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Matsevot, Cemetery Inscriptions
for those "from" Lyakhovichi
Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz at Mount Judah Cemetery NYC
Photography by Tina Levine
Table and Database creation by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2008.

by Deborah G. Glassman,
copyright 2008

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The Cemetery Stone Project now encompasses around two dozen pages. Please go to Cemetery Stones, page 1 to find out what is included in these pages, to find the links to all of the pages we have created documenting Lechovicher burials, and to learn about the key role of Tina Levine in creating this tremendous collection of data for Lyakhovichi researchers. She photographed every stone in every NYC plot related to Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi, over 1200 photographs including the ones on this page. Please check the introductary article on that page to learn what the symbols and shapes of the monuments may tell you as well as details we can learn from the Hebrew names on the markers. The database of stones that the webmaster created, based on the images created by Tina Levine, is what you are using as you examine the listings created for Mt Judah Cemetery in New York City, below.

There is an alphabetical burial register of each grave in the Lechovicher plots at Mount Judah Cemetery Burial Register of Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz at Mount Judah Cemetery. You will also see the society gates at that page!

There are three pages of materials related to the Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz burials at Mount Judah Cemetery in New York City.
Cemetery Stones, p5: Mount Judah Cemetery (numerically to grave 106) You are Here!
Cemetery Stones, p6: Mount Judah Cemetery (numerically from grave 107)
Cemetery Stones, p7: Mount Judah Cemetery Burial Register and Gates Return to Cemetery Stones, page 1 for a complete list of Lechovicher burials on our site.

This database is divided by by organization, by cemetery, and by the row divisions of that particular set of plots. Mount Judah's Cemetery Register while it tags the entry with a row number, does not seem to reflect an actual row with a first position and last position in that row. Where the webmaster can determine such physical endpoints from the photographs I will note it but right now the ordering is by plot number and may be arbitrarily ended to create a break in the page.

Mount Judah Cemetery was founded in 1908 but did not begin burials until 1912.
The first Lechovicher burial was December 1915 for a 28 year old single male who used the American name of George N. Cohan and the Hebrew name of Nehemiah ben Mordechai Zev. Six months later, the next burial at his side was for a 23 year old male named Morris Feinstein. In that same six month period, burials continued to go on at Washington Cemetery and it seems that Mount Judah was first used by "younger families" where the husband and wife heads of family, had not yet died but needed to find a resting spot for their children. These first two gravemarkers are each formed by a "broken trunk" symbol of a life cut off in its prime, and annotated "son" and "bridegroom." The following two burials are each of young men who died during the Great Flu Epidemic of October 1918. More study should be done to see if the Moutn Judah pattern of adult singles, and young adults with no family predecessors buried in Washington Cemetery, continued.

Repeated Information across the Cemetery Database

If your ancestor is buried in a Lechovicher plot

Does that mean they were definitely from Lyakhovichi? No, it could mean that they were married to a Lechovicher or that a child-in-law was a Lechovicher. Some of the graves used in more recent years could have been donated to someone who had a pressing need, or sold when the original lot holder was buried elsewhere.

If your ancestor is not buried in a Lechovicher plot

Does that mean they were definitely not from Lyakhovichi? No, there are many reasons someone would not be buried in a plot owned by one of the known landsmanschaften. They could have had plots from a spouse's society. They could have enjoyed the company of one group more than another. They could have associated with a non-origin specific group that offered burial plots, they could have lived and died in a city where no such organization existed, they could have died while resident elsewhere. Even when buried amidst a group of landsmen such affiliation might not be immediately obvious if the group to which they belonged identified itself as Minsker, Russian, or some larger group to which Lechovichers also belonged.

