Łomża, Poland


20 October 2016

Dear Eli:


          My grandfather Joseph Givner came to the U.S. in about 1913 from Lomza.  Attached is his draft card.  On the 1920 Census his country of origin was listed as Russia.  I suspect that his father was the Shlomo Gibner listed on the web site.


          My cousin Muri created a family tree which is attached.  She suggests that the ancestor was Chaim Givner. 


          In any event, if anyone has any information going back to Lomza I would love to hear it.




          Best regards.

          Bruce Givner




GIVNER/ married “Dombrofsky”

HAIM                      SISTER                              SISTER                        SISTER

Married Rachel         married Goldberg       married Kuperman             married Radlow

Lumza, Poland          Chicago                       New York                          Ohio


   Geraldine Radlow Ecker (Ellen/Karen)

                                  George Goldberg (married to Sylvia)   2 Children

                                  Sol Goldberg married Doris (deceased)  5 children

HAIM (our great-grandfather

had 10 children)  Givner is Polish name.

Haim’s father (our great-great grandfather) as the story goes: Was 12 years old when he first got married.  He was told that he would “never” have any children due an illness he had would die young.  But, he was a “true” Givner…he lived life to its fullest! He had three wives.  The first we are not sure.  The second wife was a very educated lady and we believe that is where the Massachuettes Givner’s come into play – as they are all professors and doctors. And they had a 96 year old Aunt Celia Givner (never married) in New York and as it turns out there is a Doctor in Toronto, Canada, who I have spoken to -  who had an Aunt Celia Givner living in New York . He lost contact with her, but she was in her 90’s also.

Haim and the three sisters were from the third marriage.  They were all tailors……contract workers….

So, our great – great grandfather was a STUD!!!

1.Chai Sara (Sarah) – Cuba to Miami Beach, Florida

      had three sons:

2.Sam    - Cleveland, Ohio

Three children:  Eddie/Sylvia/William (“Biggie” – he was the gangster of the family)

3.Joe (Joseph) .Pearl Greenfield– Lorain, Ohio

- William (Bill”)/Esther Globerman

Muri Givner Corzin married Harvey :  ChildrenRebecca (Becky) and         


             Joel married Lisa Chapla:   Children: Will and Ariel

               William (deceased) Hepatitis C from Blood Transfusion after

                            Heart By-pass procedure)

                Joseph Givner (deceased) – Diabetes /Coronary related issues

                Pearl (Rebecca) Greenfield Givner (deceased) – Stroke – High Blood Pressure

- Florence/ Irving Kahn

              Linda married Stuart Schulhoff       Chidren:

               Michael married               (divorced)           Child:

                                        Married                           Child:



                 Florence (deceased)                         Irving (deceased)

-Agnes/Marvin Lieberman

             Susan married Mel Levine(deceased- Coronary issue): 

                        Married Byron Kaye           

                        - Jeremy Levine /Denise       chidren: Madison,             , Jared,

- Sandy Levine married                              child: Aaron


              Judy married Bill Raptis (divorced)             Children: Rachel/Todd


                       - Rachel Raptis married to Shico

              Lori Lieberman

         Agnes (deceased): Blood clot after Heart Surgery 

         Marvin (deceased) Cancer

     - Eugene (12/19/23) deceased MS 1994/married Sonia Schur (11/18/29):

                  Bruce (11/156/50) married Kathy Graham (8/30/55)   Children: Matthew (5/11/88) and Alexandra (4/16/90)  

                  Debbie married        Children: Jessica and Jacob

                  Lisa married             Hatae  Children: Sam, Hana, Summer

        Eugene (deceased) Multiple Sclerosis

4.Esther – New York

5.Yentil – died during Holocaust – Poland

6.Label – died during Holocaust – Poland

7.Rifke “Ruth” – Lorain, Ohio

Diseases:  Givner Side of Family

       Heart/Coronary Issues                  Heart Attack

                                                             T – wave abnormalities

                                                             High Blood Pressure


       Neurological       Multiple Sclerosis




       Orthopaedic Issues:                      Charcot-Marie- Tooth