Edward Bublick

Courtesy of Jordan Bublick

Picture of Edward Bublick taken in London on his way to American - 1911/12

4 June, 1871 Chaim Yitzchok Bublick, (English names used Edward and Isaac).
Levite. Born, Letin, Kiev, Russia, native language Yiddish. At age 18 (approx. 1889) married first wife Masha who died in Russia. Second wife named Ethel (Etta) born October 5, 1876.

Children all born in Russia: David Bublick born 2 March, 1888, Joseph Bublick born 5 May, 1899, Leib Bublick born ?, Benjamin Abraham Bublick (Pinchas Avram) born 9 August, 1903 (d. Dec. 1960), Samuel Bublick, born 12 February, 1909 (d. Feb. 1977). Samuel was the only child born to the second wife Ethel.

Leib Bublick stayed behind in Russia as he did not want to leave as he was to be married. The last information about him was that Hias reported that he was a refugee in Azerbaijan.
30 October, 1912 Left Bremen, German (port in Northwest Germany) on the (L?)ebnitz, Wife Ethel and the four children apparently travelled to US separately.
November, 1912 Stopover in London where picture was taken at 73 WhiteChapel Road.

13 November, 1912 Arrived in Philadelphia, PA on the "Breslau". His name listed as "Ftzig Bublik" [per Aug. 25, 1928 "Certificate of Arrival", Office of Philadelphia Immigration Station, Gloucester City, NJ]
19 November, 1912 Arrived at the port of Baltimore, Maryland [per April 26, 1926 "Declaration of Intentions"] (possiblity inaccurate, not a government issued record)
21 November, 1912 Arrived in Chicago, Illinois [per petition for naturalization dated Sept. 14, 1928]
5 January, 1920 per 1920 US Census, age 49, resided (rented) at 2501 W. Division St., Chicago, Illinois, with wife Ethel (age 38) and son Sam (age 11), able to read, not able to write, worked as a ladies tailor in his own shop. He lived in the back of his shop.
26 April, 1926 Declared intention to become US citizen, Details-occupation tailor, resided at 2509 W. Division St., Chicago, Illinois, 140 pounds, black hair, brown eyes.
14 September, 1928 Petition for Naturalization, Details: occupatiion-furrier and tailor, resided at 2509 W. Division St., Chicago, Illinois.
14 January, 1929 Naturalized as US citizen
7 April, 1930 per 1930 US Census, age 58, resided (rented) at 2509 W. Division St., Chicago, Illinois, did not own a radio, worked as a furrier in his own shop, resided with his wife Ethel (age 50) and son Sam (age 21)
6 August, 1938 age 67, deceased, buried Jewish Waldheim cemetary, Chicago, Illinois