Mount Judah Cemetery - NYC
the graves of Bnai Isaac Anshe Lechowitz:

Name, Photo, Plot #

Hebrew Name
with Father's Name

Heb Date

Comments English+ Hebrew



Name, Photo, Plot #

Hebrew Name
with Father's Name

Heb Date

Comments English+ Hebrew


COHAN, George N. MJcem
photo shows this is the first grave in the first row, corner post to left and plot fence to rear

Nehemiah b Mordechai Zev haKohen


Born Rosh CHodesh Kislev 5647 [Nov/Dec 1886];[following in Hebrew] died in his 28th year on the 7th of month Tevet 5686;

broken log; kohen hands; shield; cartouche - son;


COHEN  Samuel (Sam) MJcem1-R-061
photo shows this ending row

Saul b Yosef haKohen

Dec 7, 1958, 25 Kislev 5719, age 50 years

father, grandfather

awaiting description


Moshe Ori son of the Rabbin R. Michael Joshua Feinstein

register says July 6, 1916; matseva says July 16, 1916

the Hasan [bridegroom] Moshe Ori birthdate to deathdate in English and Hebrew; in English Dec 29, 1883- July 16, 1916; 20 Tevet 5643-Tammuz 5686

broken log; star medallion; shield;


photo shows this beginning a new row

Yitzhak Zvi Falka b Michael Yehoshua

Jan 7, 1967; 24 Tevet 5727, aged 82 years

brother, uncle; "Your self sacrifice saved our family from physical annihilation"

awaiting description

KATZ  Isidor MJcem1-R-003

Yitzhak b Yehudah Leib

died Oct 16, 1918, 10 Heshvan 5689

beloved husband Isidor Katz

broken trunk, small, shield, star medallion


PERELBERG  Jack MJcem1-R-065

Avraham Yakov b Pinchas Dov

Jan 27, 1945

Private Jack A. Perelberg, Died in Line of Duty Jan 27, 1945, age 23

broken trunk, parachute medal among tree leaves, copper holder for photograph, heart for inscription face, tall, base is obscured so no additional cartouche visible

COHEN  Hyman MJcem1-R-004

Khaim Moshe b Simcha


age 16 years; bahur [ bachelor] 19 Heshvan 5669,

broken log; cartouche "son"; base and cradle


KANTROWITZ  Ralph MJcem1-R-066

Raphael b Avraham

Sept 14, 1947, Elul 5707, 64 years

husband, father, birth date (obscured)

awaiting description

KUNTZ  David MJcem1-R-005

Aharon David b Shlomo Tzvi


d 26 Nisan 5671; our beloved fathr David Kuntz; died May 4 1921; age 58 years

tall; elaborate; with vase capitol; hard gray stone; with polished black face; stylized lilies and leaves surrounding monogram DK in medallion, pillars on either side of tombstone face; letters carved to show light stone under polished black stone face; monogram in black letter relief; cartouche -father


KANTROWITZ  Ray MJcem1-R-067

Sara Ruchel b Yakov

June 16, 1962 14 Sivan 5722, 76 years

mother, grandmother

awaiting description

ZAPOL  Harry (ZOPOL) MJcem1-R-006

Zvi Hirsch b Zev;


Dr. Harry Zapol; died March 22, 1926, age 25; son; brother;

broken log; heart face of stone; stylized lilies and leaves; flowers on either side of photograph of deceased, a "ribbon" under heart with age; cartouche at top "son"; cartouche at bottom "brother", on pedestal;


KAPLAN  Fanny MJcem1-R-068
Sealove plot headstone

Tzipora b Moshe

(burial register date 1/22/1995) stone date obscured

wife mother

awaiting description

image missing

ZEITZ Aaron MJcem1-R-007

have not yet found photo of stone

1/30/1927 burial date in register




KAPLAN  Herman MJcem1-R-069
Sealove plot headstone

Khaim Hertz b Moshe Zvi haKohen

April 26, 1949 26 Nisan 5709


awaiting description

KUNTZ  Morris MJcem1-R-008
have not yet found photo of stone - but can see it in some other photos

Moshe b Yehiel

Sept 10 1928

husband and father; age is on stone;

black polished stone; star in medallion; grey pedestal base;


