Photos of LITIN Jewish Cemetery

Pictures courtesy of Benjamin Lukin, from his private collection. The pictures were taken in 1996.

Gates to Jewish Cemetery in Litin
Old Tombstones
Fallen Tombstones –
probably children’s graves
Memorial for victims of the
Holocaust in Litin Cemetery
Plaque on Memorial
Close Up of Plaque
Tombstone of a child named Shmuel
Tombstones in the cemetery – probably children’s graves
Restoration of the General Holocaust Memorial at LITIN Jewish Cemetery

Courtesy of Simon Schmidt

Former Litiners living in the US, collected money for restoration of the General mass execution Monument , which by this time was on the verge of full destruction. Simon made a special trip for the replacement of the old one. But the destiny of three others is under a big threat - the concrete crumbles, the fence is corroded, and local authorities don't have both funds to restore it.

Simon Schmidt working on a foundation for the new monument
The new monument:
Simon Schmidt on the left &
Iosef Boim, son of Solomon Boim on the right.

Copyright © 2001 Benjamin Lukin 
Pictures of Holocaust monumnet repairs - Simon Schmidt