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This site is created as a way to further research and publication of materials on the history of Lyakhovichi.If you have been aided in your research and wish to contribute materials and resources to further our knowledge, contact Gary Palgon and ask how you can help.

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Matsevot, Cemetery Inscriptions
for those "from" Lyakhovichi
Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz at Mount Judah Cemetery NYC
Photography by Tina Levine
Table and Database creation by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2008.

by Deborah G. Glassman,
copyright 2008

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The Cemetery Stone Project now encompasses around two dozen pages. Please go to Cemetery Stones, page 1 to find out what is included in these pages, to find the links to all of the pages we have created documenting Lechovicher burials, and to learn about the key role of Tina Levine in creating this tremendous collection of data for Lyakhovichi researchers. She photographed every stone in every NYC plot related to Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi, over 1200 photographs including the ones on this page. Please check the introductary article on that page to learn what the symbols and shapes of the monuments may tell you as well as details we can learn from the Hebrew names on the markers. The database of stones that the webmaster created, based on the images created by Tina Levine, is what you are using as you examine the listings created for Mt Judah Cemetery in New York City, below.

There is an alphabetical burial register of each grave in the Lechovicher plots at Mount Judah Cemetery Burial Register of Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz at Mount Judah Cemetery. You will also see the society gates at that page!

There are three pages of materials related to the Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz burials at Mount Judah Cemetery in New York City.
Cemetery Stones, p5: Mount Judah Cemetery (numerically to grave 106)
Cemetery Stones, p6: Mount Judah Cemetery (numerically from grave 107) You are Here!
Cemetery Stones, p7: Mount Judah Cemetery Burial Register and Gates Return to Cemetery Stones, page 1 for a complete list of Lechovicher burials on our site.

This table is divided by by organization, by cemetery, and by the row divisions of that particular set of plots. Mount Judah's Cemetery Register while it tags the entry with a row number, does not seem to reflect an actual row with a first position and last position in that row. Where the webmaster can determine such physical endpoints from the photographs I will note it but right now the ordering is by plot number and may be arbitrarily ended to create a break in the page.

Repeated Information across the Cemetery Database

If your ancestor is buried in a Lechovicher plot

Does that mean they were definitely from Lyakhovichi? No, it could mean that they were married to a Lechovicher or that a child-in-law was a Lechovicher. Some of the graves used in more recent years could have been donated to someone who had a pressing need, or sold when the original lot holder was buried elsewhere.

If your ancestor is not buried in a Lechovicher plot

Does that mean they were definitely not from Lyakhovichi? No, there are many reasons someone would not be buried in a plot owned by one of the known landsmanschaften. They could have had plots from a spouse's society. They could have enjoyed the company of one group more than another. They could have associated with a non-origin specific group that offered burial plots, they could have lived and died in a city where no such organization existed, they could have died while resident elsewhere. Even when buried amidst a group of landsmen such affiliation might not be immediately obvious if the group to which they belonged identified itself as Minsker, Russian, or some larger group to which Lechovichers also belonged.

Mount Judah Cemetery - NYC
the graves of Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz:

Name, Photo, Plot #

Hebrew Name
with Father's Name

Heb Date

Comments English+ Hebrew


LEW  Nathan

Shlomo Nathan b. Avraham Yakov

Dec 5, 1938, 12 Kislev 5699

son, brother July 1913- Dec 5, 1938 awaiting description

CHARLES (aka Tsirles) Jacob end of row. Burial Reg says Tillie Chait, see note under her name on CemeteryStones, p5 about grave swap

Yakov Tsirles b Leib

oct 14, 1934

father, grandfather, 86 years awaiting description

(KANTOR in Burial Register) MJcem1-R-109

Khaya Sara b Dov Ber

July 12, 1940

mother, 59 years awaiting description

KAHN  Adelaide MJcem1-R-110

Khana b Ben-Zion


wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother

awaiting description






KAHN  Robert M. MJcem1-R-111

no Hebrew


husband, father, gfthr  

SHOPENN  Abraham MJcem1-R-112

no Hebrew

April 14, 1963

husband, father, grandfather March 18, 1897-April 14, 1963 awaiting description





GERSON  Lillian Rebecca MJcem1-R-114

Leah Rifka b Sholom [ and surname Gerson spelled out in Yiddish]

