or N
Migration Documents R
Migration Documents S, Ts, Tz, Z, Ci Cy Ce
Migration Documents UVW
Additional Migration Articles are available on:

Emigrant Associations of Lyakhovichi in NYC
Emigrant Associations of Lyakhovichi in US and Canada
Emigrant Associations - Workman's Circle - Lechovicher Baranovicher
Emigrant Associations of Lyakhovichi around the World
Lechovicher Emigrant Relief Associations
Ladies Auxiliary of Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz
JCT Bondholders in Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi
JCT Bondholders with Lechovicher ties +in Gorodische, Kletzk

Nations of Landing Records - USA Federal, Military
Nations of Landing Records - USA Federal, Naturalizations
Nations of Landing Records - USA Federal, State Dept
Nations of Landing Records - USA Federal, Census
Nations of Landing Records - USA Local, Vital Records
Nations of Landing Records - USA, Local - Courts
Nations of Landing Records - Canada
Nations of Landing Records - South America
Nations of Landing Records -Australia and New Zealand
Nations of Landing Records - Eretz Israel

Lyakhovichi Settlers in Russian Towns
Lyakhovichi Settlers in Lower East Side of NYC

Death Certificate Project and Database
Lechovichers who died NYC 1893-1943
NYC 1893-1943 Extracted Marriage Facts
Lechovicher Chronological Death Index NYC 1893-1948
Lechovicher Death Certs in Multiple Jurisdictions
Expanded Indices 1893-1943

Obituaries Introduction to the Obituary Project
Obituaries,Collected Images
Cemetery Stones July 2009 - 25 pages! Go to this project page for complete list
Readers' Visual Archive -Letters, Artifacts, Family-held Documents also described and linked under Photos

19th Cent. Documents Links

Russian Tax Lists, p1 Using the 1884 Lists to move into earlier records
Russian Tax Lists, p2 Using the 1884 lists to learn more about families
Russian Tax Lists, p3 The Deputies and Electors of 1884 Tax List
Russian Tax Lists, p4 Ages in the Russian Tax Lists

Russian Real Estate Documents, p1
Russian Real Estate Documents, p2
Russian Military Records,p1
Lyakhovichi Civil Docs (Voters, Petitions)
19th Century Lyakhovichi Documents and Signature Pages

Slutsk Chevra Kadisha
Lechovichers In records of Russian Towns

Russian Revision Lists New Info!
1874 List of Jewish Males of Lyakhovichi See Indices, Learn how to get preview
1858-1884 Supplements to Lyakhovichi Revision Lists Surname Index, Learn how to get preview
1850-1852 Russian Revision Lists Supplements
1850 Russian Revision List
1834 Russian Revision List
1819 Russian Revision List(Supplement to 1816)
1816 Russian Revision List
1805 List of Jewish Taverners

Analyses of Revision List Data
Census Sequence: A tool for examining the 1816, 1819, and 1834 RLs
Dead, Missing, Runaway in 1816RL, some with Correspondents in the 1819RL
Newborn and Missing in 1834 - 1850 Revision Lists
Deaths in 1834 - 1850 Revision Lists
Tracing Women in Lyakhovichi Revision Lists 1816 and 1819 and Women in the Lyakhovichi Revision Lists (1834-1850)
1850 Revision List compared to the 1883-1884 Tax List
1884Tax Register Deputies in 1874 Register of Males of Lyakhovichi
Comparing 1784 Lithuanian Poll Tax and 1816/1819 Revision Lists

Married Couple's Database Project
Married Couple's Database A or O
Married Couple's Database B or P
Married Couple's Database C or G or H or K or Q
Married Couple's Database D or T
Married Couple's Database E or I or J or Y
Married Couple's Database F
Married Couple's Database L
Married Couple's Database M or N
Married Couple's Database R
Married Couple's Database S or Z or Ts, Tz, and soft C
Married Couple's Database U or V or W

Patronym Tables A-B
Patronym Tables C and K
Patronym Tables D-F
Patronym Tables G-H
Patronym TablesI,J,Y
Patronym Tables L-R
Patronym Tables S-Z

Substitutes for non-available Vital records in Lyakhovichi
Lyakhovichi Marriage Facts in NYC Death Certificates Expanded July 2009
Deaths reported in the 1834 and 1850 Revision Lists NEW
Newborns and Missing in the 1834-1850 Revision Lists
Names of Lyakhovichi, p1
Birth Years/Ages in the 1816 Revision List of Lyakhovichi

Records partially created in 19th Century

Readers' Visual Archive -Documents
Matsevot (Cemetery Stones)
Death Certificates of Lechovichers
Migration Documents

18th Cent. Documents Links

1784 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Poll Tax or "Census" of Lyakhovichi
1784 Comparison Tables from GDL Poll Tax to Russian Records of Lyakhovichi
1784 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Poll Tax Images for Lyakhovichi

Comparison Tools

1883-1884 TaxLists Compared to 1850 Revision
Russian Revision List Comparisons
Tracing Women in Revision Lists
Women in Revisions of 1834-1850
Comparing 1784 GDL Census with Russian Revision Lists
Dead/ Missing 1816 Compared to 1819RL

Articles and Research Reports

Twentieth Century Records on Residents and Emigrees
Imperial Russian Records of Lyakhovichi until 1918
Nineteenth Century Records on Lyakhovichi Inhabitants
Vital Records of Lyakhovichi
Pre-Nineteenth Century Documents
Jewish Records also in Special Collections
Church Records also in Special Collections

Lyakhovichi Migration Documents - Using the EIDB
Emigration from European Ports
Ellis Island Entries- Lyakhovichi Jews 1892-1924
Third Parties named in the above Ellis Island Records
Index to Lyakhovichi Emigrants thru NYC not designated Hebrews
Emigrants & 3dParties in Records of US Ports & Canadian Crossings
Migrations before 1880 -Emigrees in other Russian Cities
Immigrants via Baranovichi-Ellis Island



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Photos of 20th Century Records of Lyakhovichi

Soviet Registration Card for Deportee to Tashkent, Wolf Kontorowicz
Deported by the Soviet Union from Lyakhovichi to Tashkent - Wolf Kontorowicz

1926 Polish Directory of "Lachowicze"

Page of Testimony

Khana Warshal Brewda, died in Lyakhovichi

Morris Kaplan of Baranovichi and Montreal

in the records of the Russian Consul in Canada. The link takes you to his English summary page of his 6 page file. Hover in the right corner of that page for an enlarger icon to appear.

Photos of 19th Century Records of Lyakhovichi

1850 Revision List
1850 Revision List
Stan Golembe generously shared this image of a page in the 1850 Revision List that shows members of his family.Click the image to go to a larger page. That page is able to be enlarged further, hover over the bottom right corner until the Internet Explorer expansion icon appears. Click "back" on browser to return to this page

Rabbi Szolom Szkolnik witnessed this 1851 Lyakhovichi record
1851 Record witnessed by Crown Rabbi Szolom Szkolnik

Neville Lamdan also provided this document (with Rabbi Szalom Szkolnik's Polish signature) from a Supplementary Revision, dated 15 Oct. 1851 and submitted 28 April 1852, (source: NHAB (Minsk), 333/9/488). Click on the image to go to a 2 page pdf file which you can make as large as you need.

1874 Revision List witnessed by Rabbi of Lyakhovichi
1874 List witnessed by Rabbis of Lyakhovichi

This document with signatures by Crown Rabbi Ch. Yelin, Yisrael Molchadzky, and Moshe Kantorovich, was generously provided by Neville Lamdan.