Łomża, Poland


10 November 2016

Both my parents were born in Lomza, Sadie Slipowitz (nee Malina) and Louis Slipowitz.

Joseph Slipowitz

9 November 2016

Hi Eli,

I follow your posts with relish. Thank you for extending your contributions to the Lomza diaspora. I look forward to learning from the KehilaLink page!

My Sandovitch/Samuels/Silverstein family (three brothers with different names) came to America around the turn of the last century or a little earlier, and my Formanovitch family (the wife of Sandovitch in Boston, Massachusetts, and a family known as Foreman in Glasgow, Scotland) came from Lomza. I have not yet found the link with the Sandovitch family in Scotland, though we are in touch.

I know just a little more about these folks and their parents. What would be helpful as you put together the webpage?

Irene Saunders Goldstein Hantman

Columbia, Maryland

9 November 2016

Saw the update on the site.  Looks great!

My relatives came from Ciechanowiec.  Part of Ciechanowiec lies in Grodno and part in Lomza.  I have two different grandparents from this area.  Surnames include ROZENTHAL, LUBITSCH, GOTLIEB, WELIEN, and SUKNO.   More informative can be provided upon request.  

D. Roth

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17 October 2016


My name is Maritza Goldman, I’m looking for years for some information on my grandfather's family.

My grandfather's name was Srul Goldman.

I received some information that his family was from Lomza and later moved to Warsaw.

His parent’s names were Moishek and Tzipa Goldman.

I appreciate any further information and suggeations  where to search.


Maritza Goldman

13 October 2016


My father's father and grandfather were from Lomza:

My father- Sherman Edwards (1919-1981), married to Ingrid Edwards

His father - Nathan Edwards (Nachum Hirsch Jedwabinsky), 1896 - 1959 married to Rachel Rosenblatt

His father - Isaac Edwards (Itzhak Jedwabinsky), about 1868 - 1921, married to Esther Yanoshevsky

I'd be happy to provide additional information for JewishGen.

Thank you

Valerie Edwards

Los Angeles, CA