Dobra Cemetery Project -- Background

This project is the result of the dedication and perseverance of Dr. Leon Weintraub. He had the vision and did the fundraising, contributing a large amount himself, to make his dream a reality. He met with leaders of the community, negotiated with local Jewish boards, sought out legal advice, arranged for the preparation of the physical space, saw to it that the tombstones would  be moved to the new location, and met with the construction company hired to layout the area and build the monuments. He was involved every step of the way with even the smallest details.  It was his enthusiasm and commitment to create a Place of Remembrance in Dobra (near Turek) that led to the completion of this remarkable project. Working with the people of Dobra led to feelings of good will and mutual respect.

This is what the cemetery area looked like in May 2006:

One part was used as a market.

Another part was a path and parking area.

Mr. Palczewski at the path made from matzevot (gravestones).

By August 2007, the fence had been completed.

The gates were completed a few months later.

After the cemetery fence was in place, Leon continued conversations with the Mayor and his deputy, making arrangements for the transfer of tombstones to the cemetery. He arranged for the inscriptions on the tablets for the memorial. 

Click here to read Dr. Leon Weintraub's speech presented at the ceremony
that explains the history and development of the project to create
The Place of Remembrance at the site of the Jewish Cemetery in Dobra
that had been destroyed by the Nazis.

Click here to see a close-up view of the monument and its inscriptions.

Click here to see a list of contributors to the Place of Remembrance.


[All photographs provided by Dr. Leon Weintraub.] 

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