List of residents of the town of Kremenets who suffered losses as result of fire on April 13, 1835
The document mentions the amount to be loaned to the victims during the next 10 years from the treasury.

Prepared with the help of Alex Ki.

Microfilm available at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People. It was catalogued under Litin. The catalogue said it had 97 persons, but the document only includes information on 52 .

Name Description How many people involved Loss from fire Amount to be paid Comments
Men  Women Rubbles Kopecks Rubbles Kopecks  
DORMANSKIY Aron Lost house & property in fire 2 5 4,320р.   1,500p.    
RAYTMAN Berko Renting in his house & lost in fire 3 1 1,080р.   100p.    
PLESER Moshko   - 2 1 432р.   200p.    
SHTEYMAN Abramko   - 3 2 90р.   50p.    
SHRAGA Ariya Lost house & property in fire 4 5 5,400р.   800p.    
KARMANOV Khaya Living in his house per agreement 3 3 360р.   150p.   Jewish widow
SHEPETINSKIY Rukhlya Lost house & property in fire 2 4 1,440р.   400p.   Jewish widow
SHEPETINSKIY Fishka   - 1 3 432р.   200p.   Rukhlya husband's brother
DIKHMAN Mendel   - 2 3 5,400р.   300p.    
VISHINSKIY Mikhail Part of his house demolished & out-house 2 1 540р.   400p.    
KVYATKOVSKIY Yulian Part of his house demolished & out-house 1   - 216р.   doesn't need loan    
VERIKOVSKIY Marianna Part of house demolished 1 1 900р.   300p.   Townswoman
  26 26 20,610р.   4,400р.    

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