April 23, 1934

daughter, sister, "very young" awaiting description

KANTROVITZ  (Kantrowitz) Sarah MJcem1-R-116

Sarah Liba b Moshe Dov

Nov 26, 1933

wife, 62 years awaiting description

BROOK  Bernard MJcem1-R-118
Family Headstone - Brook

Yitzhak b Ben-zion

Sept 8, 1940

son, 48 years awaiting description

BROOK  Ida MJcem1-R-119

Khasia Kaila b Leib

March 24, 1943

mother; aged 73 years awaiting description

BROOK  Benjamin MJcem1-R-120

Ben-Zion b Yakov Shimon

July 12, 1943

father; 76 years awaiting description

SIEGEL  Gertrude MJcem1-R-121

Gittel b Velvel


  awaiting description

GOLDBERG  Jennie MJcem1-R-122

Khana Zisel b Avraham Shmuel haLevi


mother, 65 awaiting description

GOLDBERG  Bessie MJcem1-R-123

Basha Hinda b Zvi Hersh


mother, 73  

GOLDBERG  Julius MJcem1-R-124

Yehuda b Dov Ber


husband, fther, 63  

BUSSEL  Albert MJcem1-R-125

Moshe Leib b Yitzhak


husband, father, grandfather, 93  

BUSSEL  Minnie MJcem1-R-126

Minka b Yitzhak


wife, mother, grandmother, 89  

BUDIN  Sarah MJcem1-R-127
Sarah Budin Obit

Sara b Zev Wolf


our mother;  

TEMSEN  Anna ( Alma) MJcem1-R-128

Elka Gitel b David


wife, mother, 42  

SORKIN  Norma MJcem1-R-129

Nekhama b Moshe haKohen


daughter, sister, age 26  

GERSON  Ida MJcem1-R-130

Alta b Yitzhak



COHEN  Fannie (Resnick) MJcem1-R-131

Khaya Feigel b Yakov David


sister, aunt, 79 years  

SUCHOW   Beckie MJcem1-R-132

Brakha Rifka Ruchel b Yehezkel


92 years  

SUCHOW   Morris MJcem1-R-133

Moshe b Rafael


husband, 70 years  

ABRAMOWITZ  Harry MJcem1-R-134

Aharon b Avraham haKohen


husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, 84  

ABRAMOWITZ  Fannie MJcem1-R-135

Khaya Feigel b Yehuda Leib


wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, 86  

SLUTSKY  Abraham MJcem1-R-136

Avraham Yakov b Yeshayah


father, 86  

SUCHOW   Raphael MJcem1-R-137

Rafael Zvi b David


doublestone - beloved parents  

SUCHOW   Minnie MJcem1-R-138

Minka b Yosef Meir


doublestone - beloved parents  

EISENSTADT  Esther MJcem1-R-139

Esther b Noakh


mother, 85  

EISENSTADT  Jacob William MJcem1-R-140

Zev Yakov b Moshe

stone says 8/17/1945 (reg says 8/16/1945)

husband, dad, 79  

ABRAMOWITZ  Morris MJcem1-R-141

Moshe Asher b Avraham haKohen


husb, father, gfthr
Feb 9, 1887-Mar 16, 1966

ABRAMOWITZ  Esther MJcem1-R-142

Esther b Michael Yitzhak


wife, mthr, gmother
Mar 9, 1887-Mar 16, 1966

MUSICANT  Tamara (Mary?) MJcem1-R-143

Tamara Kaila b David


mother, grandmother, 96  

MUSICANT  Solomon (Samuel? note in reg) MJcem1-R-144

Shlomo b Nisan


father, 70  

FINKELSTEIN  Joseph MJcem1-R-145

Yosef b Yakov Noakh


husband, father, 69  


Khaya b Khaim Leib


mother, grandmother, 94  

(KANTOR) Max MJcem1-R-150

Mordechai Yehuda b Shlomo Yosef


father, 88 years  

MISHKIN Plot and Mishkin Gates
Mishkin gates
bench in plot




MISHKIN Leo I. MJcem1-R-151

no Hebrew


brother, 3/15/1885-3/4/1937  

MISHKIN Mayer MJcem1-R-152

no Hebrew


brother 66 years  

(stone says Sara Mishkin BERNSTOCK) MJcem1-R-153

no Hebrew;


wife, mother, grandmother  

MISHKIN Morris MJcem1-R-154

no Hebrew



MISHKIN Joseph MJcem1-R-155

no Hebrew


83, bother  

LEW Fannie MJcem1-R-156



Fannie SIEGEL LEW (nee MISHKIN) age 84, mother  

SIEGEL  Julius "Jack" MJcem1-R-157

the stone in the Mishkin plot probably has no Hebrew


  this is not the right Julius Siegel, new image being sought

MISHKIN  Isaac MJcem1-R-158

no Hebrew


93 years, brother  

MISHKIN  Dora MJcem1-R-159

no Hebrew


wife, 90 years  

MARGOLIN  Lowell (Sheldon)

no Hebrew


12/22/1930-1/11/193, baby  

JACOBS S/B MJcem1-R-SB26probably no monument ever




LUPKUS Jacob MJcem1-R-SB63
probably no monument ever




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