SEALOVE  George J.
Sealove plot headstone

Yakov Yosef b Moshe

(burial register date 11/28/1982) 10 Kislev 5742 [says 1982 in burial register eve though this date indicates Nov 1981 so this year prob wrong] birth and death date present but obscured


awaiting description

ZIRINSKY  Israel MJcem1-R-009
Closeup of dates

Yisrael b Khaim Yitzhak

May 161925

our father; the upright; my beloved husband and our dear father; the stone is partially subsumed;

black polished stone; flowers and leaves; star;


SEALOVE  Harry MJcem1-R-071
Sealove plot headstone

Yehiel b Moshe

7/9/1965 8 Tammuz 5725 (birth and death date present but obscured)


awaiting description

The previous row ended with 1-r-009, this row begins with




ENGEL  Milton MJcem1-R-072

Moshe b Yakov haKohen

Nov 22, 1976

husband, Sept 3 1903-Nov 22, 1976

awaiting description

BRODY  Joseph MJcem1-R-027 photo shows that this is the first grave on the row, corner marker to the left

Yosef Khaim b Moshe


our beloved son Joseph H. Brody born Aug 24, 1908 died Apr 5 1931; Heb - died during intermediate days of Passover 5691 broken log; heart-shaped face of stone; star in medallion at top; flowers and leaves at bottom of heart; cartouche in "ribbon" at botom of heart; cartouche "son" on polished base below log; separate pedestal; possibly a cradle base;  

DORFMAN  Anna MJcem1-R-073

Khania b Mordechai

stone says 2/8/1929 burial register says 3/8/1929

daughter, dear wife and mother, age 19 broken tree trunk, tall black stone, lilies, photo medallion at top; photo present; heart-shaped stone face; daughter cartouche; cubical base with additional inscription - dear wife and mother

BRODY  Dora MJcem1-R-028
This is the first clearly evident family grouping in cemetery; husband and wife with matching stones next to their son who predeceased the husband by 5 years

Devora bat Lipa

July 8, 1944

17 Tammuz 5704 one of a pair of matching stones for husband and wife; the wife buried her husband so as to leave space between her husband and son for herself; keystone arch at top with the name Brody spelled out in blocks with the O in the keystone; pillars on either side of stone face; willow branch at top; sabbath lamp; cartouche with raised letters "my beloved mother"  

GOLDBERG  Sarah MJcem1-R-074

Sara b Michael Kadish

June 19, 1935 58 years

beloved aunt

It appears that Sarah Goldberg had a double monument erected for herself and her sister Pauline Hait next to the gravesite of a third sister Tillie Chait who had died first (in early 1920s). Tillie's was a single stone, Pauline and Sarah had a double. The cartouche on the double stone says "Three Sisters."

BRODY  Morris MJcem1-R-029

Moshe b Yosef

November 1 1936, age 54 years

beloved husband, devoted father, one of a pair of matching stones for husband and wife; keystone arch at top with the name Brody spelled out in blocks with the O in the keystone; pillars on either side of stone face; willow branch at top; star; cartouche with raised letters "beloved husband devoted father"  

HAIT Pauline but burial registry says CHARLES  Jacob MJcem1-R-075 and this date. Graves 75 and 76 were listed in the register as those of Jacob Charles and Isaac Chait. But Jacob Charles' gravesite switched with Pauline Hait and Tillie Chait's switched with husband Isaac Chait. These three graves marked "Three Sisters." A complicated grave swap between Jacob Charles, Isaac Chait, and Tillie Chait, to allow the burial of Tillie and two of her sisters adjacent to each other.

Pesya b Michael Kadish

April 18, 1929, age 65 years


see note on description under Sarah Goldberg

Cohen, David MJ Cem 1-r-30

David Natan b Avraham Shimshel

August 8 1931

beloved father, died 26 Av 5691, August 8 1931, age 80 years polished black stone with lighter-colored face; black letters; star wreathed with lily leaves; father cartouche; pedestal; cradle base;  

CHAIT Tillie
Register says Isaac Chait but it is wife of Isaac Chait - Tillie Chait who has the death date that goes with the burial registry.Graves 75 and 76 were listed in the register as those of Jacob Charles and Isaac Chait. But Jacob Charles' gravesite appears to have been switched with Pauline Hait and Tillie Chait's appears to be switched with her husband Isaac Chait, These three graves are marked in an unusual configuration on the stones with "Three Sisters." The grave in the Burial register attributed to Tillie Chait is that of Jacob Charles.

