A Picture from the Past - Jewish Community Council of Winitza

Found among the belongs of Judith Lulkin wife of Emil Lulkin from Kalinovak

Will putting my mother's papers in order I found this news clipping probably from the Forward newspaper. I remember my mother sending my to the newstand on the corner to buy the paper when I was a child in West Rogers Park in Chicago. I have no way of knowing when the picture was published in the newspaper, but in the Yiddish description it mention 1925, which I assume refers to when the picture was taken.

Rose Feldman

IN RETROSPECT - The above picture, taken 28 years ago, shows the Jewish Community Council of Winitza, in the Ukraine, at the time. Seared in the center is Rabbi Joseph Shapiro, who presided over the council. Now living in Tel Aviv Israel, Rabbi Shapiro sent this pictorial souvenir to Mr. Abraham codner, secretary of the Winitza Relief Society of New York.
Translation of the Yiddish Subtitle - comming soon I hope.

Prepared May 2006 by RAF