Old Lodz Postcard Gallery

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wpe1D.jpg (25544 bytes)

Jewish women: passport control

pc54.jpg (20936 bytes)

Intersection of ul. Piotrkowska and ul. Glowno, ca. 1909

pc55.jpg (61348 bytes)

Street scene, probably Lodz, ca. 1915

pc51.jpg (114362 bytes)

ul. Dzielna, ca. 1909

pc52.jpg (89151 bytes)

Poznanski's factory

"Jüdischer Friedhof" by  Samuel Hirszenberg (1865-1908)

"Le Shabbat," by Leopold Pilichowski (1869-1933)
pc53.jpg (21904 bytes)

Nowy Rynek, ca. 1902

Jewish fish market, ca. 1916

Boys selling cigarettes

Intersection of ul. Piotrkowska and ul. Zielona

Yitzchak Katzenelson, author, poet and educator

Lodz "types"

pc59.jpg (32027 bytes)

Park in Helenowek, a Lodz suburb, ca. 1903

pc60.jpg (27352 bytes)

ul. Dzielna, ca. 1906

pc61.jpg (30327 bytes)

"Die Wachtparade vor dem General Oberkommando," during WWI *

pc62.jpg (22848 bytes)

Poznanski's Palace, ca. 1918*

pc63.jpg (185670 bytes)

Hotel Savoy, ca. 1918*

pc64.jpg (175682 bytes)

Post and Telegraph Building, ca. 1918*

pc65.jpg (31352 bytes)

Helenowek, a suburb of Lodz, ca. 1918*

pc66.jpg (169000 bytes)

View of Lodz, ca. 1918*

pc67.jpg (29377 bytes)

National Bank in Lodz, ca. 1918*

pc68.jpg (30814 bytes)

Lodz panorama, ca. 1918*


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