Toiba b Michael Kadish

Dec 20, 1923, afe 58 yuears


awaiting description

SIEGAL  Aaron MJcem1-R-031

Aharon b Avraham Yakov ha Levi

Oct 16, 1931

beloved husband and dear father; died Oct 16, 1931, age 44 years; died 8 Heshvan 5692 polished black stone with lighter-colored face; black letters; stylized flower? ner tamid? wreathed with lily leaves; formulary- rest in peace; hand pouring pitcher into basin  

MUKASHEI Sasha MJcem1-R-077

Sasha b Yehuda Leib

June 22, 1923 age 22 years

"ha betula" (the maiden) broken trunk; lily leaves; Monogram M, no base or cradle

ZAPOL  Wolf MJcem1-R-032

Zev b David

Dec 26, 1932 (but register says 1931. The Hebrew date agrees with Dec 1931)

15 Tevet 5692; Our beloved father; aged 51 years; says died Dec 25, 1932 but see note about date. polished black stone with lighter-colored face; black letters; mourning drapes at top; father cartouche; white base under black stone  

Burial Register says LEW and MALACKOWSKI; stone says Pessie Malachawsky

Sara Pesya b Meir

July 7, 1922, aged 65 years

our mother awaiting description

BERKOWITZ  Jack (Jacob) MJcem1-R-033

Yakov b Shlomo

Jan 3 1934

Bahur "bachelor," died 27 Tevet 5694, aged 14 years; Our beloved son and brother Jack Berkowitz polished stone -pink/rose color; log shape; topped by single lily; star in medallion; heart-shaped face; monogram B at base of heart; formulary in cartouche at base of heart "rest in peace"; carved into polished base "son";  

image missing

ROCKOFF Minnie MJcem1-R-079





Esther b Moshe Yehuda

Nov 18, 1944, age 50, 2 Kislev 5704

  double stone, grey, shared surname cartouche at top, mother cartouche at bottom,  

image missing

LAKACHSKY Edith MJcem1-R-080





Shmuel b Saul

June 14 1968, age 84 15 Sivan 5728

  double stone, grey, shared surname cartouche at top, cartouche at bottom - husband, father, grandfther  

ends row according to photo

Mariashia Beila b Avraham

Oct 14, 1918 age 21 years/p>

"habetula" "Our beloved sister Bella" awaiting description

ZIRINSKY  Rose MJcem1-R-036

Daba Ruchel b Berel

March 17, 1945; 3 Nisan 5705age 63

  awaiting description  

KAPLAN  Esther
first in row by photo

Esther b Nakhman

May 5, 1949 aged 81 years

mother, grandmother awaiting description

FEIRSTEIN  Irwin MJcem1-R-037

Yisrael b Shimeon

death is Dec 6, 1946; burial register is dated 1/19/1947

Dec 12, 1928-Dec 6, 1946; Private First Class; died at Guam; Airplane in broken trees, broken trunk top, pillars on either side of stoneface, cartouche "darling son"  

image missing

KAPLAN  Barnet MJcem1-R-083



  awaiting description

FEIRSTEIN  Sarah MJcem1-R-038

Sarah b Yisrael

April 3, 2002

Nov 19, 1905- Apr 3, 2002; beloved mother, sister, aunt matching stone to Irwin Feirstein but his scene of a downed aircraft replaced with shabbas lamp, cartouche forever in our hearts formulary  

