Łomża, Poland


Katzen Family

From: Astrid and Harvey Goodstein

Samuel Katzen was born in Lomza in 1874 and died in Woodbine, New Jersey, incidentally the first town to be run by Jewish citizens themselves.  Samuel was a tailor and also a lay rabbi. He immigrated to New York City in 1904. What we learned from Ruth, his daughter, Ruth, Harvey's mother, is that Sam returned to Lomza to bring a bride, Bertha Katzen, his cousin, back to the US with him.  Other Katzens had immigrated earlier as they had some relatives in America.  When in America, they first lived in Bronx, NY. 

They had four children: Louis, Israel, Max and Ruth. They moved to Woodbine around 1920, bought a house and were active at the synagogue.  One is still standing in Woodbine as a museum on the first floor and a historic synagogue on the second floor.

Ruth married Abraham Goodstein, whose parents also immigrated from Plonsky, Poland, not far from Lomza.

Ruth and Abraham had two children, Roslyn and Harvey. Sam and Bertha Katzen were Harvey's grandparents. He visited them often while growing up.