Families found in the Montifiore Census of 1875 of Eretz Israel
who were born in Litin, Ukraine
Information found on the database on the CD prepared by the Israel Genealogical Society
for the 24th IAJGS Conference - Jerusalem 2004
Residence: Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem
Kollel: Volhynia Volhynia Austria
First Name: Rivka Meir Berl
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Paternal Grandfather's Name:
Sex: female male male
Martial Status: married married married
Spouse's Name: Perl Sara
Place of Birth: Litin Litin Litin
Country of Birth: Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Year of Birth: 1812 1837 1810
Age in 1875: 63 38 65
Hebrew Year of Alyiah: 5626 5622 5609
Gregorian Year of Aliyah: 1866 1862 1849
Years since Alyiah: 9 13 26
Age at Alyiah: 54 25 39
Occupation: servant shoemaker
Children and Ages:
Census Notes:
Data Entry Notes:
Souls in Home 1 2 2
Type widows members members
Ref Page 18 11
Index Page: 111 104 84
Source: household head household head household head
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Compiled by Rose Avigael Feldman,

Copyright © 2004 Rose Avigael Feldman