BRODY  Hyman MJcem1-R-084

Khaim b Aba

Jan 18, 1944 22 Tevet 5704, age 63 years

husband, father awaiting description

BRODY  Osher MJcem1-R-039

Osher b Pesach Yosef Brody

May 29 1964 18 Sivan 5724

  awaiting description  

BRODY  Ida MJcem1-R-085

Eidel b Shlomo

Dec. 21 1958 10 Tevet 5719

wife and mother awaiting description

BRODY  Dora MJcem1-R-040

Devora b Sheftel

Sept 10, 1969 Elul 5729

  awaiting description  

GOLDSTEIN  Bessie MJcem1-R-086

Breina b Yakov

October 16, 1955 Rosh Hodesh Heshvan 5716 74 years

shared across double stone "our beloved parents and grandparents" awaiting description

BURSTEIN  Lena ( Lena Reva Burstein in Burial Registetr) MJcem1-R-041

Riva Leah b Shlomo

Sept 27, 1940 24 Elul 5700

wife, mother awaiting description  

GOLDSTEIN  Joseph MJcem1-R-087

Yosef Yehuda b Aharon

Nov. 20, 1945 16 Kislev 5746 64 years

shared across double stone "our beloved parents and grandparents" awaiting description

COHEN  Anna MJcem1-R-042

Khana Gitel b Avraham Yitzhak

May 11, 1939 22 Iyar 5699, age 57

wife, mother awaiting description  

SHAPIRO  Julius MJcem1-R-088

Yehuda Leib b Zev Wolf

the stone says Mar 24, 1937 the burial register says 9/10/1940 (Heb date: 12 Nisan 5697 agrees with Eng date on stone)

husband, father, 59 years awaiting description

BRODY  Jennie MJcem1-R-043

Shaina b Shmuel Nahum;

Sept 30, 1937 25 Tishri 5698 52 years

wife, mother awaiting description  

BUDIN  Louis MJcem1-R-089

Yoel Leib b Eliahu

May 26, 1939 8 Sivan 5699

husband, father, 75 years awaiting description

BRODY  Abram MJcem1-R-044
end of row by photo

Abraham Alter b Mordechai Aharon

Sept 29, 1948 25 Elul; 5708, age 65 years

father, grandfather awaiting description  

MINTZ  Joe MJcem1-R-090

Yosef b Dov

date on stone is Sept 15, 1933; burial register says 9/24/1933; Heb date 24 Elul 5693

uncle, brother trunk, fallen dove, place for photo (no photo) more description to follow

COHEN  Sam MJcem1-R-046

Simkha b David Natan

May 25 1940, 17? Iyar 5700, age 63

husband, father awaiting description  

COHEN  Fannie MJcem1-R-091



  The double gravestone of Fannie and Max Cohen is overturned, hope to have image in future

COHEN  Ida MJcem1-R-047

Khaya b Michael Shalom

Dec 3, 1958 22 Kislev 5719

mothjer, grandmother awaiting description  

COHEN  Max MJcem1-R-092



  The gravestone of Fannie and Max Cohen is overturned, hope to have image in future

SHAPIRO  Elka (Ella) MJcem1-R-048

Elka b Khona Moshe

May 14, 1948, 5 Iyar 5708, 81 years

  awaiting description  

COHEN  Abraham MJcem1-R-093

Avraham Shimshon b David Nathan

April 2 1960 6 Nisan 5720 age 72

father see description of stone under Fannie Cohen.

Where is 049




COHEN  Fannie MJcem1-R-094

Khaya Feiga b Eliezer Khaim

Mar 24, 1933 26 Adar 5693 age 48

wife, mother stone joined to prestanding stone. The earlier stone is dark colored stone; carved tree trunk, lily leaves and flowers, heart face for inscription, light colored face and black letters; cartouche "dear wife," cartouche on base "mother"; photo of deceased (Fannie Cohen); the stone that was joined to it is the same dark stone but sinple shape; fitted top over star in medallion, carved out light colored face and black letters, base cartouche of "father" matches "mother on original stone.

