The books listed below were submitted by the members of the Lviv Area Research Group. This list of books is presented for information purposes only and does not represent an endorsement of their value for genealogical research.

Roads to Extinction: Essays on the Holocaust
Philip Friedman
Jewish Publication Society of America, 1980
ISBN 0-8276-0170-0
Incredible essay on "The Destruction of the Jews of Lwow 1941-44"
Considering that he lived through this time period - a very dispassionate description of life and death in Lwow
(Submitted by Josef A. Herz)

The Janowska Road
Leon Wells
Macmillan Publishing Company, 1963
ISBN 63-16138
First hand account of the life and death in the Lvov ghetto
(Submitted by Josef A. Herz)

In the Sewers of Lvov
Robert Marshall
Macmillan Publishing Company, 1991
ISBN 0-684-19320-5
(Submitted by Josef A. Herz)

The Jews of East Central Europe Between the World Wars
Ezra Mendelsohn
Indiana University Press, 1983
ISBN 0-253-33160-9
(Submitted by Josef A. Herz)

The Jews of Poland Between Two World Wars
Edited by Yisrael Gutman, Ezra Mendelsohn.
Brandeis University Press, 1989
ISBN 0-87451-446-0
(Submitted by Josef A. Herz)

Lviv - Sightseeing Guide
Authors- Liliya Onyshkevych, Yuriy Biryulov, Ihor Syomonchin,
Svitlana Linda, Bohdan Cherkes, Oleksandr Shyshka, Borys Voznyts'kyi
Publisher: Publishing House "Centre d'Europe", Lviv, 1999
ISBN number 966 - 7022 - 09 - 9
Comment : Published in English and Ukrainian.
Much detailed information. Many photos and drawings. Really good!
(Submitted by Eva Floersheim)

After Long Silence
Helen Fremont
Compass Press, 1999
ISBN 1-56895-740-S
The memoir of a Catholic American who discovered her parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors. Large sections involve life in Lviv before and during the Holocaust.
(Submitted by Jean Rosenbaum)

Jews in The Habsburg Armed Forces
Erwin A. Schmidl
Osterreichisches Judisches Museum 1989
ISBN 3-900907-01-3
A well written insight into Jewish life in the Habsburg Armed forces
(Submitted by Errol Schneegurt)

The Diary of a Young Forger
Marian Pretzel
Queensland University Press
A superb little book about survival (partly in Lviv) and rescue. Very inspirational
(Submitted by: George Winston)

Lviv : Colours of the City
Vasyl Pylypiuk
Publisher ?
ISBN 966-95134-8-0
A book of beautiful photographs of the city today available at the Grand Hotel in Lviv and published in Lviv in 1999
(Submitted by Joan Glasner)

Jews, God and History
Max I Dimont
Mentor Books
ISBN 0-451-06266-7
Although not totally related to Lviv it presents a very detailed history of the Jewish people in a non-Jewish world and the study of Anti-Jew vs Anti-Semitism.
Helps to understand what happened.
(Submitted by Errol Schneegurt)

Between East and West
Anne Applebaum
Pantheon Books 1994
Chapter on Lviv-Authors travels in Eastern Europe in 1990
(Submitted by Ira Leibowitz)

Why? Extermination Camp Lwow 134 Janowska Street, Poland
Leon Richman
N.Y. Vantage Press 1975
ISBN 05-330-17726
(Submitted by Monte S Cohon)

Witness to Annihalation
Stephen Drix Md.
Brassey 1994
Survivor of Janowska-experiences and post war life
(Submitted by Monte S Cohon)

The Death Bergade
Leon Wells
Holocaust Library
Survivor of Janowska-experiences and post war life
(Submitted by Monte S Cohon)

Scourge of the Swastika
Author ?
Publisher ?
Discusses Janowska
(Submitted by Monte S Cohon)

The Black Book
Jewish Black Book Committee 1946
(Submitted by Monte S Cohon)