Pictures Related to Voronovo Life before the War

!chofetz.jpg (19219 bytes) Radun: In front of  Chofetz Chaim's House(circa 1929)

A number of Voronovo children left Voronovo to study at the Radun Yeshiva. Here is a picture of Beryl Chafetz(age 10) with the Chofetz Chaim.

Right to Left: Chofetz Chaim, Wife, son Yasha, Unknown(probably daughter), Beryl Chafetz, Reb Chafetz.

Courtesy of Chafetz Family

baitar1.gif (20175 bytes) Voronovo, Betar Meeting, circa 1926

Arke Kalmanovich(left corner) and others.



Courtesy of Gerta Kalmanovich

baitar2.gif (18565 bytes) Voronovo, Betar Meeting, circa 1928

Bottom Row: L. R., Esther Olkenitzky(9), Israel Sagovinsky(8), unknown, Yankel Trotsky(5), Channa Vinner(1)

Second Row: Fifth from left, Leon Berkowitz with                        Esther Vinner(10), Hiam Aaron Vinner(3)

Standing in Middle Hana Kalmanovich(6) Arik's sister

Courtesy of Alan Berkowitz

arke.gif (42189 bytes) Voronovo, Social Outing, circa 1931

Arke Kalmanovich and friends


           Pictures Related to Voronovo and the aftermath of the war

vo1.gif (30312 bytes) German DP Camp, Yahrzeit Gathering, 1947

All the Voronovo and Davenishok Jewish survivors got together on the chosen Yahrzeit Day in May to say Yizkor for their dead relatives.


Courtesy of Alan Berkowitz

vo2.gif (27327 bytes) German DP Camp, Yahrzeit Gathering, 1947




Courtesy of Alan Berkowitz

vo4s.gif (37182 bytes) German DP Camp, Yahrzeit Gathering,  1947

Moshe Berkowitz, Rashke Berkowitz, Eliezer Berkowitz,

Unknown, Unknown.





Courtesy of Alan Berkowitz

vo4.gif (25295 bytes) Lodz, Voronovo Survivors 1946

Standing: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Beryl Chafetz, Rabbi Moshe Plotnick, Unknown, Unknown

Sitting:  Uknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknow, Itke Chafetz, Ruth Plotnick, Rasha Berkowitz, Moshe Berkowitz

Courtesy of Gottlieb Family

vo5.gif (28516 bytes) New York, Bielski Reunion, circa 1975

Beryl Chafetz, Tuvia Beilski, Joel Chafetz.

                  Pictures Related to Voronovo and the Holocaust

!rabbiat.jpg (14177 bytes) Voronovo, Yizkor at Mass Grave, 1944

Rabbi Isaac Hartzick from Eishoshok praying at the Voronovo Grave Site in 1944.



Courtesy of Alan Berkowitz

oldgrave.jpg (15178 bytes) Voronovo, The Mass Grave, 1944

where 1800 were buried from Davenishock, Saletchnik, Konvelishok, Bastun, Binyukun and many from Vilna and Lida. The survivors made a single grave for all, and they make a fence all around it. The grave is 300 meters. On the right side, they collected and buried the heads of small children.

Courtesy of Alan Berkowitz

vo5.gif (40306 bytes) Voronovo, Bielski Brigade Member, 1944

Eliezar Berkowitz at the age of 17.





Courtesy of Alan Berkowitz

!partisa.gif (17100 bytes) Voronovo, Grave Site Picture, 1944

Left to right: David Lewin, Eliezer Berkowitz, Jacob Lewin, Bettie Stul Sole, Sim Bastumska-Yekel, Liza Kotler Lewin, Smerele Kotler Legas son, Charles Kasryel Mekel, Lowa Sholtz Bellie Stul's husband, Jerichon Rogow's son in law, Boris Rabinowitz

kids.gif (21750 bytes) Voronovo, Surviving Children, 1944

The children of Voronovo's survivors that remained after the liberation standing by the common grave.


Courtesy of Alan Berkowitz


 Compiled by Jack Gottlieb 
Updated by JG  17 March, 1999 
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