SEALOVE  Betty Feuer

Beila Khava b Yakov (ve Hanna)

March 1999

Betty Feuer Sealove; mother, birth date in November 1904 ansd death date present awaiting description  

HERTZ  Mollie (Matel) MJcem1-R-095

Matli b Yakov Zvi


mother, 71 years awaiting description

SEALOVE  Morris MJcem1-R-051

Moshe b Lipman

Sept 4, 1933 13 Elul 5693, age 65

husband, father awaiting description  

Stone says Ida COHEN
Burial Register says COHEN  Mary MJcem1-R-096

Khaya Mera b Zalman Todros

May 13, 1932 7 Iyar 5692, 75 years

mother awaiting description

SEALOVE  Beckie MJcem1-R-052

Baila Leah b Feivel

Mar 2 1970 24 Adar 5730, age 96 years

wife, mother awaiting description  

EISENSTADT  Pesha (Pauline) MJcem1-R-097

Pesha b Michael

Nov 23, 1930 3 Kislev 5691 85 years

mother (Yiddish and English) awaiting description

SEALOVE  Sarah MJcem1-R-053

Sarah b Moshe

November 26, 1984 age 90

sister, aunt, great-aunt awaiting description  

ZAPOL  (ZAPOL) Pauline MJcem1-R-098

Pesya b Yehoshua

Oct 14, 1930, Shemeni Atzeret 5691;

mother 51 years awaiting description

BURSTEIN  Israel MJcem1-R-054

Yisrael b Mordechai haKohen

May 10, 1966 20 Iyar 5726 age 80

  awaiting description  

ZARKOW  Pauline (Pesia Zackow?) MJcem1-R-099

Pesya Khaya b Daniel

Jan 7, 1930

wife, mother, 63 years awaiting description

COHEN  Lee MJcem1-R-055

Leah b Simkha

Dec 17, 1984

Mar 25, 1904- Dec 17, 1984, sister, aunt awaiting description  

BLOOM  Abraham (Abe) MJcem1-R-100

Avraham b Shlomo Yakov

May 10, 1941

son, brother, Sept 17, 1912-May 10, 1941 awaiting description; his parents are buried to his right

FIN Ethel MJcem1-R-056
Burial Register calls her Ethel SHERMAN

Ettel b Averaham

Jan 21 1983

(in Hebrew says wife of Melech of blessed memory); Jan 10,1904-Jan 21, 1983 mother,grandmother awaiting description  

BLOOM  Libby ( Lena) MJcem1-R-101

Liba b Avraham

Sept 13, 1943, 13 Elul 5703

wife, mother, age 60 awaiting description

HYMAN  Sylvia MJcem1-R-057

Tzipa b Yitzhak

Dec 31, 1977

mother, grandmother, great-grandmother; Dec 1, 1895 - Dec 31, 1977 awaiting description  

BLOOM  Sam MJcem1-R-102

Shalom Yakov b Noakh

October 1, 1967 26 Elul 5727

husband, father, 90 years awaiting description

WEINER  Betty MJcem1-R-058

Brakha b Yitzhak

Jan 1, 1973 25 Tevet 5733

April 15, 1900 - Jan 1, 1973, wife, mother, sister awaiting description  

ZABLOTSKY  Louis MJcem1-R-103

Aryeh Leib b Saul Zvi haKohen

Aug 27, 1941 4 Elu 5701

husband, father, 64 years awaiting description

HYATT  Max MJcem1-R-059

no Hebrew

November 16, 1981

son, brother, uncle April 1, 1900-November? 1981 awaiting description  

ZABLOTSKY  Dora MJcem1-R-104

Dvasha b Yitzhak Eizik haKohen

Nov 8, 1957 14 Heshvan 5718

mother, 80 years awaiting description

HYATT (CHAIT) Isaac MJcem1-R-060

Yitzhak b Borukh

Feb 27, 1952 age 87

father, grandfather awaiting description  

MOSKOWITZ  Rifka MJcem1-R-105

Rifka b Barukh

April 11 1963 17 Nisan 5723

wife, mother, 88 years; awaiting description







directory also gives surname Mishkin

leib b Yoel

Feb 18, 1953 3 Adar 5713

husband, father, 83 years awaiting description

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